U.S. Weighs Possibility of Airstrikes if Afghan Forces Face Crisis

By Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and Thomas Gibbons-Neff June 10, 2021 Published June 9, 2021 The Pentagon is considering whether to intervene with warplanes or drones in the event that Kabul is in danger of falling to the Taliban, though no decisions have been made. A United States Air Force pilot training Afghan service members in 2018. Afghan security

Muslim World League to Host Afghan Peace Conference in Makkah

TOLOnews TV Network 10 June 2021 The event will conclude with a final statement and a declaration of peace in Afghanistan. The Muslim World League (MWL) will host in Makkah on Thursday the Islamic Conference on the Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan, Arab News reported.  The event, hosted by Saudi Arabia, will bring together senior

He spent years at war in Afghanistan. Now he commands the U.S. withdrawal.

Dan Lamothe The Washington Post June 7, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EDT Gen. Austin ‘Scott’ Miller said U.S. troops can do what is needed to ‘go out with our heads held high’ Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller supported a possible political settlement with the Taliban, but privately questioned if the group would follow through. (Jeff Harris/Defense

Without U.S. contractors, the Afghan military will lose its main advantage over the Taliban — air power

Dan De Luce NBC News June 6, 2021 The loss of U.S. contractors could trigger a game-changing shift in the military balance between the Taliban and the Afghan government. An Afghan pilot stands next to a line of U.S.-made MD-530 helicopters in Kabul in September 2016.Shah Marai / AFP via Getty Images file WASHINGTON —

Official: US Pledges $3.3 Billion in Funding for Afghan Forces

By Ayaz Gul Voice of Amerca June 06, 2021 12:28 PM ISLAMABAD – The U.S. peace envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, along with a high-level delegation, met Sunday with leaders in Kabul to discuss bilateral cooperation after U.S. and coalition troops leave the country by a Sept. 11 deadline. The discussions come as Taliban insurgents

Afghan troops suffer ‘shockingly high’ casualties as violence mounts

Reuters JUNE 7, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – At least 150 Afghan troops have been killed or injured in the last 24 hours in a surge of attacks by Taliban militants as foreign forces withdraw, senior government officials said on Monday. Fighting is now raging in 26 of the country’s 34 provinces, the officials said, speaking

Taliban takeover two districts as severe clashes rocked Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times June 7, 2021, 2021 KABUL: The Taliban group overran a couple districts of the two provinces in south and west of Afghanistan as the militants have intensified their offensives across the country. Urozgan Governor Omar Shirzad said that the security forces retreated from the compound of Gizab district. A clash occurred between the

C.I.A. Scrambles for New Approach in Afghanistan

By Mark Mazzetti and Julian E. Barnes The New York Times June 6, 2021 The rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops has left the agency seeking ways to maintain its intelligence-gathering, war-fighting and counterterrorism operations in the country. An Afghan soldier flying over Helmand Province last month. Recent C.I.A. and military intelligence reports on Afghanistan have been increasingly

Taliban Assures Afghan Interpreters on Their Safety

TOLOnews TV Network 7 June 2021 The Taliban said that those Afghans who worked with international troops should not fear and should continue living a peaceful life in the country. Amidst foreign troops withdrawal, thousands of Afghan interpreters and staff members have expressed concerns about threats against them, but the Taliban in a statement said

Pakistan Seeks Afghan Settlement Before Troop Withdrawal: Report

TOLOnews TV Network 5 June 2021 Imran Khan said it is not going to be easy to get concessions from the Taliban after the US decision. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his country is pushing for a political settlement in Afghanistan before international troops leave later this year to reduce the risk

Find Him and Kill Him’: An Afghan Pilot’s Desperate Escape

By David Zucchino Photographs by Kiana Hayeri The New York Times June 3, 2021 Threatened by the Taliban and considered AWOL by the Afghan military, a decorated helicopter pilot fled for the United States with his wife and daughter. Maj. Naiem Asadi, an Afghan Air Force helicopter pilot, his wife, Rahima, and their daughter, Zainab, packing

Amid brutal case surge, Afghanistan hit by a vaccine delay

By Kathy Gannon  Associated Press June 5, 2021 at 2:09 a.m. EDT An Afghan doctor checks a COVID-19 patient at the Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, May 30, 2021. Afghanistan is battling a brutal third wave of COVID infections, while health officials plead for vaccines, expressing deep frustration at the inequities of the

A Siege, a Supply Run and a Descent Into a Decade-Old Battle

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times May 31, 2021 ‘Do you have body armor?’ the Afghan pilot asked us as we prepared for a trip to outposts surrounded by the Taliban. Afghan soldiers unloading supplies, including live sheep, from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter after it landed at Camp Nowruz during

Khalid Says Intl Forces May Continue Air Support After Pullout

 Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 31 May 2021   Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid assured the Afghan forces that the country will not fall to militants. Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid on Tuesday said air support by international troops aiding Afghan forces might continue even after the end of the foreign military presence in Afghanistan if necessary.  “The

Taliban Attach Conditions to Istanbul Conference Participation

 By Tahir Khan Voice of America May 25, 2021 01:39 PM FILE – Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, center, arrives with other members of the Taliban delegation for attending an international peace conference in Moscow, Russia, Apr. 21, 2021. ISLAMABAD – The Afghan Taliban have decided upon three conditions to attend an eagerly awaited

A Wave of Afghan Surrenders to the Taliban Picks Up Speed

By David Zucchino and Najim Rahim The New York Times May 27, 2021Updated 1:33 p.m. ET Dozens of besieged outposts or bases, and four district centers, have given up to the insurgents this month, in an accelerating rural collapse as American troops leave. Policemen standing guard on the roof of their outpost near Mehtarlam in Afghanistan’s Laghman Province.

Some Foreign Troops to Remain in Afghanistan

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 27 May 2021 “America wants a Turkish garrison to secure the city’s airport and 600 US marines could be deployed to protect the US embassy,” The Sun reported. A British newspaper reported that a US plan calls for hundreds of foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from

Pentagon Accelerates Withdrawal From Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper The New York Times Published May 26, 2021 American troops are set to be out by early to mid-July, well ahead of President Biden’s Sept. 11 deadline, even as big issues remain unresolved. An Afghan Air Force Black Hawk crew preparing to unload supplies in southern Afghanistan this month. The

Taliban Warns Neighbor Countries Against Hosting US Bases

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 26 May 2021 The Taliban warned neighboring countries of future consequences if US bases are allowed on their soil.  Reacting to reports that the US was considering the establishment of military bases in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, the Taliban in a statement on Tuesday warned neighboring countries against such a move, saying

Alarm sounded over dreadful surge in Covid-19 cases, deaths in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times May 25, 2021 AT News KABUL: With a fresh surge in the third wave of Corona virus, the Afghan health authorities on Tuesday reported a significant surge in new cases and deaths-related to the virus, despite a stepped-up vaccination campaign. The Afghan health ministry recorded 840 new infections and 19 deaths across the

Australia to close Afghanistan embassy over security fears

Al Jazeera 25 May 2021 Prime Minister Scott Morrison says embassy to shut this week because of the ‘increasingly uncertain security environment’ in Kabul. Australia has abruptly announced it will close its embassy in Afghanistan this week, expressing fears over the “increasingly uncertain security environment” in Kabul in the wake of the US decision to

Afghan women rights on verge of collapse as international forces exit

Afghanistan Times AT News May 24, 2021 KABUL: The rights of the Afghan women are on verge of collapse as the international troops preparing for exit, leaving the country’s peace negotiations in stalemate and uncertainty, said an international watchdog. The Amnesty International in a report published on Monday, expressed “grave” concerns on possible violation of

NATO to continue Afghan troop training after leaving country

FRANCOIS MORI ASSOCIATED PRESS Stars and Stripes Published: May 21, 2021 French President Emmanuel Macron, right, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attend a briefing at the Elysee palace in Paris on Friday, May 21, 2021. BRUSSELS— NATO will continue to train Afghan special forces outside the country after it winds up 18 years of

Doha: Negotiators Meet for Second Time in Renewed Talks

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 24 May 2021 The Republic negotiators said they discussed the resumption of the negotiations and the details of continuing the talks. Some negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban held a meeting in Doha on Sunday–their latest since May 13–amid the stalled peace efforts that have shown no

 Pakistan allows overflight to US military to support presence in Afghan

Afghanistan Times AT Monitoring Desk May 22, 2021 KABUL: Pakistan has allowed the US military to have overflight and access to be able to support its presence in Afghanistan, a top Pentagon official has told lawmakers. Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Affairs David F Helvey also told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee

Taliban may grab US military equipment as American troops leave Afghanistan

Leo Shane III Military Times 20 May 2021 Afghans stand inside Baba Mir’s scrapyard outside Bagram Air Base, northwest of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 3, 2021. (Rahmat Gul/AP) U.S. military equipment could end up in the hands of Taliban fighters and terrorist groups as American troops withdraw thousands of vehicles, weapons and other military

Inside Washington’s Fight to Save Afghans Who Saved Americans

By Robbie Gramer and Jack Detsch Foreign Policy MAY 19, 2021, 1:59 PM Afghan interpreters were promised U.S. visas. Now, red tape may cost them their lives. With the help of an interpreter (center), an Afghan National Army doctor (left) speaks with a U.S. Army advisor in Pul-e-Alam, Afghanistan, on April 5, 2014. SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES In

Tribal elders broker local Taliban, Afghan government ceasefire

Reuters By Reuters Staff MAY 20, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Tribal elders in eastern Afghanistan have achieved something that has long eluded world leaders – a ceasefire between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The month-long stoppage in hostilities in the Alingar district of Laghman province, one of the hardest hit by violence, was called

US General to Recommend Post-Pullout Plan for Afghanistan

Tolo News TV Network 20 May 2021 Gen. McKenzie says negotiations for US “troop basing” and “overflight rights” With Afghan neighbors are “moving forward.” Gen. Frank McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command said Wednesday he will make recommendations to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in early June on how to monitor and fight “terrorist

Pak makes shift against Taliban to balance US, China

Afghanistan News International/ANI 19 May 2021, 19:55 GMT+10 Islamabad [Pakistan], May 19 (ANI): In a strategic shift, Islamabad no longer favours a Taliban total victory in Afghanistan as it seeks to balance its US and China relations. Salman Rafi Sheikh, writing in Asia Times said that Pakistan’s security establishment appears to see more geopolitical upside

Freedom of speech facing increased threats

Afghanistan Times AT News May 19, 2021 KABUL: Supporting the Open Media in Afghanistan (NAI) has expressed concerns on the threats facing before the freedom of speech and freedom of press. In a statement, the watchdog joint the call of the amnesty international and urge the government to take tremendous steps to provide protection to

U.S. eyes international effort to help secure Kabul airport after withdrawal

By Phil Stewart Reuters 18 May 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States and its NATO allies are exploring a possible international effort to help secure the airport in Afghanistan’s capital after American troops withdraw from the country, the top U.S. general said on Tuesday. U.S. Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs

Taliban’s military victory faces international opposition; Khalilzad Says Fears of Taliban Conquering Kabul Are Overblown

Afghanistan Times AT News May 19, 2021 KABUL: The U.S. appointed man for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad vows that the Taliban group’s military victory will face regional and international opposition as well as sanctions. Khalilzad argued that the Taliban have reason not to push for a military victory and instead pursue a negotiated political settlement

 Human Rights Watch worried about Afghan women’s condition

Afghanistan Times AT News May 18, 2021 KABUL: The Human Rights Watch expresses concerns over the condition of Afghan women, predicting their future as challenging. It says that Afghan women still don’t have access to their basic rights. Heather Barr, a senior human rights researcher and head of the Human Rights Watch in Asia, said

China Offers to Host Afghan Peace Talks

 By Ayaz Gul Voice of America/VOA May 18, 2021 08:23 AM FILE – China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi waves as he leaves a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 24, 2020. ISLAMABAD – China has renewed diplomatic efforts to help facilitate a negotiated end to the conflict in Afghanistan, saying it is

In Taliban-Controlled Areas, Girls Are Fleeing for One Thing: an Education

By Adam Nossiter Photographs by Kiana Hayeri The New York Times May 17, 2021 Two districts in Afghanistan’s northwest offer a glimpse into life under the Taliban, who have completely cut off education for teenage girls. SHEBERGHAN, Afghanistan — The order to shut down the girls’ schools was announced at the mosque, in a meeting with

Afghan clashes resume after Eid ceasefire as U.S. troops begin pullout

By Reuters staff MAY 17, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Heavy fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents resumed on Monday after a three-day ceasefire announced by both sides for the Muslim holiday of Eid, officials said. Taliban Islamists have staged a months-long campaign to expand their influence across the country as the United States

Taliban Ready to Resume Intra-Afghan Talks in Doha

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 18 May 2021 Last week negotiators from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban held brief talks in Doha after a month’s delay. As prospects for the resumption of peace talks between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban remain vague, a spokesman for the Taliban on Monday said

Spy Agencies Seek New Afghan Allies as U.S. Withdraws

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Julian E. Barnes The New York Times May 14, 2021 Updated 9:14 a.m. ET The move signals an acknowledgment by Western intelligence agencies that they are preparing for the likely collapse of the central government and a return to civil war. A billboard of Ahmad Shah Massoud on the anniversary of his killing in Kabul,

Ghani, Blinken Discuss Afghan Peace, Recent Attacks

Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 14 May 2021,   Antony Blinken said US supports its partnership and Afghan security forces.   The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on phone and the two sides discussed the regional efforts to advance the Afghan peace process and the recent

White House Weighs Evacuating Afghans as Time Runs Out

Jennifer Jacobs and Roxana Tiron Bloomberg News May 12, 2021, 11:01 AM EDT Updated on May 13, 2021, Thousands of translators and other workers could be at risk U.S. embassy in Kabul is understaffed, visa program backlogged Afghan National Army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint outside a U.S. military base in Bagram on April 29, 2021. Photographer:

A City Under Siege: What the War Looks Like on Afghanistan’s Front Line

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times May 13, 2021 LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan — The war is just on the other side of this wall, a partly destroyed cinder block barricade in southern Afghanistan. A week ago, a family lived in a house on the property. They have since fled, and their

Officials give Congress few answers on Afghanistan pullout

By Lolita C. Baldor | AP The Washington Post May 13, 2021 WASHINGTON — Defense officials had few solid answers Wednesday as frustrated lawmakers sought details on how the United States will keep the terrorist threat from reemerging in Afghanistan after American and coalition troops leave later this year. Under persistent questions from members of the House Armed Services

Afghan forces battle to recapture Taliban-held Kabul outskirt

Al Jazeera 12 May 2021 The military operation to regain control of Nerkh district came just before the start of a three-day Eid ceasefire. Afghanistan’s security forces have mounted an operation to recapture a Taliban-held district outside the capital Kabul, according to a local official. The battle for Nerkh district, which lies in Wardak province about

‘We will kill you’: Thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. want to evacuate before the Taliban finds them

By Dan De Luce NBC News May 10, 2021 Advocates are pushing the idea of evacuating thousands of Afghans to Guam or other safe locations, where officials could vet them for U.S. resettlement. Afghan former interpreters for U.S. and NATO forces gather during a demonstration in downtown Kabul on April 30.WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP via Getty

Saleh on CBS Says US ‘Legitimized’ Taliban, Must ‘Remain Engaged’

TOLOnews TV Network 11 May 2021   On the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Saleh told CBS News: “They have taken a decision, and we respect that decision.”  Afghanistan’s First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in an interview told CBS News said it was the American government that “legitimized” the Taliban in the first place, and now

US Airstrikes Target Taliban as Fighting Intensifies

By Jeff Seldin Stars and Stripes May 05, 2021 08:23 PM Afghan security forces stand near an armored vehicle during fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in the Busharan area on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, May 5, 2021. The United States is making good on its pledge

Taliban capture key district near Afghan capital

Reuters MAY 11, 2021 1:52 PM KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban insurgents captured a key district just outside the Afghan capital Kabul in central Wardak province, forcing government forces to retreat, security officials said on Tuesday. The seizure of Nerkh district comes amid intensifying violence following an announcement by the Islamist group of a three-day ceasefire

School bombing heightens fears among Afghanistan’s Hazaras, long a target for militants, amid U.S. exit

Susannah George and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post   May 10, 2021 at 6:46 a.m. EDT Afghans go through belongings left behind after a deadly bombing on Saturday near a school in Kabul. (Mariam Zuhaib/AP) KABUL — A deadly bombing outside a school in one of Kabul’s Hazara neighborhoods is heightening fears within the minority group

Taliban Announces 3-Day Eid Ceasefire as Peace Efforts Stall; Ghani Orders Afghan Forces to Observe Eid Ceasefire

TOLOnews TV Network 10 May 2021   The Taliban has asked its fighters to avoid entering areas under the Afghan government’s control during the ceasefire days. The Taliban in a statement announced a three-day ceasefire during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr, following a surge of violence that comes on the heels of the foreign troops’ withdrawal from

Taliban Leader Urges Post-US ‘Afghan-Inclusive Islamic System’

TOLOnews TV Network 9 May 2021 “We must unite upon Islamic injunctions and protect ourselves from all discord and prejudice,” Mullah Hibatullah said.  Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada in an Eid message on Sunday said that “we shall have an Afghan-inclusive Islamic system in which all people shall feel a sense of representation based on their abilities

Journalists’ union reacts to Taliban’s threat

Afghanistan News AT News 8 May 2021 KABUL: The Afghanistan Journalists’ Center (AFJC) termed the recent statement by Taliban as ambiguous regarding the security of journalists. The AFJC called on Taliban to clearly announce their position about journalists and open media. A Taliban official, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai discussed the insurgents’ policy, peaceful settlement of

Pentagon Struggles to Wean Afghan Military Off American Air Support

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt The New York Times May 6, 2021 Afghan commanders are asking for more help from American warplanes, illustrating their dependency on American air power. Afghan special forces on Thursday during a raid in a Taliban-controlled territory in Helmand Province. Afghan ground commanders are pleading for more help from American warplanes.Credit…Jim

Car bombing at Afghan school in Kabul kills 55, injures over 150 Reuters

Reuters 8 May 2021 Explosions caused by a car bomb and mortarsoutside a school in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killed at least 55 people and wounded over 150, mostly female students, officialssaid, in an attack President Ashraf Ghani blamed on Talibaninsurgents. A senior security official told Reuters on condition of anonymity that most

Taliban Has No Intention for A Military Takeover; Khalilzad Says US Will Back Republic If Taliban Rejects Peace

By Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 8 May 2021 Stanekzai clarified that forming a coalition government was not a solution to the conflict. Taliban does not intend to seize power through military struggle, said Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, a top negotiator for the Taliban in Doha, as the timeline for a US-proposed peace conference on Afghanistan

Afghans Fleeing Home Are Filling the Lowliest Jobs in Istanbul

By Carlotta Gall The New York Times May 6, 2021 After years working on American bases in Afghanistan and fearful of the Taliban, Afghans are heading to Turkey and Europe. An Afghan refugee collecting plastic and cardboard for recycling in Istanbul.Credit…Ivor Prickett for The New York Times ISTANBUL — In a derelict house in one

60 planeloads of US military equipment leave Afghanistan as drawdown begins, CENTCOM says

By COREY DICKSTEIN STARS AND STRIPES Published: May 4, 2021 In an April 27, 2021 photo, a C-17 Globemaster III assigned to Joint Base Charleston, S.C., parks on the flight line at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. C-17s and other mobility aircraft around the U.S. Air Forces Central theater are assisting with the safe and orderly

Mujahideen Ready to Fight if Taliban Reject Peace: Massoud

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 5 May 2021 Massoud’s warning follows media reports weeks ago that men are taking up arms in Takhar, Baghlan, Daikundi and Baghlan provinces.   Ahmad Massoud, the son of Afghanistan’s National Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud, on Wednesday said that the Afghan mujahideen are ready for a military confrontation with the Taliban

Taliban would roll back Afghan women’s rights -U.S. intelligence report

By Jonathan Landay Reuters 4 May 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The Taliban “would roll back much” of the progress made in Afghan women’s rights if the Islamist extremists regain national power, according to an assessment released on Tuesday by top U.S. intelligence analysts. The U.S. National Intelligence Council report likely will reinforce fears that the Taliban

US: Strong Intl Consensus Against a Taliban Military Takeover

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 4 May 2021 “If the consensus is limited to the meeting of a few political leaders, this can’t be evaluated as a solution,” said political analyst Wais Naseri. The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has said that a Taliban plan to seize control of Afghanistan with a

As the U.S. departs Afghanistan, will the old Taliban reemerge?

Missy Ryan and Susannah George Washington Post May 2, 2021 Taliban fighters display their flag in 2019 in an area their group retook in Nangahar province. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) After the Taliban’s hard-line government collapsed in 2001, American leaders dismissed some senior militants’ attempts to join the new Afghan political order, shunning a

Taliban warns of counterattacks as original May 1 deadline for U.S. troop withdrawal passes

Susannah George and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post May 2, 2021 Security personnel and residents gather Saturday in the Pul-e-Alam area of Logar province, Afghanistan, a day after a car-bomb attack. (AFP/Getty Images) KABUL — The Taliban issued a warning to U.S. and NATO forces of possible counterattacks as the original May 1 deadline for the

Taliban, US in Talks Over Full Withdrawal by July: Sources

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 3 May 2021 Taliban will return to the talks and will attend the Turkey conference if there is an agreement on the matter, sources said. Americans and the Taliban are discussing the possibility of ending the withdrawal process by the beginning of July, sources familiar with the matter said.   The

Hillary Clinton warns of ‘huge consequences’ in Afghan US troop withdrawal

BBC News 3 May 2021 IMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGESimage captionHillary Clinton said the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan could lead to the “resumption of activities by terrorist groups” Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned of “huge consequences” of President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. Mrs Clinton told CNN

Day 1 of the End of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times May 4, 2021 The scenes over the weekend were almost as if a multitrillion-dollar effort had morphed into a garage sale. An American soldier aboard a Chinook helicopter over Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — A gray American transport plane

Afghan Blast on Eve of U.S. Pullout Deadline Kills at Least 21

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times May 1, 2021 If the blast was the work of the Taliban, as the Afghan government asserts, it would be the most overt signal yet that the peace deal is off. A truck bomb in Pul-e-Alam in Afghanistan’s Logar Province killed at least 21 people and injured scores

Afghan retreat: US starts withdrawing from its longest war

Al Jazeera 1 May 2021 The United States formally began withdrawing its last troops from Afghanistan on Saturday, bringing its longest war nearer to an end but also heralding an uncertain future for a country in the tightening grip of an emboldened Taliban. US officials on the ground said the withdrawal is a work in

Counting the costs of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan

By ISABEL DEBRE Associated Press April 30, 2021 President Joe Biden’s decision to end America’s longest war has prompted a reckoning over the colossal cost of the two-decade-long conflict in Afghanistan DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — America’s longest war, the two-decade-long conflict in Afghanistan that started in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, killed

US orders big drawdown at Kabul embassy as troops leave

By MATTHEW LEE Associated Press April 27, 2021 Zalmay Khalilzad, special envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation, testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, April 27, 2021, during a hearing on the Biden administration’s Afghanistan policy and plans to withdraw troops after two decades of war. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/The New York Times via

As U.S. prepared exit, Taliban protected foreign bases, but killed Afghans

By Rupam Jain, Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Charlotte Greenfield Reuters April 30, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban fighters have protected western military bases in Afghanistan from attacks by rival, or rogue Islamist groups for over a year under a secret annex to a pact for the withdrawal of all U.S. forces by May 1, three Western officials with

U.S. envoy says Afghanistan’s choice is between political settlement or long ‘senseless’ war

Karen DeYoung The Washington Post April 28, 2021 Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan, testifies during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on April 27. (T.J. Kirkpatric/Pool/Reuters) The U.S. government’s point person for negotiations with the Taliban, Zalmay Khalilzad, said Tuesday that he is not as pessimistic as many others are about the future

How Long Can the Afghan Security Forces Last on Their Own?

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim and C. J. Chivers The New York Times April 28, 2021 As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, it leaves behind broken and battered Afghan security forces to defend the country from the Taliban and other threats. Afghanistan — The Taliban attack on a police outpost at the edge of the city began

Contractors Worried as US Troop Levels Are Down

Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 30 April 2021   The contractors said they are worried about their safety and that they should be taken out of the country. Afghans who have worked with US forces in Afghanistan as contractors said their lives will be in danger after the American troops leave the country within the next

Foreign Envoys, Taliban Meet in Doha on Afghan Peace

By Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 30 April 2021   The Afghan peace process and the release of Taliban prisoners were discussed in the meeting.  Envoys from the United States, Russia, China, and Pakistan as well as Taliban negotiators held a meeting in Doha on Friday with the main focus on the Afghan peace process.  The

Analysts: Extremist Groups Emboldened by US Withdrawal

By Massoud Ansar TOLOnews Reporter 25 April 2021 Analysts said the reaction will encourage other extremist and armed groups to continue violence. The announcement of the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan has encouraged armed and extremist groups in the region and world, say Afghan analysts, who add that if the withdrawal is done “unilaterally

U.S. Military Begins Final Withdrawal From Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times April 25, 2021, 10:20 a.m. ET The top American commander, Gen. Austin S. Miller, says he is often asked whether the Afghan forces are ready to fight the Taliban alone. His answer? ‘They must be ready.’ U.S. Army soldiers during training of the 215th Corps of the Afghan National

US Military Sending B-52s to Protect Afghanistan Withdrawal

Tolo News, 24 April 2021 Pentagon spokesman said the number of ground troops in Afghanistan is also expected to increase temporarily. The White House on Friday approved the temporary deployment of the carrier and at least six B-52 bombers in an attempt to protect US and NATO forces as they leave Afghanistan starting in less

Taliban Explains Their Perception of an Islamic System

By Tamim Hamid TOLOnews Reporter 24 April 2021 Taliban says they seek an Islamic system in which women’s rights, as understood by Islam, are protected.  At a time of growing concerns over the future of the nascent democracy in Afghanistan in a potential peace agreement with the Taliban, the group on Friday in a statement explained

U.S. military sends reinforcements ahead of Afghanistan drawdown

By LARA SELIGMAN Politico 04/23/2021 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is sending B-52 bombers and keeping an aircraft carrier in the region. A U.S. Navy fighter jet lands on the deck of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier, which will be kept in the Gulf for security purposes before a full withdrawal begins. | Petr David

The War in Afghanistan: How It Started and How It Is Ending

By David Zucchino The New York Times April 23, 2021 Even with violence escalating in the country, President Biden is bringing American troops home after nearly 20 years of war. Members of the 101st Airborne Division in Paktia Province in April 2013.Credit…Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times President Biden, declaring that the United States

Biden Officials Place Hope in Taliban’s Desire for Legitimacy and Money

By Michael Crowley The New York Times April 24, 2021 Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and others say the prospect of recognition — and financial aid from the United States — can moderate the militant group. Some call that delusional. The Taliban’s delegation of peace negotiators attending an international conference in Moscow in March. Some

U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Could Bring Iran Opportunities, Threats

By Golnaz Esfandiari Gandhara Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 23 April 2021 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (right) meets with Taliban political leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (center) in Tehran in January. Tehran may not be willing to see its onetime foe take power across the border. The announced withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan

US general ‘concerned’ about Afghan troops after US withdrawal

Al Jazeera 22 April 2021 Top general McKenzie said Afghan military may not be able to hold ground against Taliban once foreign troops leave. Top US General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, the head of Central Command which directs forces in Afghanistan, has said he is concerned over the “ability of the Afghan military to hold the

‘No Pause’ in UN Efforts for Afghan Peace Negotiations: Lyons

TOLOnews TV Network 22 April 2021 “There should be no letup in Afghan efforts to find peace,” UNAMA said.  The UN envoy for Afghanistan Deborah Lyons on Thursday concluded several days of consultations in Doha with Afghan parties and international partners about “the best way forward to strengthen and add impetus to intra-Afghan peace negotiations,”

Biden Administration Working To Add Nearly $300 Million In Civilian Aid To Afghanistan

Grandhara By RFE/RL April 21, 2021 U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the new aid money was intended to demonstrate United States’ “enduring support for the Afghan people.” (file photo) The U.S. administration says it is working with Congress to provide “nearly $300 million”” in additional civilian assistance for Afghanistan in 2021 to promote

IFRC: 13 Million Afghans Lack Food Amid Drought Crisis

Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 21 April 2021 Kabul is also one of the provinces where there are families who have been hit hard by poverty and economic crisis. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) announced that urgent action is needed to avert a deepening crisis in Afghanistan as one third

Germany: Earlier Afghanistan withdrawal being considered

By Associated Press April 21, 2021 at 12:14 p.m. EDT U.S. Black Hawk military helicopters fly over the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, April 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul) BERLIN — Discussions are underway among military planners with the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Kabul for a possible withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan as

War, Peace and Taliban Spreadsheets

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times April 21, 2021 The Taliban have been recording and contesting every perceived U.S. violation of the troop withdrawal deal. Members of the Taliban in Alingar District, Afghanistan, last year.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times  DOHA, Qatar — In the twilight months of the United States’ war in Afghanistan,

Biden’s Plan to End Afghanistan War Gives Some Detainees Hope for Release

By Charlie Savage and Carol Rosenberg The New York Times April 21, 2021 The legal basis for indefinite detention at Guantánamo is to prevent combatants from returning to the battlefield. But what if their old battlefield is no more? A detainee in a communal cellblock of Guantánamo Bay in 2019. Lawyers for at least two prisoners there

Taliban Sought Release of Prisoners Before Istanbul Talks: Source

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 21 April 2021 Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday tweeted that the conference had been postponed for after the Eid al-Fitr. The Taliban reportedly asked the US on Tuesday to ensure the release of its prisoners and the removal of UN sanctions on the Taliban’s leaders in exchange for the

U.S.-backed Afghan peace conference in Turkey postponed over Taliban no-show 

Reuters April 20, 2021  3:38 PM EDT A Washington-backed Afghan peace conference in Turkey has been postponed over non-participation by the Taliban, three sources told Reuters. “The Istanbul meeting is not happening on the given date because the Taliban refused to attend,” a senior Afghan government official told Reuters. The postponement was confirmed by two

Qatar negotiations continuing on Afghan peace

Aghanistan Times April 20, 2021 AT News KABUL: Taliban leaders have been busy in negotiations with the representatives from Turkey, Qatar, the United States and the United Nations in the Qatari capital of Doha for a few days, with sources close to Taliban saying that the parties were trying to build trust between the US

Civil War in ‘No One’s Interest’ in Afghanistan: Blinken

By TOLOnews, TV Network 19 April 2021 “If the Taliban doesn’t want to be a pariah, it’s going to have to engage in a political process,” the US Secretary of State said.  The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in an interview with ABC news said that the civil war in Afghanistan is in “no

Afghan Leaders Seek Political Agreement Ahead of Troop Withdraw

Zahra Rahimi Tolo News Reporter 18 April 2021 Ismail Khan warned that Afghanistan will be plunged into another civil war if talks are not pursued. Afghan politicians hope that the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban will achieve a political agreement on peace ahead of the announced date for the withdrawal of international troops from

Debating Exit From Afghanistan, Biden Rejected Generals’ Views

By Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and David E. Sanger The New York Times April 17, 2021, 1:14 p.m. ET Over two decades of war, the Pentagon had fended off the political instincts of elected leaders frustrated with the grind of Afghanistan. But President Biden refused to be persuaded. President Biden on Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery visiting the graves

With a sense of betrayal and relief, Afghans eye a future without U.S. troops

Susannah George, Aziz Tassal and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post April 17, 2021 Afghans fill a market street in downtown Kabul on April 12. (Hedayatullah Amid/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock) KABUL — When the 44-year-old women’s rights activist saw the news that all U.S. forces will withdraw by Sept. 11, her thoughts immediately flashed to fear of the Taliban returning to

Taliban Has to Change Based on Democratic Ways: Zarif

TOLOnews TV Network16 April 2021 Zarif said that the role of civil society in Afghanistan today is not comparable to 2001 or the 1990s. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Friday said that there is a need for the Taliban “to change in democratic ways” as today’s Afghanistan is different than it was in 2001.

Biden’s Afghan Pullout Is a Victory for Pakistan. But at What Cost?

By Mujib Mashal, Salman Masood and Zia ur-Rehman The New York Times April 15, 2021Updated 7:18 p.m. ET Pakistan’s military stayed allied to both the Americans and Taliban. But now the country may face intensified extremism at home as a result of a perceived Taliban victory. A Pakistani soldier on guard at the border with Afghanistan in North Waziristan

US troop pullout will leave behind an uncertain Afghanistan

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press 15 April 2021 FILE – In this Jan. 14, 2002 file photo, U.S. Marines scan the northwest perimeter of the American military compound at Afghanistan’s Kandahar airport using sophisticated thermal imagery equipment. The Biden administration’s surprise announcement in April 2021, of an unconditional troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by Sept. 11,

Biden’s top diplomat makes unannounced stop in Afghanistan after president calls for troop withdrawal

John Hudson The Washington Post April 15, 2021 at 6:39 a.m. EDT Blinken makes surprise visit to Afghanistan after Biden announces troop withdrawal KABUL — Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an unannounced stop in Afghanistan on Thursday for meetings with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, civic leaders and the National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah to

How the U.S. Plans to Fight From Afar After Troops Exit Afghanistan

By Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper The New York Times April 15, 2021Updated 8:23 a.m. ET Drones, long-range bombers and spy networks will be used in an effort to prevent Afghanistan from re-emerging as a terrorist base to threaten the United States. Traffic last month in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. American intelligence analysts say security in the country could worsen

Afghans Wonder ‘What About Us?’ as U.S. Troops Prepare to Withdraw

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times April 14, 2021Updated 9:25 p.m. ET Many Afghans fear that without the umbrella of American protection, the country will be unable to preserve its modest gains toward democracy and women’s rights. Students at Mawoud Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan, last month. The planned withdrawal of U.S. troops and the Taliban’s

The Crucial Questions for Afghanistan

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times April 14, 2021 Updated 9:36 p.m. ET What will happen to women and minorities? Can the Afghan president hold on to power? These and other pressing questions face a fearful country as the United States military withdraws. A view of Kabul last year.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

Taliban Threatens US With Countermeasures; Taliban Backs Out of Planned Talks as US Extends Troop Presence

TOLOnews TV Network 15 April 2021 “This decision is a clear violation of the Doha Agreement and non-compliance with its commitments,” the Taliban said in a statement on Thursday. The Taliban, responding to US President Joe Biden’s troops pullout policy on Wednesday, issued a statement on Thursday saying that the US by skipping the May

Biden tells Americans ‘we cannot continue the cycle’ in Afghanistan as he announces troop withdrawal

Anne Gearan, Karen DeYoung and Tyler Pager The Washington Post April 14, 2021 at 3:22 p.m. EDT President Biden visits Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on Wednesday. (Andrew Harnik/AP) President Biden formally announced Wednesday that the United States will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, saying in a speech from the White

The war in Afghanistan: Promises to win, but no vision for victory

Craig Whitlock The Washington Post April 14, 2021 at 2:09 p.m. EDT President George W. Bush sits in the White House after announcing that the United States and Britain had started bombing Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001, marking the beginning of the longest war in American history. (William Philpott/Reuters) Four days after the United States

Biden will withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021

Missy Ryan and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post April 13, 2021 at 2:45 p.m. EDT A U.S. soldier runs near a special forces unit of the Afghan National Army during a morning training session last year on a base near Kabul. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) President Biden will withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan

Taliban Not Ready to Attend Turkey Summit on April 16

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press 12 April 2021 FILE – In this March 6, 2021, file photo, President Ashraf Ghani speaks during the opening ceremony of the new legislative session of the Parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan. In March 2021, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave both the Taliban and the Afghan government an eight-page

Blinken to Travel to Brussels for Talks on Afghanistan, Ukraine; Khalilzad Leaves Kabul after Meeting with Afghan Leaders

Tolo News 12 April 2021 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will join Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Brussels. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will return to Brussels this week for discussions on Iran, Afghanistan and Russian activities directed at Ukraine, a US official said as quoted by Reuters. Blinken will join US Defense

Afghan President in ‘Desperate Situation’ as His Power Is Undermined

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times April 10, 2021, 9:21 a.m. ET Ashraf Ghani has few remaining allies, the Taliban are gaining militarily, and his international supporters are impatient with him and the stumbling peace process. President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan arriving for the opening ceremony of the new session of Parliament in Kabul last

Biden seems ready to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan

By ROBERT BURNS Associated Press 8 April 2021 FILE – In this Nov. 28, 2019, file photo armed soldiers stand guard in the motorcade for President Donald Trump speaks during a surprise Thanksgiving Day visit to the troops at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. Without coming right out and saying it, President Joe Biden seems ready

 UN warns of 70pc increase in Afghan poverty

Afghanistan Times AT News April 7, 2021 KABUL: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Afghanistan warns that poverty would likely jump up to 70 percent in 2021 in Afghanistan and the number of needy people would reach to 18 million. In a new report on Afghan situation, the UN body said Wednesday that if

Russian foreign minister visits Pakistan in search of Afghan peace

By Charlotte Greenfield Reuters 7 April 2021 ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the country’s army chief for talks on the troubled peace process in Afghanistan, where both countries have long histories of involvement. It was the first time a Russian foreign minister had

Russia backs talks with Taliban

AfghanistanNews.Net ANI 06 Apr 2021 New Delhi [India], April 6 (ANI): Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has emphasised the need for the inclusion of the Taliban in any political settlement of Afghanistan. Lavrov, who is in India on a two-day visit, also stressed that representatives of India and Russia, dealing with Afghanistan, must remain in

Biden Wants More Time, Advice on Afghanistan: White House

TOLOnews TV Network 6 March 2021 “It will be tough to meet the May 1st deadline for full withdrawal, for logistical reasons,” the White House press secretary said.   White House press secretary Jen Psaki, referring to Afghanistan during a press conference on Monday, said that US President Joe Biden “wants to take the time

Khalilzad Shared Date of Turkey Summit With Delegates

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 6 March 2021 Sources said the details of the agenda handed to the negotiators will be made public if they are accepted by the two sides. US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad sent a letter to negotiators representing the Afghan republic and the Taliban specifying the date for the Turkey conference on

U.S. Looks to Build on Secret Portions of Taliban Deal to Reduce Violence

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times April 5, 2021 In the final weeks before the U.S. is set to withdraw from Afghanistan, officials are trying to negotiate with the insurgent group and stave off a Taliban spring offensive. American military personnel in a helicopter flying over Helmand Province in 2019.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New

Political Leaders Set to Start Review on US-Proposed Peace Plan

Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 2 April 2021 A 15-member committee of political leaders is set to further review the US-proposed peace plan. A 15-member committee of political leaders will be briefed on Saturday on the results of a review of the US-proposed peace plan for Afghanistan by various parties collected by the State Ministry for

Discussions Held in Doha Over Istanbul Summit Agenda

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 1 April 2021   Afghan politicians believe that the Turkey conference can provide a good platform for accelerating the Afghan peace process. Representatives from the UN, Turkey, Qatar and the US have met with the peace negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Doha and discussions were held about

Inside The Lobbying Battle Over America’s Longest War

Akbar Shahid Ahmed HuffPost 04/01/2021  President Joe Biden will soon announce whether he plans to keep the 3,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan deployed there beyond a May 1 deadline for their departure. With one month until former President Donald Trump’s May 1 deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden faces one of

No discussion on U.S. troop extension: Taliban

 Afghanistan Times AT News March 31, 2021 KABUL: The Taliban group has denied the reports leaked on media about the U.S. discussion with the group to forge a new deadline to prolong Washington’s military presence in Afghanistan. Former Chief of National Directorate of Security, Rahmatullah Nabil earlier in a series of tweets said that the

USIP Report: Post-Peace Afghan Security Challenges

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 31 March 2021   The report states that Afghan government forces will still need long-term global advice and financial assistance after a peace agreement. In a new report, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) focused on the reintegration of the Taliban fighters within the ranks of the Afghan National Security

The Taliban Think They Have Already Won, Peace Deal or Not

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times March 31, 2021 “We have defeated the enemy.” The international community is scrambling to secure peace in Afghanistan, but the Taliban believe they have the upper hand — and are saying as much. Members of a Taliban red unit, an elite force, in Laghman Province’s Alingar district in

Addressing Regional Summit, Ghani Outlines Govt’s Peace Plan

TOLOnews TV Network 30 March 2021 Ghani said that a peace agreement that is achieved after talks with the Taliban needs to be endorsed by a Loya Jirga. President Ashraf Ghani in an address to the ninth Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process conference in Tajikistan offered details on his government’s plan for a potential

US Wants Taliban Approval to Extend May 1 Deadline; Taliban favors Istanbul meeting after Ramadan

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 30 March 2021 “We will reach a conclusion and a settlement on the issue of Afghanistan at the Turkey conference,” said Saadati. The United States reportedly asked the Taliban to agree to the continued presence of American forces for three or six months in Afghanistan after the May 1 deadline, sources

With U.S. withdrawal delay likely, and new peace proposal on the table, Taliban faces inevitable crossroads

Susannah George The Washington Post March 27, 2021 Members of the Taliban delegation attend a joint news conference in Moscow, on March 19. (Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock) DOHA, Qatar — For months, the Taliban has managed to both talk peace and wage war across Afghanistan. The strategy appeared to appease the hard-liners within the militant group who

Blinken Emphasizes Importance of Political Settlement by Afghans

TOLOnews TV Network 29 March 2021 “Everyone recognizes that there is no military solution to Afghanistan,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reiterated that there has to be “some kind of political settlement in Afghanistan” and that it should be done by Afghans themselves. “It was also

Sticky bombs latest weapon in Afghanistan’s arsenal of war

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press 26 March 2021 Security personnel inspect the site of a sticky bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 15, 2021. Sticky bombs slapped onto cars trapped in Kabul’s chaotic traffic are the newest weapons terrorizing Afghans in the increasingly lawless nation. The surge of bombings comes as Washington searches for a

Mohib: Hasty US Withdrawal Could Trigger Civil War

Massoud Ansar TOLOnews Reporter 27 March 2021 Mohib says that so far the Taliban has not offered any roadmap for peace.   National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on Saturday warned that Afghanistan could slide into an all-out civil war if the US withdraws its forces without a peace agreement. He reiterated that the Taliban will

Reconciliation Council to Propose Amendments to US Peace Plan

Haseeba Atakpal, Tolo News 27 March 2021 The reconciliation council is working on proposed amendments to at least two parts of the peace plan. The High Council for National Reconciliation led by Abdullah Abdullah is looking to propose some amendments to the US peace plan for Afghanistan, a member of the council, Farida Mohmand said

Officials Try to Sway Biden Using Intelligence on Potential for Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

By Julian E. Barnes, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Eric Schmitt The New York Times March 26, 2021 If U.S. troops leave before any deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government, the militant group will take over much of the country, an intelligence assessment predicted. Members of the Taliban last year in an area controlled by the group in

 Massoud warns of ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan if US troops leave hastily

Afghanistan Times AT Monitoring Desk March 26, 2021 KABUL: Ahmad Massoud, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, national hero who was assassinated by al-Qaeda two days before the 9/11 attacks, in an interview with FRANCE 24 in Paris, expressed concern at the prospect of US troops leaving the country in May, warning that a rushed

Biden: ‘We Will Leave’ but Troop Pullout by May 1 ‘Hard’; Germany Extends Military Presence in Afghanistan into 2022

Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 25 March 2021 Under the US-Taliban deal, the US forces have to leave Afghanistan on May 1. US President Joe Biden speaking at a online press conference on Thursday said it will be hard to meet the May 1 deadline for getting troops out of Afghanistan for “tactical reasons.” Asked

US failed to collect reimbursements from Afghanistan coalition partners for years, IG finds

By: Aaron Mehta  Defense News 24 March 2021   The U.S. spent $773 million in a four-year span to fly American and coalition forces around Afghanistan. At least part of that was supposed to be reimbursed, but wasn’t. (Master Sgt. Alejandro Licea/U.S. Army) WASHINGTON — For four years, the Pentagon failed to charge partner nations

Why it is Biden’s call on the future of US troops in Afghanistan

William Roberts Al Jazeera 24 Mar 2021 Congress passed laws after the 9/11 attacks giving US presidents power to use military force, but calls to restrict that authority are growing. United States President Joe Biden campaigned for the White House on a pledge to “end the forever wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East”. Now,

Kabulov: Taliban Delegates in Moscow Insisted on Emirate’s Return

TOLOnews TV Network 24 March 2021 The draft states that when the term of a proposed transitional government ends, the future leader of Afghanistan will be elected through a popular vote. Zamir Kabulov, the Russian president’s envoy for Afghanistan, said that the Taliban during the Moscow meeting insisted on the restoration of the Islamic emirate

Afghanistan Will Stay ‘Independent’ Despite ‘Rumors’: Ghani

TOLOnews TV Network 24 March 2021 A proposed US draft plan for Afghan peace has been shared with political leaders and outlines a roadmap toward an end to the violence.   President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday at the inauguration ceremony of the Kamal Khan Dam in the western province of Nimroz referred to the US

Rejecting U.S. peace plan, Afghan president to offer election in six months

By Hamid Shalizi Reuters MARCH 23, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will propose a new presidential election within six months, under a peace plan he will put forward as a counter-offer to a U.S. proposal that he rejects, two senior government officials told Reuters. Ghani will unveil his proposal at an international gathering

UN Envoy Calls for End to Killings, Suffering of Afghans

Nabila Ashrafi Tolo News 23 March 2021 The UN envoy said that If the peace process is to be sustainable, the parties must look not to Afghanistan’s past, but to its future. UN envoy Deborah Lyons on Tuesday briefed the Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan and called on the Afghan warring sides to

Pentagon chief in Afghanistan on unannounced visit as deadline to withdraw U.S. troops looms

Dan Lamothe The Washington Post March 22, 2021 U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, center, walks on a red carpet with Acting Afghan Minister of Defense Yasin Zia as they review an honor guard at the presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, March 21, 2021. Austin arrived in Kabul on his first trip to Afghanistan as

Foes in Afghan War See a Common Threat of Islamic State’s Return

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Zabihullah Ghazi The New York Times March 23, 2021 An unusual truce between the government and the Taliban has kept the Islamic State out of one former stronghold. But there is a peace paradox: Unemployed fighters looking for work. “The Islamic State is just looking for a foothold,” said Wahid Talash, second from

At Least 9 Dead in Afghan Helicopter Crash, After Clashes With Local Militia

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Najim Rahim The New York Times March 18, 2021 The crash occurred in eastern Afghanistan, where security and militia forces have been in a tense, and sometimes violent, standoff since January. Local militia members patrolling in the Hisa-e-Awal Behsud District of Wardak Province, Afghanistan, in January.Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images KABUL, Afghanistan

Taliban expect US withdrawal in May; vow to restore Islamic rule

Al Jazeera 19 March 2021 Taliban stand firm on demand for an Islamic government in Afghanistan, though they do not elaborate on what it would look like. The Taliban warned the United States on Friday against defying a May 1 deadline for the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, promising a “reaction” though

MoFA Welcomes Moscow Meeting’s Statement on Afghanistan; Taliban: Peace Negotiations Should Be Expedited

TOLOnews TV Network 19 March 2021 Afghan Foreign Ministry says it supports the stance of the statement on a negotiated political settlement in Afghanistan.   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday welcomed the statement by Moscow conference and called it a step forward towards beginning serious talks for achieving peace based on Afghans’ demand.

Representatives in Moscow Reject Restart of Islamic Emirate

Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 18 March 2021 A joint statement by Russia, China, the US and Pakistan following Thursday’s meeting calls for reduced violence and a negotiated settlement for peace.  Following the Moscow conference on Afghan peace held on Thursday, a joint statement was issued in which the four primary representative countries–Russia, China, the

U.S. joined by Russia, China, Pakistan in call for Afghan ceasefire

By Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber Reuters MARCH 18, 20219 MOSCOW (Reuters) – The United States was joined by Russia, China and Pakistan on Thursday in calling on Afghanistan’s warring sides to reach an immediate ceasefire, at talks that showed Washington’s determination to win backing from regional powers for its plans. Just six weeks before a deadline for the

Secretary-General appoints Jean Arnault as his personal envoy on Afghanistan

18 March 2021 UN Affairs Jean Arnault, then Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Colombia, speaks to the press in Bogota. (file photo) The United Nations Secretary-General on Wednesday announced the appointment of seasoned mediator Jean Arnault as his new Personal Envoy on Afghanistan and Regional Issues, reflecting the Organization’s continued commitment to the peaceful

U.S. New Proposal Disregard Afghan Women: AWN

Afghanistan Times March 17, 2021  AT News KABUL: The Afghan Women Network (AWN) has expressed its concerns over the U.S. new proposal for peace in Afghanistan – saying that “no address” on behalf of women is authorized to pardon the criminals as women have been the main victims of the Afghan war and attacks by

US official warns Congress on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan; Taliban Violence Remains High in Afghanistan, Says Sopko

Al Jazeera 16 March 2021 Removing US troops without a peace deal would be ‘a disaster’, says John Sopko, as new talks set to begin in Moscow. A top United States official working on Afghanistan has warned Congress that a withdrawal of US troops from the country without a peace agreement between the Afghan government

Aid cuts by US, other donors could imperil Afghan gov’t

Al Jazeera 16 March 2021 International aid to Afghanistan decreased from a high of $6.7bn in 2011, down to $4.2bn in 2019, according to World Bank data. Further cuts in aid to Afghanistan by the United States and other donors could cause the government to collapse and return the country to chaos similar to what

Moscow Conference on Afghan Peace Begins

Syed Zabiullah Langari Tolo News 18 March 2021 The Russian foreign minister said that his country will continue to play its role to promote political dialogue in Afghanistan.   Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during Thursday’s opening session of the Moscow talks on Afghan peace, said that despite the peace agreement between the US and the

 Human Rights Watch Accuses Taliban of Torturing Prisoners

Afghanistan Times March 15, 2021 AT News KABUL: The Human Rights Watch claims that Taliban torture the people they keep in their prisons. Patricia Gossman, head of the body’s Asia office, said Monday that the militants are running secret prisons for a long time in the areas under their control. “We provided details about the

US General Warns of Consequences of May 1 Withdrawal Plan

By TOLOnews TV Network 15 March 2021 Gen. McKenzie on Saturday met with President Ashraf Ghani and discussed security and peace.  The commander of US Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, has said that fighting in Afghanistan will intensify sharply and Taliban militants could threaten major cities unless a Biden administration diplomatic push to end the

U.S. Has 1,000 More Troops in Afghanistan Than It Disclosed

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt The New York Times March 15, 2021 The undercount complicates President Biden’s decision on carrying out a complete withdrawal by May 1, as his administration tries to jump-start peace talks. American soldiers in 2018 at a checkpoint in eastern Afghanistan. Publicly, 2,500 U.S. troops are said to be in the

Taliban expresses scepticism over interim Afghan gov’t proposal

Al Jazeera 14 March 2021 Taliban spokesman tells Al Jazeera an interim government, suggested by the US, will not solve Afghanistan’s problems. A Taliban spokesman has expressed scepticism over a proposal by the United States for an interim government in Afghanistan, saying transitional governments have proven ineffective and that the group’s vision for the country

U.S. push for peace in Afghanistan has new ‘urgency.’ Some Afghans fear it could backfire.

Susannah George The Washington Post March 14, 2021 Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai talks on his phone in Kabul on March 11 as peace talks are held in Doha, Qatar. (Rahmat Gul/AP) DOHA, Qatar — The United States has launched its most aggressive push yet for a political settlement to end two decades of conflict

AP Interview: Karzai says US plan catalyst for Afghan peace

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press 11 March 2021 Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks during an interview with the Associated Press in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, March 11, 2021. Afghans are eager for peace and a recently floated U.S. draft for a deal between Taliban insurgents and the Afghan government is the best chance to accelerate

Include Taliban in interim Afghan administration, says Russia

Al Jazeera 12 March 2021 Inclusion would solve the ‘problem of integrating the Taliban into Afghanistan’s peaceful political life’, a Moscow official claims. Russia said on Friday that the Taliban should be included in any Afghan interim administration, before a conference in Moscow aimed at supporting peace talks between the group and Afghanistan’s government. Moscow

Ghani, Afghan Politicians Divided on Peace Process

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 11 March 2021 The proposed UN-led conference on Afghan peace in Turkey may take place on March 27, sources close to the Taliban told TOLOnews on Wednesday. President Ashraf Ghani held a meeting at the Presidential Palace with key Afghan political leaders on Wednesday to discuss the peace process, particularly focusing

The leaked U.S. plan to end the war in Afghanistan

Susannah George The Washington Post March 10, 2021 Students leave school in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in December. The school was used as a Taliban recruitment center when the group was in power. (Lorenzo Tugnol for The Washington Post) tISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A leaked State Department document presents the clearest picture yet of a political settlement to the

‘All is Not Well’ in Afghanistan, Says Sopko; U.S. contractors pullout could devastate Afghan forces

TOLOnews TV Network 11 March 2021 “Right now, that state is under threat. In the wake of the February 2020 withdrawal agreement, all is not well,” SIGAR.   The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John Sopko, has warned over Afghanistan’s situation saying that the state remains under threat and that “all is not well” in the

International Consensus on Afghan Peace Stressed

Afghanistan Times AT News March 10, 2021  KABUL: Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, Head of the Negotiation Team of Afghanistan and some members of the negotiation team met with Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, in Doha. At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the negotiation team spoke about the recent developments

Turkey to Host Afghan Peace Conference on March 27 – Taliban Confirm Participation

By Mujeeb R. Awrang Afghanistan Times/AT March 10, 2021 Hopes High on Turkey Meeting to End War KABUL: In the wake of the U.S.’s new proposal for the Afghan peace process and formation of the next government system, some top anonymous sources in the government talked about a senior meeting similar to the Bonn-Conference to

As US mulls Afghan exit, activist sees long fight for women

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press/AP 8 March 2021 Sima Samar, a prominent activist and physician, who has been fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan for the past 40 years, gives an interview to The Associated Press, at her house in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, March 6, 2021. Samar, 64, believes her struggle is far from over

In One Afghan District, Peace From 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Taimoor Shah and Fahim Abed Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times March 8, 2021 An unofficial cease-fire brokered by local officials, farmers and Taliban forces is an example of how communities, driven by despair, have engineered their own ways to stop the fighting. An Afghan soldier looking over the front line from a hilltop

US proposes interim gov’t could run Afghanistan until new polls

Al Jazeera 9 March 2021 Draft peace plan calls for current government to be replaced with interim administration until a new constitution is agreed and elections held. A draft peace plan proposed by the United States for Afghanistan has called for the current government to be replaced with an interim administration until a new constitution

Russia to Host Meeting on Afghanistan’s Peace Process; Taliban Concluding Internal Discussion on US Plan

TOLOnews TV Network 9 ,March 2021 Afghan politicians including President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the HCNR have been invited to the meeting. Amidst new efforts by the US to expedite Afghanistan’s reconciliation process, officials on Tuesday confirmed that Russia is planning to host a meeting on the Afghan peace process within the

Afghan Politicians React to US Sec. Blinken’s Letter

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 8 March 2021 Afghan politicians saw significance in the fact that the letter was sent to both Afghan leaders. Afghan politicians reacted to the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s letter to Afghan leaders stressing the urgency for peace efforts, saying, among other things, the letter highlights a stronger role for

US presents warring Afghan sides with draft peace agreement; U.S. proposes interim power-sharing government with Taliban in Afghanistan

By Kathy Gannon | AP The Washington Post March 8, 2021 at 2:21 p.m. EST FILE – In this Feb. 5, 2019, file photo, Afghan politician Fawzia Koofi attends the “intra-Afghan” talks in Moscow, Russia. Frustrated by a stalled peace process and escalating violence, the U.S. has presented an eight-page draft peace agreement to Afghanistan’s warring sides

Blinken Proposes New Steps to Peace, Keeps May 1st Pullout Option

By TOLOnews TV Network 7 March 2021 US Secretary Blinken writes to President Ghani of proposed steps to accelerate peace while stating that the May 1st deadline is still being considered. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a letter to President Ashraf Ghani seen by TOLOnews put forth suggestions to the Afghan government to accelerate the peace

US Envoy Khalilzad Meets Taliban in Doha

By Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 6 March 2021 Taliban spokesman says effective implementation of the Doha agreement was discussed with the US envoy. Zalmay Khalilzad, the US top envoy for Afghan peace, on Saturday met with Taliban negotiators in Qatar — for the first time under Biden administration — and discussed the implementation of the

They Were Journalists, and Women, and Targeted for Both

By Amanda Taub The New York Times March 5, 2021 As Afghanistan enters a desperate chapter, with U.S. troops potentially on the way out, insurgents are pressing a deadly campaign to silence the media and keep women home. Relatives and mourners perform funeral prayers over the coffin of one of the three female media workers shot

Abdullah Informed of US New Scheme on Afghan Peace; Participatory Setup Shared with Govt, Politicians; New Roadmap for Peace Taking Shape

Afghanistan Times  March 6, 2021 AT News KABUL: The High Council for National Reconciliation says that the US has suggested a new roadmap for the Afghan peace process. Chairman of the Council, Abdullah Abdullah discussed the US new roadmap for the Afghan peace process with US deputy chief of mission in Kabul, Ian J. McCary.

New killings deepen Afghan journalists’ assassination fears; Islamic State in Afghanistan claims slaying of three female journalists

By TAMEEM AKHGAR Associated Press 3 March 2021 Relatives carry the body of one of three women working for a local radio and TV station who were killed on Tuesday in attacks claimed by the Islamic State group, during her funeral ceremony in Jalalabad, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, March 3, 2021. The coordinated killings

Moscow Likely to Host Intra-Afghan Talks’ Next Rounds

Afghanistan Times  March 3, 2021 AT News KABUL: Moscow will likely replace Doha for hosting the next rounds of the ongoing intra-Afghan negotiations, a Russian diplomat said on Wednesday. “Despite reports on restarting of meetings about peace by the negotiating teams after a 45-day lull, we need to acknowledge that there is still an impasse

‘US Has Suggested Intl Conference on Afghanistan’

By TOLOnews TV Network 3 March 2021 Khalilzad has met with influential political figures and Afghan government leaders over the future government.  A US State Department official on condition of anonymity told TOLOnews on Wednesday that the United States has suggested an international conference on Afghanistan. The US peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad during his

Three Women Working for a News Outlet Gunned Down in Afghanistan

By Zabihullah Ghazi and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times March 2, 2021, 1:12 p.m. ET The women, the latest victims in a wave of targeted attacks, were killed on their way home from their jobs at Enikass Radio and TV in Jalalabad. Hospital workers and relatives moving the body of one of the three media workers killed in

Report: US wasted billions on cars, buildings in Afghanistan

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press/AP 1 March 2021 FILE – In this Feb. 1, 2021 file photo, birds flyover the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The United States wasted billions of dollars in war-torn Afghanistan on buildings and vehicles that were either abandoned or destroyed, according to a report released Monday, March 1, 2021, by the

Taliban Warn Turning Away from Afghan Peace Deal ‘Doomed to Failure’ 

By Ayaz Gul Voice of America/VOA February 28, 2021 FILE – In this Sept. 12, 2020 photo, a Taliban delegation arrive to attend the opening session of the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. ISLAMABAD – The Taliban demanded Sunday that the United States and its foreign military allies

One Year On, Govt Sees No Progress in US-Taliban Deal

Afghanistan Times February 28, 2021 AT News KABUL: The Taliban militants have threatened to launch an “unprecedented war” in Afghanistan if the United States doesn’t withdraw its soldiers agreed last year in a peace deal Washington signed with the Taliban. The deal that was signed by then president Donald Trump on February 28, 2020, is

‘I Wake Up and Scream’: Secret Taliban Prisons Terrorize Thousands

By Adam Nossiter Photographs by Kiana Hayeri The New York Times Feb. 27, 2021 A potential U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, coupled with a weak Afghan security force, mean the Taliban will likely continue to capture, condemn and torture thousands. FAIZABAD, Afghanistan — The Taliban prison is a ruined house, a cave, a filthy basement in an

One Year On, Govt Sees No Progress in US-Taliban Deal

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 28 Feb 2021 The Taliban has said that the deal is a practical step toward achieving peace and stability in the country. The deal signed between President Donald Trump’s administration and the Taliban marked a one-year anniversary on Sunday, with the Afghan government saying that the accord did not end up

Top Democrat Warns Against a Hasty Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan

By Eric Schmitt The New York Times Feb. 24, 2021 Senator Jack Reed said he favored seeking an extension of the May 1 deadline for withdrawing troops that President Donald Trump and the Taliban negotiated last year. American troops in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2019. The United States has 2,500 troops in the country.Credit…Jim

Taliban blames Kabul, Washington for not abiding by Doha deal

Osama Bin Javaid Al Jazeera 24 Feb 2021 Taliban accuses the Afghan government and the US of not fully honouring the agreement signed last year. Doha, Qatar – The Taliban has blamed the Afghan government and its Western allies for not living up to the agreement signed last year despite months of negotiations, including the release of

Taliban Asks Its Members to Avoid Harboring Foreign Fighters

 TOLOnews TV Network 24 Feb 2021 The Taliban has asked its members to avoid giving shelter to foreign fighters and not allow them to join their ranks.  Amidst doubts in the Taliban’s commitment to cut their ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, the group has asked its members to avoid harboring foreign fighters and

Afghan Civilian Casualties Soared After Peace Talks’ Start

By David Zucchino The New York Times Feb. 23, 2021, 1:01 a.m. ET Fighting intensified in the last quarter of 2020, after talks between the Afghan government and Taliban began. Before then, it had been a less deadly year than before. Family members mourning Ahmad Ali Mohammedi, who was fatally shot at Kabul University on Nov. 2.Credit…Farzana

Afghanistan begins COVID-19 vaccination drive amid rising violence

Reuters Staff FEBRUARY 23, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan began its first COVID-19 vaccinations on Tuesday, administering doses initially to security force members, health workers and journalists, in a campaign that may face challenges from a sharp rise in violence. The war-damaged country received 500,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine from the Serum Institute of India

Peace Negotiators Meet After More Than Month-Long Gap in Talks; Afghanistan ‘Not Vietnam’: Ghani

By TOLOnews TV Network 22 Feb 2021 Taliban spokesman says the working groups were asked to continue their meetings on the agenda. A meeting was held between heads and some members of the negotiating teams in Doha on Monday evening and was focused on the continuation of the negotiations, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said. He

Biden Vows to Work Together with NATO on Afghanistan

Syed Zabiullah Langari Tolo News 19 Feb 2021 German Chancellor said Germany is ready to stay longer in Afghanistan if it is in the interest of its allies. US President Joe Biden while addressing the Munich Security Conference on Friday said that the United States will work together with its allies in Europe and that

Russia steps in, trying to aid stalled Afghan peace process

By Kathy Gannon | AP Feb. 19, 2021 at 12:04 p.m. EST In this photo released by Inter Services Public Relations, Zamir Kabulov, left, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy on Afghanistan meets with Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, I Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. Kabulov was in Pakistan, a key regional player in efforts

US Will Not Undertake Hasty Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Austin

By TOLOnews TV Network 19 Feb 2021 Austin made clear that he is committed to consulting with Allies and partners throughout this process. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin on Thursday said the United States would not undertake a hasty or disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Addressing the second and final day of the NATO Defense

Afghanistan peace talks under threat as major Taliban spring offensive takes shape

By Hamid Shalizi, Charlotte Greenfield Reuters 17 Feb 2021 KABUL/ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Unusually intense fighting in the winter by Taliban insurgents has spurred Afghan government preparations for more violence in the warmer spring, which international players fear will further endanger the nation’s fragile peace process. Nearly a year after Washington signed a troop-withdrawal deal with the

Sopko Emphasizes Importance of US Support to Afghan Women

TOLOnews TV Network 18 February 2021 Sopko says the US investment on Afghan women is an investment in Afghanistan’s future. US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John F. Sopko on Wednesday emphasized the importance of the United States support to Afghan women and said inattention to women in Afghanistan can lead to a tragedy

Russian Envoy Calls for Transitional Govt in Afghanistan

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 17 February 2021 Kabulov said that the Taliban’s insistence on the return of the emirate will jeopardize the peace process. Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov in an interview with Sputnik said that Moscow prefers that all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan agree on the establishment of an inclusive

Taliban Keeps Close Ties with Al-Qaeda: Report

TOLOnews TV Network 17 February 2021 According to the UN monitoring team’s last report in January, there are 200 to 500 Al-Qaeda fighters. Taliban has kept up a close relationship with Al-Qaeda despite having pledged to stop cooperating with the group, according to the head of a UN panel monitoring the insurgency reported by NBC

Warring Sides Prepare for Spring Offensive Despite Peace Efforts

By Tamim Hamid TOLOnews Reporter 15 February 2021 Taliban movements have been reported in Kunduz, Baghlan, Uruzgan, Kandahar and Helmand provinces in recent weeks. While the issue of peace with the Taliban this year has been among the hot topics in the country, there are reports that the warring parties are preparing for war in

Russia wants Iran inclusion in Afghan peace negotiations

Afghanistan Times AT News Reports February 16, 2021 KABUL: The Russian government emphasizes that Iran should be included in the quadrilateral format for Afghan peace talks. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said in an interview that Moscow wants Iran be included in the format of Russia, China and the United States on peace negotiations of

Taliban Insists on US Pullout in Open Letter to American People

By Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 16 February 2021 In the letter,  the Taliban also said that they will respect women’s rights in accordance to the Islamic principles. In an open letter to the American public, the Taliban’s leader Mullah Abdullah Abdul Ghani Baradar urged the United States to abide by its commitments to withdraw US forces

The Taliban Close In on Afghan Cities, Pushing the Country to the Brink

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Taimoor Shah Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times Feb. 15, 2021 The Taliban have positioned themselves around several major population centers, including the capital of Kandahar Province, as the Biden administration weighs whether to withdraw or to stay. PANJWAI, Afghanistan — The Taliban have been encroaching on key cities around Afghanistan for months,

AAN Q&A: Mediation or facilitation “would help” in the Doha talks

Afghanistan Analysts Network AAN Team  14 Feb 2021 The intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha are stalling since the first round ended in December 2020 with an agreement on the talks’ rules of procedure and both parties forwarding their lists of items for an agenda for the next rounds. In order to find out where there are

NATO Not Leaving Afghanistan Before ‘Time Is Right’

By TOLOnews TV Network 15 February 2021 Stoltenberg says NATO has significantly adjusted its presence as part of the Afghan peace process. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a pre-ministerial press conference on Monday reiterated that the presence of the alliance’s troops in Afghanistan is “conditions-based,” saying “we will not leave before the time is right.”

Int’l Troops in Afghanistan Favor No One: Taliban

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 14 February 2021 An Afghan negotiator says international forces withdrawal in the absence of an agreement on peace will lead to a civil war. As the NATO defense ministers meeting comes to a close, the Taliban in a message to NATO leaders said the continuation of foreign forces’ presence in Afghanistan

Taliban Controls 52% of Territory in Afghanistan; Taliban Has Shown No Will for Peace, Mohib Says

By Tamim Hamid TOLOnews Reporter 13 February 2021 Survey shows 59 percent of the Afghan population lives in areas under the government’s control. A survey by an Afghan news agency shows that the Taliban controls at least 52 percent of the country’s territory while 59 percent of the population lives in areas under the government’s control.

Biden Vows to Bring ‘Responsible End to Wars’

By TOLOnews TV Network 11 February 2021 US President Joe Biden said that the “force should be a tool of last resort, not the first.”   The US President Joe Biden in his first visit to the Pentagon as commander-in-chief, has promised to work with Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin and leaders around the world “to

Danesh Says Interim Setup Will Bring More Violence

By Massoud AnsarTOLOnews Reporter 12 February 2021 Second Vice President Sarwar Daneh says an interim setup will bring more violence in the country. Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh on Friday slammed the Taliban for the high level of violence and bringing up “new preconditions,” stressing the need for preserving the current political system in

US goes one year without a combat death in Afghanistan as Taliban warn against reneging on peace deal

By PHILLIP WALTER WELLMAN STARS AND STRIPES Published: February 8, 2021 A U.S. Army carry team transfers the remains of Sgt. 1st Class Javier J. Gutierrez, of San Antonio, Texas, at Dover Air Force Base, Del., Feb. 10, 2020. Gutierrez was killed in eastern Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, on Feb. 8, 2020, one of the last two

Gov’t employees, police officers among 8 killed in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera 9 February 2021 String of attacks kills four government employees and four policemen, officials say, amid relentless violence in the war-torn country. A string of attacks in Afghanistan has killed four government employees and four policemen, officials said. In the capital, Kabul, gunmen on Tuesday opened fire in the Bagh-e-Daud neighbourhood and killed

Taliban Violence ‘Simply Too High’: Gen. MacKenzie

By TOLOnews TV Network 8 February 2021 MacKenzie says the US is taking a close look at the way forward in accordance with the February 2020 peace agreement.  The commander of the United States Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, says the level of violence in Afghanistan remains too high and that the US is reviewing

First doses of COVID-19 vaccine arrive in Afghanistan from India

By Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters FEBRUARY 7, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan received 500,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine from India on Sunday, the first to arrive in the country, which is still waiting for emergency approval from the World Health Organisation before it can use them. Ghulam Dastagir Nazari, head of the immunisation program at

Politicians Claim to Have Seen Draft Outline of Future Govt

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 7 February 2021S The Presidential Palace said that the establishment of an interim government is unacceptable. R Some Afghan politicians have expressed different views about a draft outline of a future government, which they claim to have seen recently. Mohammad Ismail Khan, former mujahideen leader and former minister of energy and

Inside the Shadowy Militias Luring Unsuspecting Afghans to Fight, or Die

By Fahim Abed and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Feb. 4, 2021, 3:00 a.m. ET Afghanistan’s poor are being deceived into defending outposts from the Taliban, sometimes under the guise of construction work — a scheme partially bankrolled by the government. Policemen stationed at a guard post on Mazar-i-Sharif’s defensive walls in Balkh Province last month.Credit…Jim Huylebroek

Taliban on diplomatic blitz after Afghan peace talks stall

Kathy Gannon The Associated Press 4 February 2021 In this file photo released Jan. 31, 2021, by Tasnim News Agency, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, second right, meets with a Taliban political team, in Tehran, Iran. (Tasnim News Agency via AP, File) ISLAMABAD — The Taliban have been on a diplomatic blitz since peace

U.S. Should Slow Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Bipartisan Panel Urges

By Julian E. Barnes and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Feb. 3, 2021, 2:30 p.m. ET A study group appointed by Congress finds that removing international forces by the May 1 date set in the 2020 U.S.-Taliban peace agreement could lead to a civil war in Afghanistan. American soldiers returning home after a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan,

Abdullah: Women’s Gains Will Not be Compromised

By Fariba Sadat Tolo News 2 February 2021 Abdullah pledged that women’s rights will not be ignored in the peace talks.  Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the High Council of National Reconciliation, on Tuesday inaugurated the women’s commission of the council and said that there is a need to guarantee the role of the public in

Hazaras fear for future as Afghanistan risks slipping into chaos

Al Jazeera 3 Feb. 2021 Fearing the government will collapse and country may descend again into civil war, Hazaras start to prepare for the worst. The choice was straightforward for Hamidullah Asadi, a member of Afghanistan’s minority Hazara community – wait for the next deadly attack or join a growing militia. After spending months recovering

‘Islamic Govt to Replace Current Govt in Afghanistan’: Taliban

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 2 February 2021 However, the Office of National Security Council (ONSC) has said that it is premature to talk about the political system in Afghanistan. The Taliban have said that an Islamic government will replace the current government in Afghanistan under the incumbent President Ashraf Ghani as a result of peace

Taliban: Fight Will Continue if Int’l Forces Stay

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 1 February 2021 NATO spokesperson says no decision has been made and NATO defense ministers will address Afghanistan at their February meeting. The Reuters report quoting anonymous sources saying international forces will stay in Afghanistan beyond the May deadline has drawn responses from official NATO spokespeople, analysts and the Taliban. The

Taliban attacks increased in Afghan capital, says US watchdog

Al Jazeera 1 Feb 2021 Taliban attacks in the Afghan capital of Kabul are on the rise, with increasing targeted killings of government officials, civil society leaders and journalists, a report by a US watchdog says. The report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as SIGAR, on Monday comes as the Biden

Iran’s Zarif calls for ‘inclusive government’ in Taliban talks

Maziar Motamedi Al Jazeera 31 Jan 2021 Tehran finds itself in a delicate position in talks to stop violence in neighbouring Afghanistan. Tehran, Iran – Iran will only support an “inclusive” government in neighbouring Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a top Taliban delegation. In a Sunday meeting with the group led by senior Taliban

Foreign Troops to Stay in Afghanistan Beyond May

By Rupam Jain, Charlotte Greenfield Reuters 31 January 2021 ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – International troops plan to stay in Afghanistan beyond the May deadline envisaged by the insurgent Taliban’s deal with the United States, four senior NATO officials said, a move that could escalate tensions with the Taliban demanding full withdrawal. “There will be no full withdrawal

Drawdowns of troops in Germany and Afghanistan up in the air

Meghann Myers Military Times 28 January 2021 The Pentagon is still working with a May deadline for a full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, but a Defense Department spokesman told reporters on Thursday that the way ahead is unclear. The White House under President Donald Trump spent much of 2020 beating the drum for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan, which

Afghan Govt ‘Flexible’ With Peace Process: Omer

By Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 31 January 2021 Omer said the government has taken important steps for peace, but the Taliban has not addressed any of its commitments. President Ashraf Ghani has rejected the prospect of an interim government and has emphasized that the election is the main route to the transfer of power, while his

Violence May Delay U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

By Adam Nossiter and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Jan. 29, 2021 The Biden administration is reviewing a deal between its predecessor and the Taliban for a May 1 deadline to pull all American troops out of the country. Afghan police at a checkpoint in Kabul earlier this month.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times  KABUL, Afghanistan

Taliban Sees Afghan Govt As Main Hurdle for Peace

By Siyar Sirat  Tolo News 29 January 2021 Abbas Stanekzai says that they will not lay down their arms unless foreign forces leave Afghanistan. A key negotiator of the Taliban on Friday said that President Ashraf Ghani’s government in Kabul is the “only hurdle” for the Afghan peace process, blaming President Ghani for prolonging the process

Abdullah: Talks Should Focus on Ceasefire, Violence Reduction

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 28 January 2021 This comes as the talks between the republic side and the Taliban have stalled over the past 11 days. Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the High Council of National Reconciliation, on Thursday said that he has instructed the peace negotiating team representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in

Amid Biden-Ordered Review of Afghanistan Troop Drawdown, Report Finds al-Qaida Gaining Strength | By Richard Sisk 27 Jan 2021 Col. Mark Geraldi, USACE Transatlantic Afghanistan District Commander, along with Sergeant First Class Joseph Harrison, and Sergeant Major Nathan Marshall case the command colors at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, December 16, 2020. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Cheryl Moore) The Biden administration’s review of the Afghanistan withdrawal strategy under new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Biden administration asks US negotiator with Taliban to stay on

Al Jazeera 28 January 2021 Zalmay Khalilzad, who brokered peace deal with Afghanistan’s Taliban, has been asked to continue his ‘vital work’. Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States’s negotiator who brokered a deal with Afghanistan’s Taliban, has been asked to stay in his post under President Joe Biden even as the administration reiterated it was assessing

8,500 Civilians Killed, Wounded in Afghanistan in 2020

Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 27 January 2021 Based on the AIHRC report,  up to 3,000 Afghan civilians were killed and over 5,000 were wounded in war in 2020. The annual report of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) shows that over 8,500 civilians in Afghanistan were killed and wounded due to war and violence

Taliban prisoners released under peace deal arrested after rejoining fight, official says

By PHILLIP WALTER WELLMAN STARS AND STRIPES Published: January 25, 2021 Taliban prisoners line up at Bagram prison before being released on May 26, 2020. Hundreds of Taliban prisoners released under the U.S.-Taliban peace deal have been rearrested after rejoining the insurgency, Afghanistan’s national security advisor said. KABUL, Afghanistan — Hundreds of Taliban prisoners released

Taliban backs Afghan vaccine drive after COVAX pledges $112 million

By Hamid Shalizi, Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters January 26, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents on Tuesday gave their backing to a vaccination programme to which the World Health Organization’s COVAX programme has pledged $112 million. Announcing the funding, an Afghan health official said the programme would cover the 20% of the population. The COVAX

Biden inherits stalled Afghan peace process and looming troop withdrawal date

By J.P. LAWRENCE  STARS AND STRIPES Published: January 22, 2021 In a 2011 visit to Afghanistan, then-Vice President Joe Biden listens to Afghan Brig. Gen. Amlaqullah Patyani, commander of Kabul Military Training Center. In the center is Gen. David Petraeus, then the commander of the International Security Force. As president, Biden must determine whether to

SIGAR: Smugglers Use VIP Security Bypass at Kabul Airport

By TOLOnews TV Network 25 January 2021 According to the report, VVIP passengers bypass all security procedures and their vehicles are cleared to drop them directly near their planes on the tarmac.  The US Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in a report published on Jan. 14 says that since the collapse of the Taliban regime

Afghan Officials Optimistic About Ties with Biden Administration

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 24 January 2021 Officials said the former US administration did not share organized information about the peace process with the Afghan government. Following the US national security adviser’s phone call with Afghan counterpart Hamdullah Mohib, hope has emerged among Afghan officials that Kabul’s ties with Washington will strengthen and more accurate

Khalilzad’s Mission as US Peace Envoy Extended; US to review deal with the Taliban

By Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 26 January 2021 The Afghan government has in the past reacted cautiously with the mission by Khalilzad. President Joe Biden’s administration has extended Zalmay Khalilzad’s mission as the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation for an unspecific period of time, US sources have told TOLOnews. US sources added that the Biden

Biden Administration to Review Taliban Peace Deal

Afghanistan Today AT News January 20, 2021 KABUL: The new US President Joe Biden wants to review a peace deal his predecessor Donald Trump signed with Taliban insurgents last February. The announcement over the review comes as Afghan government has some considerations and objections to the peace deal. Antony Blinken, Biden’s nominee for secretary of

Pakistan urges Biden to stick to Afghan troop withdrawal

Asad Hashim Al Jazeera 21 Jan 2021 Pakistan FM tells Al Jazeera the country has hopes for greater engagement with the new Biden administration. Karachi, Pakistan – Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said his country has hopes for greater engagement with the new United States government and called on Joe Biden to follow up

Ghani Warns of ‘Severe Consequences’ of Interim Setup

By Massoud Ansar TOLOnews Reporter 22 January 2021 President Ghani says Afghanistan’s constitution is the most Islamic constitution in the world. President Ashraf Ghani who visited the western province of Herat on Thursday said that those who are rallying for an interim setup has no understanding from the severe consequences of the plan for the nation. 

Biden’s Team Kept in Dark Over Afghanistan Drawdown

By TOLOnews, TV Network 21 January 2021 Politico says the story is based on conversations with 10 Pentagon and Biden officials involved in the transition. The Pentagon blocked members of President Joe Biden’s incoming administration from gaining access to critical information about current operations, including the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, Politico reported on Wednesday. Politico says

‘There Is No Safe Area’: In Kabul, Fear Has Taken Over

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times Jan. 17, 2021 A new wave of violence and a growing uncertainty about the country’s future have left Afghans in the capital with a constant sense of fear. A police checkpoint in Kabul, Afghanistan, this month.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times  KABUL, Afghanistan — In Kabul’s uncertain present,

Billions in aid needed to help Afghan children in 2021

Al Jazeera 19 January 2021 Save the Children says more than 18 million Afghans, including 9.7 million children, are in need of urgent support. Some 10 million children in war-ravaged Afghanistan are at risk of not having enough food to eat in 2021, a humanitarian organisation says, calling for billions in new funds for aid.

Gunmen kill two female Supreme Court judges in Afghanistan

By Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters JANUARY 17, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Unidentified gunmen killed two female judges from Afghanistan’s Supreme Court on Sunday morning, police said, adding to a wave of assassinations in Kabul and other cities while government and Taliban representatives have been holding peace talks in Qatar. The two judges, who have not yet

Afghan Partners Call for Ceasefire, Expedited Peace Effort

By TOLOnews, TV Network 17 January 2021 Chief negotiator Masoom Stanekzai said serious discussions on the agreed points will start by end of this week. Afghanistan’s international partners in a meeting with Afghan officials held virtually today announced their support for the peace efforts, ceasefire and humanitarian values in the country, said the High Council for

‘I Could Just Vanish’: In Kabul, Pocket Notes to Prevent Anonymous Death

By David Zucchino and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Jan. 12, 2021 As violence engulfs them, some Afghans carry notes with their names, blood types and relatives’ phone numbers in case they are killed or severely wounded.  For some young people, the pocket note has become an essential element of daily life — an identity marker ensuring

She Killed an American in 2012. Why Was She Freed in the Taliban Deal?

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Julian E. Barnes and Adam Goldman The New York Times Jan. 15, 2021, 12:01 p.m. ET The internal debate in Washington over the fate of an Iranian prisoner in Afghanistan illustrates one of the difficult decisions the end of a war brings. A portrait of Nargis Mohammad Hasan hanging in her home in 2012. Ms. Hasan,

U.S. troops in Afghanistan now down to 2,500, lowest since 2001

By Idrees Ali Reuters 15 January 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of U.S troops in Afghanistan has been reduced to 2,500, the lowest level of American forces there since 2001, the Pentagon said on Friday. In November, President Donald Trump’s administration said it would sharply cut the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan from 4,500

Afghans Fear Losing Gains in Women’s Rights in Peace: Report

Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 15 January 2021 Negotiators are expected to expedite their efforts to finalize the agenda in the next few days, sources said. Negotiators from both sides of the peace negotiations held meetings with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in Doha over the past few days as they try

Peace talks are faltering, violence has surged, and U.S. troops are pulling out. Can the Afghan government withstand the pressure?

Pamela Constable The Washington Post Jan. 14, 2021 Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arrives at parliament in Kabul in October. Ghani is facing calls to step down to help the peace talks with the Taliban. (Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images) KABUL — Growing uncertainty over peace talks with the Taliban, a drumbeat of targeted killings and the looming

Why Afghanistan-Taliban peace talks have not reached breakthrough

Osama Bin Javaid Al Jazeera 12 Jan 2021 Negotiators are back in Doha for a second round of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Doha, Qatar – It has been almost a week since negotiators arrived back in Doha to resume a second round of peace talks between the Afghan government and the

Intl Crisis Group Outlines Challenges for Biden in Afghan Efforts

TOLOnews TV Network 13 January 2021 The watchdog says that it is “inarguable that the insurgency remains operational, even aggressive, across the country.” The International Crisis Group, in a briefing titled “What Future for Afghan Peace Talks under a Biden Administration?”, analyses various aspects of Biden administration’s role in Afghanistan’s peace efforts and says he

Pentagon presses ahead with Afghanistan troop drawdown despite law barring it

By Jonathan Landay, Idrees Ali Reuters 11 January 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military has not halted a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Department of Defense told Reuters on Monday, despite a new law prohibiting further reductions without the Pentagon sending Congress an assessment of the risks. “Currently, no new orders have been issued

US ‘Not Advocating’ Interim Govt in Afghanistan; Key Negotiators Not in Doha for 2nd Round

By TOLOnews TV Network 13 January 2021 US Chargé d’Affaires said that talked to US peace envoy for Afghanistan about the need to accelerate the talks in Doha. The US chargé d’affaires in Kabul, Ross Wilson, on Twitter Wednesday wrote that the US is ‘not advocating’ an interim government in Afghanistan. “We have not advocated, and

Afghan Leaders Sideline Spokesmen in an Escalating Misinformation War

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Fahim Abed and Najim Rahim The New York Times Jan. 11, 2021 The Ghani administration and the Taliban are fighting a public-relations battle, with the government taking more drastic measures to control the flow of information. The site of a rocket attack at a house in Kabul, Afghanistan, last month. The government has tightened the control

Officials: Attacks around Afghanistan kill at least 23

By Rahim Faiez | AP The Washington Post Jan. 7, 2021 at 3:38 a.m. EST Covered bodies of civilians lie in the back of a vehicle in front of the Helmand Provincial Government Office in Lashkar Gah, south of Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021. Officials said separate attacks in Afghanistan have left over 20 civilians and security

Ghani Rejects Prospect of Interim Govt

y Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter7 January 2021 “This seat is not mine, this seat (presidency) belongs to the nation of Afghanistan, this system has dignity, you all voted for me,” said Ghani. The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday, referring to the recent rumors about the establishment of an interim government as an outcome of a

An ‘orchard of bad apples’ weighs on new Afghan peace talks

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press January 5, 2021 FILE – In this Sept. 12, 2020, file photo, Taliban negotiator Abbas Stanikzai, center front, and his delegation attend the opening session of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, in Doha, Qatar. Afghan negotiators are to resume talks Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, aimed at

‘No Progress’ in Negotiators’ Meetings in 3 Days

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 11 January 2021 Sources said that the republic’s negotiating team is insisting on ceasefire as a priority in their formal talks. Sources from the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that agreeing on the agenda for the negotiations will take time and that neither side has shown flexibility

Afghan rivals set to resume talks in Doha amid surge in violence

Shereena Qazi Al Jazeera 5 Jan 2021 A road map for post-war Afghanistan and a nationwide ceasefire are part of the agenda of Tuesday’s talks. Afghan government representatives and Taliban officials are set to resume peace talks in the Qatari capital, Doha, aimed at ending decades of conflict, even as journalists and opponents have been

Peace process risks collapse as targeted attacks flares

Afghanistan Times AT News  January 4, 2021  U.S. blames Taliban for spate of Afghan killings in unclaimed targeted attacks, while the Taliban accused U.S. of violating peace agreement, threaten ‘serious response’ to U.S. airstrikes KABUL: The US military on Monday blamed the Taliban for a spate of assassinations of prominent Afghans in unclaimed attacks that

Targeted Killings Are Terrorizing Afghans. And No One Is Claiming Them.

By Fahim Abed and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Jan. 2, 2021 Most officials believe the Taliban are behind the attacks on civil leaders, but others fear that factions are using chaos as a cover to settle scores, in an echo of Afghanistan’s past civil war. Afghan security officials inspecting the scene of a magnetic bomb

What to Know as Troubled Afghan Peace Talks Enter a New Phase

By David Zucchino and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Jan. 1, 2021 The Afghan government and the Taliban are set to continue negotiations toward a cease-fire in early January, but several fundamental issues stand in the way of progress Afghan government and Taliban negotiators meeting in Doha, Qatar, in September. The next round of talks is

Next Round of Talks to Focus on Future Govt: Mansoor

By Massoud Ansar TOLOnews Reporter 2 January 2021 Mansoor said he will support the idea of an interim government if the country’s achievements are protected.   As the countdown begins for the next round of the peace negotiations, negotiator Abdul Hafiz Mansoor said the talks will focus on the modality of division of power in a future

Taliban carrying out campaign of terror in Afghan capital ahead of peace talks next week

Pamela Constable and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post Jan. 1, 2021 at 12:57 p.m. EST A damaged vehicle on Monday after a bomb attack targeting government employees in Kabul. (Hedayatullah Amid/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) KABUL — In a video, five turbaned fighters stand in a row, wearing flak jackets and sneakers, assault rifles at the ready. One says in

Winter Puts 300K Afghan Children at Risk

By Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 31 December 2020 “There they risk hunger, disease, including COVD-19, even death from freezing temperatures,” the organization said. More than 300,000 Afghan children face freezing winter conditions that could lead to illness, in the worst cases death, without proper winter clothing and heating, Save the Children said on Thursday.

How life under Taliban rule in Afghanistan has changed — and how it hasn’t

Susannah George and Aziz Tassal The Washington Post Dec. 29, 2020 KABUL — Over two decades of conflict and politicking, Taliban control in Afghanistan has become a patchwork of edicts and codes, with some areas seeing modest reform. But overall, fear and intimidation remain at the heart of the militant group’s command. In one district, elders successfully

Qatar to host next round of Afghan gov’t-Taliban talks

Tolo News 27 December 2020 Next round of negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan gov’t will begin next month, a top official has said. The next round of negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government will be held in Qatar from next month, a top official said, despite President Ashraf Ghani’s recent calls

Miller says last US troops in Afghanistan will be special operations forces

By CAITLIN M. KENNEY | STARS AND STRIPES Published: December 23, 2020 A U.S. soldier looks out the back of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter as it flies over Kabul on the way to Resolute Support Headquarters on Dec. 22, 2020. KABUL, Afghanistan — Special operations forces were the first deployed in the war in Afghanistan nearly

Assassins silence another ‘voice of Afghan democracy’ in Kabul killing

Pamela Constable and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post Dec. 24, 2020 Afghans carry the coffin of Yousuf Rasheed, executive director of the nongovernmental Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan, during his funeral Dec. 23 in Kabul. (Rahmat Gul/AP) ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Yousuf Rasheed was a soft-spoken, meticulous professional whose mission was to monitor and help

New in 2021: US troop presence heading down to 2,500 in Iraq and Afghanistan

Meghann Myers Military Times 28 December 2020 Afghan National Army soldiers, along U.S. and coalition advisors prepare to conduct an extraction following a key leader engagement Sept 1, 2019, in southeastern Afghanistan. (Master Sgt. Alejandro Licea/Army) The global war on terrorism is hitting a drawdown milestone on Jan. 15, when U.S. troop levels hit 2,500 each

‘Covid Can’t Compete.’ In a Place Mired in War, the Virus Is an Afterthought.

By David Zucchino and Fahim Abed The New York Times Dec. 21, 2020 In Afghanistan, life goes on as though the coronavirus never existed. “Fake news,” some say, even as a second wave has brought on a surge of new cases and hospitalizations. KABUL, Afghanistan — For Mohammad Wakil, 23, social distancing is an abstract concept. Every working

Armed by Iran, 2,000 Afghans Still in Syria: Zarif

 Tamim Hamid  TOLOnews Reporter 21 December 2020 Talking in an exclusive interview with TOLOnews’ Lotfullah Najafizada, Zarif said that Iran has not sent any Afghans to Syria war. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in an interview that aired on Monday, said that 2,000 Afghans are still fighting in Syria and that Iran would be


The CIA Is Running Death Squads in Afghanistan Reports of atrocities supported by the American intelligence agency underscore the need to end America’s longest war. By Jeet HeerTwitter 21 December 2020 The war in Afghanistan, now in its 19th year, is the longest and most intractable of America’s forever wars. There are now American soldiers fighting in

UN Reaches Deal with Taliban to Set Up Schools in Afghanistan

By Massoud Ansar TOLOnews 18 December 2020 Based on the agreement, about 4,000 schools in Taliban-influenced areas will teach 120,000 primary school children. The United Nations has reached an agreement with the Taliban leadership to set up thousands of schools in areas under their influence in Afghanistan. According to the plan, UNICEF, the UN’s children’s body,

Pentagon’s top general meets with Taliban ahead of presidential transition in U.S.

Dan Lamothe The Washington Post Dec. 18, 2020 Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (left), talks with Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller, commander of U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan, on Dec. 16. (Robert Burns/AP) The Pentagon’s top general met with the Taliban as senior U.S. and Afghan officials press for

How US wasted billions on absurd errors in Afghanistan war

By Hollie McKay | Fox News December 8, 2020 Debates continue over US war investment For almost two decades, the U.S. military has siphoned much blood, sweat, and tears into fighting the insurgencies littering Afghanistan. In the coming weeks, the Pentagon plans to accelerate the troop drawdown from 4,500 to 2,500 under orders from President Trump – leaving behind a

Sticky and Lethal: Magnetic Bombs Terrorize Kabul

By David Zucchino and Fahim Abed The New York Times Dec. 17, 2020 The Taliban’s recent shift to magnetic bombs to target government officials in the capital underscores the government’s struggle to protect its own people. Afghan security forces inspecting the site of a magnetic bomb attack that killed Kabul’s deputy governor, Mahbubullah Mohibi, in Kabul, Afghanistan, on

UN: Additional 5M Afghans May Need Humanitarian Aid in 2021

By Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 15 December 2020 In an interview with TOLOnews, Rajasingham said that 93 percent of the population in Afghanistan is living on less than a two-dollar daily wage. Ramesh Rajasingham, the acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, has raised deep concerns over the fragile humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, saying that war and

Documents Reveal Negotiators’ Demands for Talks Agenda

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews 14 December 2020 Both sides of the negotiations have exchanged their lists of demands and now have 23 days to discuss it internally with their respective leaders. TOLOnews has seen the drafts of demands exchanged between peace negotiators in Doha for the agenda of the talks. The documents show that the Islamic

Scores of Taliban Militants Killed as Fighting Rocks Insurgent Bastion

By Rashid Durrani Agence France Presse (AFP) 13 December 2020 Afghan National Army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint near the Bagram base in northern Kabul, Afghanistan, April 8, 2020. An Afghan official said Wednesday that the country has released 100 Taliban prisoners from Bagram, claiming they are part of 5,000 detainees who are to

Next Round of Talks Delayed Until January 5

By TOLOnews, TV Network 12 December 2020 Peace negotiators said the decision was made as there is a need for more consolations on the agenda of the talks. Negotiators in Doha on Saturday reported that both sides have exchanged their lists about the agenda of the peace negotiations and that the next phase of the talks

Afghan Journalist Is Killed in Latest Attack on Media Figures

By Zabihullah Ghazi and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Dec. 11, 2020 Gunmen attacked Malalai Maiwand, a well-known TV and radio journalist, in Jalalabad. Her death is one of a string of high-profile targeted killings in Afghanistan. Mourners carrying the coffin of Malalai Maiwand, a journalist killed by gunmen in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on Thursday.Credit…Parwiz/Reuters JALALABAD, Afghanistan —

Taliban: Next Govt System Should be Inclusive, Islamic

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews 10 December 2020 Mullah Baradar stated that the next political system of Afghanistan should be an inclusive and an Islamic system.  The Taliban’s deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, at the Heart of Asia Society’s 7th session on Thursday, said the group has the will to solve Afghanistan’s conflict through negotiations.   He

Afghan civilian deaths from US air raids rose by more than 300 percent

AL JAZEERA 8 December 2020 Some 700 civilians killed in 2019 – more than any other year since the beginning of war – after the Pentagon relaxed its rules of engagement, the report says. Deaths of Afghan civilians in air raids carried out by the United States and its allies “increased dramatically” since 2017 when

Behind the Taliban’s ties to al-Qaeda: A shared ideology and decades of battlefield support

Susannah George The Washington Post Dec. 8, 2020 at 5:00 a.m. EST Members of the Taliban’s peace negotiation team meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo amid talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government in Doha, Qatar, in November. (Patrick Semansky/Pool/AP) KABUL — As the Taliban and the United States were finalizing their February

One Side—Not Both—is Increasing Violence in Afghanistan: Op-Ed

By Said Sabir Ibrahimi, Analyst Tolo News 8 December 2020 Said Sabir Ibrahimi writes that ambiguous rhetoric is creating a false narrative about the cause of increased violence in Afghanistan. The US-Taliban agreement in February 2020 created hope for a reduction in violence in Afghanistan. However, since then, violence has instead intensified across the country. The

US House Passes Bill to Block Afghanistan Withdrawal

By Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews 9 December 2020 US House urged that any decision to reduce US troops in Afghanistan should be done in an orderly manner. The House on Tuesday passed a $741 billion defense policy bill that would take steps to slow or block US President Trump’s planned drawdown of American troops from Germany and

Taliban denies targeting media after 50th journalist dies in Afghanistan

Stefanie Glinski in Kabul The Guardian Thu 3 Dec 2020 02.45 EST Rising violence by militants raises fears for press freedom after US troops withdraw in May An Afghan police officer investigates a car damaged in a bomb attack in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan. Photograph: Abdul Khaliq/AP The Taliban have denied they are deliberately targeting journalists

Afghan peace talks show first signs of progress after months of deadlock

Susannah George The Washington Post Dec. 3, 2020 Afghan security officials patrol the Herat-Khaf railway tracks in the Ghorian district of Herat province, Afghanistan, on Dec. 1. (Jalil Rezayee/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) KABUL — The Taliban and Afghan government teams negotiating peace reached an agreement on a set of rules and procedures Wednesday, a small but important step

Ceasefire Will Be on Agenda in Talks: Taliban Spokesman; Doha Breakthrough: Afghan Negotiators Agree on Procedural Rules

By Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews 4 December 2020 Taliban spokesman says the agenda will be made in agreement of both sides. Amid a breakthrough in Doha talks, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem on Friday said cea sefire will be on the agenda among other topics in the negotiations.  He said in a tweet that the agenda will be

NATO mulls its future in Afghanistan as US draws down troops

Lorne Cook The Associated Press 30 Nov. 2020 Afghan National Army soldier stand on top of a hill during a visit by Afghan Deputy Defense Minister Dr. Yasin Zia and Resolute Support Commander Gen. Scott Miller in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 3, 2020. (Spc. Jeffery J. Harris/Army Reserve) BRUSSELS — NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday

Trump Makes a Bad Situation Worse in Afghanistan

Jim Golby Senior fellow at the Clements Center for National Security 30 November 2020 The departing president neither embraced nor fully repudiated America’s mission. WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP/GETTY Since the day he entered office, President Donald Trump hasn’t been able to make up his mind about whether the United States should keep fighting in Afghanistan. His most recent

Afghan Leader Digs In on Peace Talks Despite Progress, Officials Say

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Published Nov. 29, 2020; Updated Nov. 30, 2020 President Ashraf Ghani is holding up a tentative agreement on the talks’ framework, some officials say. His aides say no agreement was near. Delegates at the talks in Doha, Qatar, between the Afghan government and the Taliban in September. The two sides

Negotiator Fawzia Koofi: ‘Doha Talks Entering New Phase’

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews 30 November 2020 Sources say agreements have been reached, but public announcements on the Kabul side are still pending. Peace negotiator Fawzia Koofi on Monday said the Doha talks have entered a new phase, but she did not offer further details.  A 21-article set of procedural rules was finalized by both sides

Car bombing at Afghan base kills at least 30

By Aziz Tassal and Susannah George The Washington Post November 30, 2020 A soldier holds a rocket-propelled grenade at an Afghan army base that was struck by a car bomb Sunday. (AFP/Getty Images) KABUL — A Humvee laden with explosives and backed by gunmen struck a government base in central Afghanistan on Sunday, killing at least

The United States has closed at least 10 bases around Afghanistan. But drawdown details remain murky.

Susannah George and Dan Lamothe The Washington Post November 28, 2020 A U.S. Marine keeps watch during a meeting between Afghan commanders and U.S. advisers at Camp Bost in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in September 2017. (Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images) KABUL — The United States has closed at least 10 bases across Afghanistan since the signing of a

Afghan Conflict Rages Despite Efforts for Peace

By Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews 28 Nov 2020 Muslim clerics have also tried to persuade the Taliban to stop the violence and make peace. Fighting continues to grip Afghanistan despite political efforts for peace within the country and international and regional appeals to the warring sides to agree on a ceasefire.   Afghan officials have persistently stated that

World Renews Political, Financial Commitment to Afghanistan

By Zabihullah Jahanmal, Tolo News 24 November 2020 Josep Borrell, the EU Minister for Foreign Affairs, said violence in Afghanistan must stop, not tomorrow but by now. The international community at Afghanistan Conference 2020 in Geneva on Tuesday renewed their financial and political commitment to Afghanistan for another four years.    The 2020 Afghanistan Conference is

Reports of Progress in Talks Disputed

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews 29 November 2020 Negotiators from both sides of the Afghan negotiations have conflicting accounts about the reports of recent progress in their discussions. This comes a day after the Taliban’s spokesman in Doha, Mohammad Naeem, said that negotiators from both sides on November 15 agreed on procedural rules with 21 items for

US Pullout in Afghanistan Will Empower the Taliban | By Richard Sisk 23 November 2020 Then-National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster speaks to reporters during the daily press briefing in the Brady press briefing room at the White House on Jan. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) The new Pentagon plan for accelerating the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will speed a Taliban takeover and renew

The Taliban is on the offensive. Keeping the militants at bay: U.S. airstrikes, even as bases close and troops leave.

Susannah George The Washington Post November 22, 2020 A member of a bomb disposal unit prepares to move out to territory around Kandahar city recently retaken from Taliban control. (Susannah George/The Washington Post) KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The Taliban’s attacks outside this large provincial capital began this month with little out of the ordinary: sporadic small-arms

NATO: Stoltenberg, Ghani Discuss Peace, Troop Level Adjustment; UK will likely follow the US in cutting Afghan troops

By TOLOnews, TV Network 19 November 2020 NATO Secretary General says that even with the US reduction, NATO will continue to assist the Afghan forces. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on a phone call with President Ghani on Wednesday evening discussed the Afghan peace process and troops level adjustment with the Afghan leader. Stoltenberg said

Trump’s military cuts in Afghanistan highlight an array of divisions in a 19-year-old conflict

Dan Lamothe The Washington Post November 19, 2020 The longest war in U.S. history isn’t over, and there are still many disagreements about what to do. President Trump has ordered a reduction of U.S. troops in Afghanistan from about 5,000 to 2,500. (Carlos Barria/Reuters) As news emerged that the Trump administration will cut in half

As America pulls out of Afghanistan the Taliban fight on

The Economist Nov 18th 2020 Negotiations are not making much headway, but the insurgency is HERAT AND KABUL TO REACH THE front line in Afghanistan’s civil war, you do not need to go far from the capital, Kabul. At a police outpost in Wardak province, about 20km outside the city on the main highway leading

Donors Set 12 Conditions for Continued Support to Afghanistan

By Zabihullah Jahanmal, Tolo News 17 November 2020 From the 12 conditions, nine are belonged to the continued international aid to Afghanistan while three others belonged to the international community. TOLOnews has obtained a document that shows that the international community has defined 12 conditions as part of its continued financial aid to Afghanistan in the

U.S. Troops Are Packing Up, Ready or Not

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Nov. 18, 2020 The Pentagon has announced a reduction down to 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan before President-elect Biden takes office. Afghan officials fear the cuts will encourage the Taliban to keep fighting. The Taliban have threatened areas surrounding Kandahar city, like the Panjwai District, shown on

Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan despite Pentagon warnings

Missy Ryan, Ellen Nakashima, Dan Lamothe and John Hudson The Washington Post November 17, 2020 Afghan security forces inspect the site of a bomb explosion near a damaged vehicle in Kabul on Nov 16. (Rahmat Gul/AP) The Trump administration is planning to move ahead with a significant reduction of U.S. forces in Afghanistan before President

Trump Pentagon Purge Could Accelerate His Goal to Pull Troops From Afghanistan

By Jennifer Steinhauer The New York Times Nov. 13, 2020 President Trump’s supporters hope he is the president to end America’s longest war. President Trump in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, in 2019. His views on reducing the United States’ footprint overseas are a central component of his “America First” foreign policy agenda.Credit…Erin Schaff/The New York Times

New Pentagon Chief to US Troops: ‘Time to Come Home’

By TOLOnews 14 November 2020 Christopher Miller said the US is committed to defeating al-Qaeda and is “on the verge of defeating” the group. The newly appointed acting defense secretary of the United States, Christopher Miller, in a message signaled that he could expedite the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the Middle East, saying

Will Biden stay on the course set by Trump in Afghanistan?

Shereena Qazi Al Jazeera 11 Nov 2020 How will Joe Biden’s election as the US president affect the Afghan peace process, which was pushed by his predecessor, Donald Trump? How will Joe Biden’s election as US president affect the Afghan peace process, which was pushed by his predecessor, current President Donald Trump? Analysts say Biden

U.S. Troops Are Still Leaving, but Afghans Hope Biden Will Help

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Nov. 13, 2020,  Afghans fear the Taliban are subverting the peace process, and hope a Biden administration will bring more accountability. Afghan newspapers carried heavy coverage of the U.S. presidential elections this month.Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images  KABUL, Afghanistan — Three U.S. presidents and 19 years later, it

Defense secretary sent classified memo to White House about Afghanistan before Trump fired him

Dan Lamothe,  Missy Ryan,  Karen DeYoung and  Susannah George The Washington Post November 14, 2020 President Trump watches as Mark T. Esper speaks after being sworn in as secretary of defense on July 23, 2019. Trump fired Esper this week. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) In the run-up to the election, President Trump’s tweet saying that all

With Biden headed to White House, Afghan government hopes for tougher stance on Taliban

Susannah George and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post November 10, 2020 Abdullah Abdullah, center, chairman of Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation, attends the opening session of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in September. (Hussein Sayed/AP) KABUL — The stalled peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban

Afghan Leaders Congratulate Biden, Expect More Focus on Peace; Koofi Remains Hopeful on Resuming Talks in Doha

By TOLOnews 8 November 2020 “We hope his administration’s policy and relations with Afghanistan will focus entirely on bringing peace and stability,” Karzai said.  President Ghani congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden and US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on wining the United States election and said Afghanistan looks forward to continuing and deepening its multilayered strategic partnership

Exclusive: International donors likely to pledge less for Afghanistan

By Rupam Jain, Charlotte Greenfield Reuters NOVEMBER 3, 2020 (Reuters) – Afghanistan is likely to receive reduced pledges for aid from international donors gathering in Geneva next month, three sources familiar with discussions said, amid uncertainty over how the government’s peace talks with the Taliban will progress. Washington is hoping the intra-Afghan peace process will eventually

Deadly School Assault Catapults Kabul into Even More Despair

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Nov. 3, 2020 With the Americans scheduled to leave Afghanistan under a deal with the Taliban, the carnage at Kabul University seemed to erase the nation’s hope. A student looking at the ruins of a classroom on Tuesday at Kabul University, after an attack that killed at least

‘Act of terror’: At least 22 killed in Kabul University attack

Al Jazeera 2 November 2020 ISIL claim responsibility for attack on Afghanistan’s biggest university; President Ghani announces day of mourning. At least 22 people were killed and 22 other wounded when gunmen stormed Kabul University in a brutal, hours-long assault that saw students left in pools of blood in their classrooms. The attack in Afghanistan’s

U.S. special envoy calls for urgent reduction of violence in Afghanistan

OCTOBER 27, 2020 By Reuters Staff (Reuters) – The U.S. envoy for Afghanistan said on Tuesday that violence there was too high and the Kabul government and Taliban insurgents must work harder toward forging a ceasefire at their peace talks. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad made his comments ahead of flying to Doha to meet with the

Nearly 6,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded in 2020: U.N.

Reuters staff OCTOBER 27, 2020 KABUL (Reuters) – Nearly 6,000 Afghan civilians were killed or wounded in the first nine months of the year as heavy fighting between government forces and Taliban insurgents rages on despite efforts to find peace, the United Nations said on Tuesday. From January to September, there were 5,939 civilian casualties

Taliban shows it can launch attacks anywhere across Afghanistan, even as peace talks continue

Pamela Constable The WWashington Post Oct. 25, 2020 at 6:02 a.m. EDT Afghan security forces removes a damaged police vehicle at the site of a car-bomb attack that targeted Laghman provincial governor’s convoy, in Mihtarlam, Afghanistan, on Oct. 5. (Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images) KABUL — The gruesome image showed two dozen corpses in military uniforms, dragged

A Radical Cleric Ignites an Islamist Resistance in Afghanistan

By David Zucchino and Najim Rahim Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times Oct. 23, 2020 The cleric’s supporters in Herat are enforcing harsh Shariah law reminiscent of the Taliban’s. Women are alarmed, and the government has been able to do little. Friday prayer at cleric Mawlawi Mujib Rahman Ansari’s mosque in Herat, Afghanistan, last month. HERAT, Afghanistan

$19 billion in aid to Afghanistan lost to corruption: SIGAR

Afghanistan Times 21 October 2020  KABUL: Billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid to Afghanistan has been lost to widespread waste, and endemic corruption in the past 10 years, the US oversight authority on Afghanistan reconstruction says. The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan, SIGAR, in a new report said that more than $19 billion

The U.S. Once Surged into Helmand Province. Now the Taliban Is, Too.

BY MOHSIN KHAN MOHMAND, ALI M. LATIFI Foreign Policy Magazine OCTOBER 20, 2020, 3:23 PM As Afghanistan peace talks drag on, with Washington sending mixed signals on troop withdrawals, the Taliban make a violent bid for a key province. Internally displaced people with their belongings flee from Nadali district to Lashkar Gah during the ongoing clashes between

A Storied Female Warlord Surrenders, Taliban Say, Exposing Afghan Weakness

By Mujib Mashal, Najim Rahim and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Oct. 18, 2020 She was undefeated in decades of war, but her decision was an act of survival. A government that has come to depend on unreliable militias finds itself vulnerable. Bibi Ayesha, an Afghan warlord, at her home in Nahrin district, Baghlan Province, Afghanistan, last month.Credit…Mohammad

Afghans say preventing next war as vital as ending this one

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press 18 October 2020 In this Monday, Aug. 3, 2020 file photo, Taliban prisoners watch through the door inside the prison after an attack in the city of Jalalabad, east of Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been at war for more than 40 years, first against the invading Soviet army that killed

Despite its 10-day assault in Helmand, Afghan Taliban accuse U.S. military of violating February accord

Pamela Constable The Washington Post October 18, 2020 at 10:10 a.m. EDT Afghan families leave their houses after fighting between the Afghan military and Taliban insurgents last week in Helmand province. (Abdul Khaliq/AP) KABUL — The Taliban, facing international condemnation for a 10-day assault in southern Helmand province, are accusing the U.S. military of violating

Trump Has ‘No Plan’ to Exit Afghanistan by Christmas: US Lawmaker

Massoud Ansar TOLOnews 30 October 2020 Afghan analysts said there is a need for US pressure on the Taliban to move the peace process forward. Weeks after President Donald Trump’s remarks that all US troops will be out of Afghanistan by the end of the year, a top US lawmaker said that there was no

U.S. and Taliban agree to “re-set” as Afghanistan peace deal marred by spiraling carnage

BY TUCKER REALS, AHMAD MUKHTAR OCTOBER 15, 2020 / 1:14 PM / CBS NEWS The Trump administration’s top envoy for Afghanistan said Thursday that the U.S. and the Taliban had “agreed to re-set actions by strictly adhering to” the terms of an agreement reached between the two sides earlier this year. The agreement was meant to reduce the

US, Taliban Agree to Reduce Operations: Khalilzad

 Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 15 October 2020 “We continue to support the ANDSF and the brave efforts made to create lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” the UK Embassy said. The US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad on Thursday urged the Taliban to remain committed to the implementation of the US-Taliban peace agreement, warning that

Afghans stunned, worried by Trump tweet to bring home U.S. troops early

Pamela Constable and  Sharif Hassan Oct. 13, 2020 Afghan police personnel man the Ali Nazar outpost in the area of Bolan, just outside Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, in February 2020. (Lorenzo Tugnoli/For The Washington Post) KABUL — After months of tortuous negotiations and diplomatic efforts to settle the 19-year-old conflict in Afghanistan, President

Taliban Test Afghan and U.S. Resolve in Talks by Attacking a City

By Mujib Mashal and Taimoor Shah The New York Times Oct. 12, 2020 Updated 12:24 p.m. ET The insurgents have opened an offensive against the capital of Helmand Province even as their negotiators remain at the table in Qatar. Afghans fled villages in Helmand Province on Monday as fighting between Taliban militants and government forces intensified.Credit…Watan Yar/EPA, via Shutterstock

With U.S. troops gone, Taliban expands influence in one Afghan province

By Susannah George and Aziz Tassal The Washington Post OCTOBER 11, 2020    GARDEZ, Afghanistan — Months after the Americans withdrew from this province in southeast Afghanistan, what little they left behind still lies scattered across the small military base: rations packaging for chicken pesto pasta, Rice Krispies cereal boxes, instant chocolate milk packets. Inside trailers, the floors are

Interim Govt ‘Only Solution’: Hekmatyar; Taliban cheers Trump vowing early troop withdrawal

Tolo News 25 October 2020 Pakistan has assured the leader of the Hizb-e-Islami party that Islamabad will work “honestly” in the Afghan peace process. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the Hizb-e-Islami party, at a press conference on Sunday said that “the Taliban has not accepted the current government and an interim government is the only solution.” 

Who are the Afghan women negotiating peace with the Taliban?

Shereena Qazi Al Jazeera 7 Oct 2020 They have risked their lives to educate girls and survived assassination attempts. Now they hope to end decades of war. Among many Afghan women and girls, there is a fear that the US-Taliban deal could potentially pave the way for the armed group’s return to power and to

Exclusive: Taliban, Afghan negotiators set ground rules to safeguard peace talks

By Rupam Jain Reuters 6 October 2020 (Reuters) – Taliban and Afghan government-backed negotiators have agreed on a broad code of conduct to advance the intra-Afghan peace talks in Qatar, even as key differences between the two warring sides remain, three official sources told Reuters on Tuesday. Efforts to resolve disagreements over Islamic jurisprudence and

At Afghan Peace Talks, Hoping to End Their Fathers’ War

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times Oct. 5, 2020 The children of the war against the Soviets carry legacies of loss and determination — and their own generation’s crimes — as they meet to try to break a cycle of devastation. Anas Haqqani, left, and Mawlawi Matiulhaq Khalis, second from right, arriving in Doha, Qatar,

In Proud Corners of Afghanistan, New Calls for Autonomy

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Sept. 28, 2020 In Panjshir, one of the last holdout regions against the Soviets and the Taliban, some would prefer to go their own way rather than support a government negotiating peace with the insurgency. Supporters of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud, waving the Northern Alliance flag on

Taliban: Doha Talks Need Patience, Not Mediators

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 1 October 2020 We will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs,” said Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban. As US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad recently arrived in Doha to “meet with partners on Afghan-owned, Afghan-led peace negotiations,” the Taliban’s spokesman Mohammad Naeem said that

Shadow politicians, clerics and Soviet-era fighters: The Taliban’s team negotiating peace

Susannah George, Aziz Tassal and Haq Nawaz Khan The Washington Post October 1, 2020 Members of the Taliban delegation attend the opening session of the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Sept. 12. (Karim Jaafar/AFP/Getty Images) DOHA, Qatar — The Taliban negotiating team that will determine the future

Afghan Talks: A Road Leading to Peace?

By Mohammad Reza Bahrami, 26 SEPTEMBER 2020 Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Iran’s former ambassador to Afghanistan, writes that the US’s vision for peace in Afghanistan oversimplifies the situation. The preliminary preparations for the intra-Afghan talks are taking shape in Qatar, aiming to set the stage for the official negotiations that were called for in the US-Taliban agreement

Khalilzad: No Permanent Ceasefire from Taliban Until Settlement

By khalid Nikzad Tolo News 26 September 2020 The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said that the Taliban will not agree to a comprehensive ceasefire until there is a political settlement in place in the country. “The [Taliban] will not accept a ceasefire–comprehensive and permanent–until there is a political settlement. And that is

Official: Pentagon has started ‘prudent planning’ for full Afghanistan withdrawal by May

BY REBECCA KHEEL  The Hill 09/22/20 © Getty Images The Pentagon has started planning to have zero U.S. troops in Afghanistan by spring, though orders have not yet been issued for a full withdrawal, a Defense Department official said Tuesday. “I’d like to make it clear that [Defense Secretary Mark Esper] has not issued orders to reduce

As Afghanistan peace talks stutter, U.S. says violence levels too high

By Idrees Ali, Patricia Zengerle Reuters SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The level of violence in Afghanistan is unacceptably high and the United States expects further setbacks during talks, the Special Representative for Afghanistan said on Tuesday, as the Afghan government and Taliban remained far apart on even basic issues 10 days into talks meant to

Deep divisions as Afghan negotiators get down to details

By Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Hamid Shalizi Reuters 21 September 2020 KABUL (Reuters) – The Afghan government and Taliban militants remain far apart on even the most basic issues a week into talks meant to end two decades of war that has killed tens of thousands of people. The chasm, not just on the predictably thorny problem

After Trump Remarks, MoFA Confirms Govt Has Place in Talks; 3 Issues Holding Up Start of Doha Talks

By Sharif Amiry, TOLOnews Reporter 20 September 2020 US President Donald Trump said that the number of US forces in Afghanistan will be less than 4,000 in near future. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Afghan government has a place in the peace process, responding to recent remarks by US President Donald Trump who complimented

Deadly airstrike in Afghanistan kills at least 10 civilians, 30 Taliban fighters despite ongoing peace talks

Susannah George and  Sharif Hassan The Washington Post September 21, 2020 An A-29 Super Tucano aircraft was one of four delivered by the United States to the Afghan air force last week. (Omar Sobhani/Reuters) KABUL — While representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban talk peace in Doha, the sides continue to launch deadly attacks in

NATO chief rules out rushed, early exit from Afghanistan

By LORNE COOK Associated Press 21 October 2020 BRUSSELS (AP) — As rising violence threatens to derail Afghan peace talks, the head of NATO said Wednesday that the military alliance will not leave Afghanistan until security conditions allow, even as some U.S. troops might be hoping to be back home in time for Christmas. “We

Negotiators in Doha Struggle to Agree on Disputed Points; No Ceasefire Until Cause of War is Discussed: Taliban Spokesman

By Karim Amini, Tolo News 19 September 2020 A joint meeting between the negotiating teams of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban is expected on Saturday evening in Doha to resolve disputed points regarding rules and regulations of the peace talks, according to sources from the two teams.  The two sides have a disagreement

Mike Pompeo: US troops could withdraw from Afghanistan by spring

By Mark Moore New York Post September 14, 2020 Secretary of State Mike PompeoGetty ImagesSecretary of State Mike Pompeo said he is optimistic about the pace of peace talks between Afghan government officials and the Taliban and expects to see a full withdrawal of US forces from the country by the spring of 2021. “So, 19 years

What do the Taliban want out of the long-awaited “Intra-Afghan” talks?

BY SAMI YOUSAFZAI, TUCKER REALS SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 / 6:45 AM CBS NEWS Direct negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban began over the weekend. The “Intra-Afghan” talks were the direct result of an agreement reached between the insurgent group and the Trump administration in February. The Afghan government was not directly involved in those negotiations, as the Taliban

Khalilzad: US Will Safeguard Afghan People’s Interest in Talks

By 13 September 2020 Khalilzad said some people inside Afghanistan prefer the current situation to peace with the Taliban. Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special representative for Afghanistan peace, in an interview with TOLOnews on the sidelines of the  Afghan peace talks in Doha on Saturday said the United States will not allow personal interests to take precedence over national interests in

No Compromise on Type of Govt in Talks, Says Saleh; ‘Collapse of the System’ Not Part of Peace Plan

By Gulabuddin Ghubar , Tolo News 15 September 2020 Saleh says that a US official assured him that it will harm the Taliban if the group violates ethical and political framework in the talks. First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Tuesday said there will be no compromise on the title, the context and the type of a

Afghan Vice President, Staunch Opponent of Taliban, Survives Blast

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times Sept. 9, 2020, 5:39 a.m. ET At least 10 bystanders were killed in the attack in Kabul, the second in just over a year aimed at the senior vice president, Amrullah Saleh. Smoke rose from the site of a bombing that targeted the convoy of Afghanistan’s senior vice president, Amrullah

U.S. envoy meets new Taliban chief negotiator as Afghan peace talks near

Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Jibran Ahmad Reuters September 8, 2020 KABUL/PESHAWAR (Reuters) – U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has held a meeting in Doha with the head of the new Taliban team due to open peace talks with a team representing the Afghan government, the Islamist insurgent group said on Tuesday. The negotiations, the result of an

Fighting Patriarchy, and Fearing Worse From the Taliban

By David Zucchino and Fatima Faizi Photographs by Kiana Hayeri The New York Times September 7, 2020 Clockwise from top left: Raihana Azad, politician; Hasiba Ebrahimi, actress; Gaisu Yari, government official; Nargiss Hurakhsh, journalist. A new generation of career-minded women in Afghanistan fear that all they have fought for will be swept away if the Taliban negotiate a return.

Despite Pullout, US ‘Not Leaving’ Afghanistan: VP Saleh

By  7 September 2020 Nothing will happen” if US troops leave Afghanistan, and that Afghan forces will continue to provide security.    Despite the US’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan–to be completed within a year according to the US-Taliban agreement–First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in an interview with TOLOnews on Sunday night said the

Defying Peace Deal, Freed Taliban Return to Battlefield

BY LYNNE O’DONNELL Foreign Policy September 3, 2020 A new confidential report concludes that a majority of fighters are resuming their “jihad” to overthrow the U.S.-backed Afghan government. Taliban prisoners greet each other as they are in the process of being potentially released from Pul-e-Charkhi prison, on the outskirts of Kabul, on July 31. WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP VIA

As U.S. air war in Afghanistan surged, investigations into civilian harm plunged

By Susannah George The Washington Post SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 Asadullah Mubaris, 31, stands near the graves of people whose families say they were killed by a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan’s Herat province in January. At least 10 civilians died in the strike, according to Afghan officials. The U.S. military assessed that no civilians were killed. (Lorenzo

House Democrats demand Pompeo, Esper provide witnesses for Afghan hearing

Reuters 31 August 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday called on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper to provide witnesses for a hearing on Afghanistan policy, and threatened to issue subpoenas if their departments did not comply. In letters to the pair, Democrats on

Taliban Violated Afghan Deal With Shelling of American Bases, U.S. Officials Say

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Aug. 31, 2020 Rockets that U.S. officials say were fired by the insurgent group have landed around two bases used by American forces. A Taliban commander denied involvement. Afghan security officials patrolled a highway in the southern province of Helmand this month. The province is a Taliban stronghold.Credit…Watan Yar/EPA,

Afghans Mark Ashura Under Tight Security

By Faridullah Hussainkhail Tolo News30 Aug. 2020 President Ashraf Ghani and other officials on Sunday participated in an Ashura ceremony held in western Kabul to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, Prophet Mohammad’s grandson. Speaking at the ceremony, Ghani said that peace does not mean a power-sharing political deal, but instead the fulfillment of the

Abdullah Opposes Ghani’s Decree on Reconciliation Council Members

By Anisa Shaheed Tolo News 31 August 2020 Abdullah says he has the authority to appoint members of the council, and a presidential decree is not required. Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, on Monday issued a statement opposing President Ashraf Ghani’s decree officially listing members of the council, saying

3 Afghans accused of links to insider attacks that killed U.S. troops are among Taliban prisoners to be released

Susannah George The Washington Post August 30, 2020 Taliban prisoners are released from Pul-e-Charkhi jail in Kabul on Aug. 13. (Afghanistan National Security Council/AP) KABUL — Three Afghans accused of involvement in the deaths of U.S. troops in so-called insider attacks are among more than 300 high-value Taliban prisoners that the Afghan government is set

HRW voices grave concern amid surging attacks on activists

August 26, 2020 AT News KABUL: A high-level Human Rights Watch (HRW) official have voiced grave concerns regarding targeted attacks in Afghanistan, saying threats and attacks against activists and critics in the country appeared to be sharply on the rise. Patricia Gossman, HRW’s associate director for the Asia division, expected the institutions concerned would take

‘Why was I targetted?’: Asks Afghan activist after gun attack

by Shereena Qazi Al Jazeera 28 August 2020 Afghan politician Fawzia Koofi says the assassination attempt will not dampen her resolve to fight for women’s rights. The assassination attempt on Koofi drew nationwide condemnation with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani calling the attack ‘cowardly’ [File: Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera] Fawzia Koofi, an Afghan politician who fights for

Atmar Says Peace Talks Closer than Ever

By TOLOnews 28 August 2020 Atmar said that last hurdles in the way of the talks are being addressed successfully.   Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar on Thursday said he remains optimistic about the intra-Afghan negotiations to start next week, adding that the last hurdles in the way of the talks are being

With Delay in Afghan Peace Talks, a Creeping Sense of ‘Siege’ Around Kabul

By Mujib Mashal, Fatima Faizi and Najim Rahim The New York Times Aug. 24, 2020 Instead of mass-casualty attacks, the Taliban are carrying out targeted assaults in the capital and neighboring districts. The country’s security forces seem unable to control them. A police vehicle was hit by magnetic bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan, last month.Credit…Reuters KABUL, Afghanistan — Mornings in

Taliban Meets Pakistani Officials in Islamabad

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 25 August 2020 Pakistani’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the delegation briefed Qureshi on the latest implementation of the US-Taliban agreement. A six-member Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met with Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and discussed recent progress in the Afghan peace process

The Taliban didn’t shoot at US forces in Afghanistan a single time for three months, DoD claims

JARED KELLER Task and Purpose AUG 18, 2020 The Taliban didn’t conduct a single attack against U.S. or coalition forces over three months this spring, according to a new report from the Defense Department Inspector General, an almost miraculous occurrence given the uptick in violence against Afghan security forces since the signing of the U.S.-Taliban peace

Female Afghan peace negotiator wounded in assassination bid

Associated Press Sat 15 Aug 2020 23.51 EDT Women’s rights activist Fawzia Koofi, a member of the team negotiating a deal with the Taliban, was shot in the arm  Afghan politician Fawzia Koofi speaking before “intra-Afghan” talks in Moscow last year. Koofi survived an assassination attempt on Friday, officials say. Photograph: Pavel Golovkin/AP A female member of

Afghanistan’s unseen Covid crisis

PUBLISHED DAILY BY THE LOWY INSTITUTE ANDREW QUILTY Published 12 Aug 2020 09:00 In a country familiar with tragedy, the pandemic is met witha dose of nonchalance. But the numbers keep going up. Roya, 55, in the ICU of the Afghan Japan Communicable Diseases Hospital in Kabul The most striking thing about the top Covid-19 treatment

US intelligence indicates Iran paid bounties to Taliban for targeting American troops in Afghanistan

By Zachary Cohen, CNN Updated 1148 GMT (1948 HKT) August 17, 2020 US intelligence: Iran paid bounties to Taliban to target US troops  Washington (CNN)US intelligence agencies assessed that Iran offered bounties to Taliban fighters for targeting American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, identifying payments linked to at least six attacks carried out by the militant group

Australia, France object to release of final Taliban prisoners

AUGUST 17, 2020 Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters KABUL (Reuters) – Some Western nations including France and Australia have urged Afghanistan not to free all of a final batch of prisoners demanded by Taliban militants, officials said, posing a further possible complication to long-awaited peace talks. The Afghan government, under pressure from the United States as

Ghani Will ‘Not Compromise’ Afghans’ Fate Despite Intl Pressure

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 17 August 2020 Sediqqi said the release of Taliban prisoners will be halted until the Taliban releases govt troops. President Ashraf Ghani on Monday warned that a possible deal made by the international community on the fate of Afghans will be rejected by Kabul, and he pledged that the

Ceasefire, Ending War Initial Demands of Kabul’s Negotiating Team

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 12 August 2020 The talks are being hosted by Qatar and are likely to be monitored by the United States. The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, who will face the Taliban in the intra-Afghan talks in Qatar, on Wednesday announced that the agenda of these talks has

Afghan talks to kick off as Kabul set to free Taliban prisoners

AL JAZEERA AND NEWS AGENCIES 10 August 2020 The prisoners’ fate has been a crucial hurdle in launching peace talks between Kabul and Taliban armed group. The long-delayed peace talks pushed by Washington are aimed at ending the almost two-decade-old conflict in the country [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera] Peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the

Afghanistan to Release Last Taliban Prisoners, Removing Final Hurdle to Talks

By Mujib Mashal and Fatima Faizi The New York Times Aug. 10, 2020, 3:47 a.m. ET The decision clears the way for the last of 5,000 insurgents to be freed. President Ashraf Ghani announced the release after convening an assembly of 3,000 representatives to seek their advice. Taliban prisoners at Bagram Military Base in Afghanistan before being released,

As Afghanistan struggles to start peace talks, violence fills the void

Susannah George and  Aziz Tassal The Washington Post August 10, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. EDT Concrete barriers line the edge of government-held territory in Maidan Shar, Wardak’s provincial capital. In the months since the signing of the U.S.-Taliban peace deal in February, Taliban influence in this province and other key areas of Afghanistan has grown. (Susannah

Poll: About three quarters support bringing troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan

BY REBECCA KHEEL – 08/06/20  The Hill © Getty Images About three-quarters of U.S. adults say they support bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan in a new poll commissioned by the libertarian Charles Koch Institute obtained exclusively by The Hill. In the poll, which surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults, 44 percent said they strongly support bringing U.S.

Islamic State attack on Afghan prison ends on second day, with at least 29 dead

Susannah George,  Aziz Tassal and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post August 4, 2020 Afghan security personnel gather in front of the gate of a Jalalabad prison that was attacked Sunday night and into Monday by members of the Islamic State in Afghanistan. (Rahmat Gul/AP) KABUL — A sophisticated attack on a major prison in eastern Afghanistan

Trump: Probably Below 5,000 Troops in Afghanistan by US Election

By 4 August 2020 – 1:56 PM “We’ll be down in a very short period of time to 8,000, then we’re going to be down to 4,000. We’re negotiating right now,” Trump said. The US will reduce its military presence in Afghanistan to about 4,000 troops “very soon,” said President Donald Trump, in an

SIGAR released its forty-eighth Quarterly Report to Congress.

SIGAR’s forty-eighth Quarterly Report to Congress Key Points: — Implementation of the U.S.-Taliban agreement, contested presidential election results, tensions between the United States and Iran, prisoner-release discussions, war, and COVID-19 had a major impact this quarter, making it “perhaps the most complex and challenging period in the last two decades” for Afghanistan’s security forces, according to

Khalizad Arrives in Kabul, Meets With Afghan Leaders; Taliban Head Seeks ‘Pure Islamic Govt,’ But Not ‘Monopoly’

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 29 July 2020 The Taliban on Tuesday announced a three-day ceasefire during Eid al-Adha, which are expected in the coming weeks. The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has arrived in Kabul where he is meeting with Afghan leaders ahead of the Eid-al-Adha ceasefire, which starts on

Taliban Announce Brief Cease-Fire, as Afghan Peace Talks Look Imminent

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times July 29, 2020 The developments could inject new optimism into a peace process that had been floundering over disagreements and insurgent attacks. Taliban fighters in Laghman, Afghanistan in March.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban said on Tuesday that they would observe a three-day

‘Terrible harm’: 1,282 Afghan civilians killed so far in 2020

AL JAZEERA AND NEWS AGENCIES 27 July 2020 Nearly 2,200 people also wounded in first half of the year, with women and children disproportionately affected. A wreckage of a bus which carried employees of an Afghan television station and was bombed in May is seen in Kabul, Afghanistan [File: Omar Sobhani/Reuters] Almost 1,300 civilians, including

Taliban push to control private companies, aid agencies in Afghanistan

Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters 27 July 2020 KABUL (Reuters) – The Taliban wants all private companies and aid organisations operating in Afghanistan to register with the hardline Islamists, officials from the group said. The order was issued last week and comes as the Afghan government and Taliban officials prepare to engage in intra-Afghan talks aimed

Taliban Will ‘Make Necessary Desicions’ if US Delays Pullout; Rise of Foreign Fighters in Afghanistan’s East:

By 27 July 2020   “All Afghans have the right to be involved in serving and safeguarding the Islamic establishment and their country,” said Baradar. Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar in interview with Iran’s Tasnim news agency said the Doha agreement with US has been “positive so far,” but if the US does not

In Afghan Attacks, Facts Are Murky. But It’s Clear Deaths Are Piling Up.

By Asadullah Timory and Mujib Mashal The New York Times Published July 24, 2020 With peace talks stalled, the details of intensifying strikes across the country, and their toll on civilians, are increasingly hard to pin down. But there’s one certainty: Afghans are dying. A medical worker treating a patient who was wounded in an airstrike in Herat,

250 Soldiers Killed in 3 Weeks: TOLOnews Investigation

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 22 JULY 2020 Kunduz is one of the unstable areas which have suffered heavy clashes over the past few months. Assessments conducted by TOLOnews indicate that 250 Afghan security force members were killed and over 300 more were wounded in 220 attacks staged by the Taliban over the past

Released Taliban Prisoners Returned to the Battlefields: ONSC

By Anisa Shaheed Tolo News 23 July 2020 Jawzjan province, local officials have said that the Afghan security forces have captured at least two Taliban prisoners who were released from the Bagram jail. In defiance of their commitments not to rejoin the war, a number of Taliban prisoners who were released from the Afghan government

Trump vets Afghan war skeptic for ambassador job

By DANIEL LIPPMAN Politico 07/17/2020  Will Ruger, a Koch-affiliated scholar who favors withdrawal, is among several candidates for the role. U.S Marines from the 2nd MEB enter a hole in the wall of a mud compound that they detonated to enter and search for Taliban fighters near Now Zad in Afghanistan’s Helmand province Saturday June 20,

$174 Million Afghan Drone Program Is Riddled With Problems, U.S. Report Says

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Published July 17, 2020 Overhead surveillance is critical to fighting the Taliban, but the American military’s effort to equip Afghan forces has fallen short, according to an independent watchdog. An American effort to train Afghan forces on using small drones has faltered, according to a watchdog report.Credit…Jalil Rezayee/EPA, via

Afghanistan faces ‘grim’ economic outlook as pandemic wipes out growth: World Bank

Reuters JULY 15, 2020 KABUL (Reuters) – The coronavirus pandemic is expected to severely weaken Afghanistan’s economy, the World Bank said on Wednesday, as donor governments struggle themselves and uncertainty over peace talks curb private investment. The World Bank said it was forecasting gross domestic product to contract between 5.5% and 7.4% in 2020, compared

Deadly Taliban attack adds to despair over faltering Afghan peace process

Pamela Constable The Washington Post July 15, 2020 Afghan security forces inspect the site of a car bomb blast near a destroyed building belonging to Afghanistan’s intelligence agency in Aybak on Monday. (AFP/Getty Images) KABUL — The news footage from a remote northern city Monday showed only the rubble that remained, hours after a Taliban

Five Bases Closed in Afghanistan: US Official

By 14 July 2020 NATO has around 12,000 troops under the Resolute Support mission, which includes a portion of the 8,600 remaining US troops. A US official in Kabul, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Tuesday that the five bases closed in Afghanistan–in compliance with the US-Taliban peace agreement–were in Helmand, Uruzgan, Paktika and

Taliban: Calls for Halting War Before Afghan Peace Talks ‘Illogical’; Taliban Deny Prisoner Release Progress

By Ayaz Gul Voice of America July 12, 2020 11:03 AM Men carry an injured person to a hospital after a blast during a funeral ceremony in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, May 12, 2020. ISLAMABAD – Afghanistan’s Taliban has dismissed as “illogical” escalating domestic and foreign calls for the insurgent group to cease hostilities before the commencement

Within the Taliban, clashing views of Afghanistan’s future

By Susannah George and Aziz Tassal The Washington Post JULY 13, 2020 A group of Taliban fighters parade their weapons in Marawara district, Afghanistan, earlier this month. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) MARAWARA, Afghanistan — In talks in Doha and in Kabul, the Taliban’s leaders have struck a conciliatory tone: Issues of human rights, democracy and

China, Pakistan Urge Taliban to Reduce Violence, Start Talks

By Sayed Sharif Amiri Tolo News 7 July 2020 Under the US-Taliban peace agreement, 5,000 Taliban prisoners will be released from the Afghan government’s jails. In a trilateral virtual meeting held between Afghanistan, Pakistan and China on Tuesday, the Pakistan and Chinese officials have reiterated the call on the Taliban to reduce violence to help

Ghani Seeks Regional Support for Peace

By 6 July 2020 AFGHANISTAN President Ghani says regional and neighboring countries’ support will help Afghanistan to achieve its goals for peace. President Ashraf Ghani on Monday afternoon spoke at the opening of an international meeting on “strengthening regional consensus for peace,” stressing the need for the support of neighboring and regional countries to

Withdraw first, ask questions later America is rapidly pulling troops from Afghanistan

The future of the country they are leaving behind is more uncertain than ever The Economist Jul 4th 2020 edition ISLAMABAD Faiza ibrahimi is too young to remember when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan as a theocracy. She can scarcely believe her parents’ stories about it. She is a radio presenter in the western city of Herat. The

Russia Denies Paying Bounties, but Some Say the U.S. Had It Coming

By Andrew Higgins and Andrew E. Kramer The  New York Times July 4, 2020 Russia’s grievances against what it sees as American bullying and expansion into its own zones of influence have been stacking up for decades. American military personnel in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, last year.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times MOSCOW — Three years into a

White House tentatively agrees to leave some troops in Afghanistan past U.S. election

By DAVID S. CLOUD and TRACY WILKINSON Los Angeles Times JULY 2, 2020 5:38 PM WASHINGTON — Top U.S. commanders believe they have tentative White House approval to leave just over 4,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond November, delaying a full American pullout until after the presidential election. The plan, worked out at a meeting between Pentagon

Pentagon report: less violence but lagging Afghan progress

Todd South Militart Times 1 July 2020 The most recent U.S. security snapshot and Afghanistan progress report shows a reduction in violence and attacks on coalition forces but also notes that Afghans are not meeting goals for troop retention, training and taking their share of the load for the nation’s security. The U.S. Taliban agreement and US Afghanistan joint

Outrage mounts over report Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers

The Guardian 27 June 2020 Fierce response from top Democrats after US intelligence finding was reportedly briefed to Trump in March, but the White House has yet to act  US troops in Afghanistan in 2009. Photograph: Manpreet Romana/AFP via Getty Images Outrage has greeted media reports that American officials believe a Russian intelligence unit offered

Afghan Deaths Pile Up in Uncertainty Over U.S. Deal With Taliban

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times Published June 27, 2020 Targeted killings and widespread attacks across Afghanistan have sapped brief optimism as peace talks remain stalled. Afghan soldiers leaving a health facility after an attack in Kabul in May. The Taliban agreed not to attack U.S. targets, but refused a cease-fire with Afghan forces.Credit…Jim Huylebroek

Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

By Eric Schmitt, Adam Goldman and Nicholas Fandos The New York Times June 29, 2020 The recovery of large amounts of American cash at a Taliban outpost in Afghanistan helped tip off U.S. officials. It is believed that at least one U.S. troop death was the result of the bounties. A car bomb killed American soldiers at this site

Watchdog Seeks Assessment of Ex-Officials Corruption Cases

By Zahra Rahimi Tolo News 30 June 2020 A Kabul-based watchdog says it sees a lack of freedom within judicial institutions to assess corruption cases. Integrity Watch Afghanistan, a Kabul-based monitoring organization, sees a lack of will in relevant government institutions to assess corruption cases involving former officials and says it has created a type

Coronavirus sweeps through Afghanistan’s security forces

Susannah George,  Aziz Tassal and Sharif Hassan The Washington Post 26 June 2020 A medical team formed by the Afghan government prepares to conduct door-to-door coronavirus tests in Herat on May 31. (Jalil Rezayee/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) KABUL — The novel coronavirus is sweeping through Afghanistan’s security forces, according to senior Afghan security officials from four provinces who report

US watchdog: Afghanistan gov’t weakened ahead of Taliban talks

SOURCE: AP NEWS AGENCY Al Jazeera 26 June 2020 The upcoming intra-Afghan dialogue is the first high-level meeting between the two after years of fighting. About 50 civil society activists rallied on Thursday in Kabul against corruption, urging the International Monetary Fund to rescind a $220m loan to fight the coronavirus pandemic [File: Ahmad Masood/Reuters] A

Abdullah at USIP: No Military Solution to the Conflict

By Syed Zabiullah Langari Tolo News 24 June 2020 Previously, sources said that the intra-Afghan talks will be convened in Doha once the release of the 5,000 Taliban prisoners has been concluded. In a virtual interview given for the US Institute of Peace on Wednesday, Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High National Reconciliation Council,

Hundreds killed in further Taliban attacks with peace talks ahead

Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Sardar Razmal Reuters 23 June 2020 KABUL/KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Increased Taliban attacks are jeopardising the peace process, the Afghan government said on Tuesday after hundreds of security force personnel were killed over the past week by the Islamist insurgents. The Taliban, fighting to reintroduce strict Islamic law after their 2001 ouster from

Bolton’s Tell-All Book Sheds Light on Trump’s Afghan Policy

By Khalid Nekzad Tolo News 22 June 2020 Bolton mentions that Trump had often called for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan despite his awareness of threats from terrorism from the country. Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton in his new book, “The Room Where it Happened, ” has covered President Donald Trump’s policy

Afghanistan, Iran to Form Strategic Cooperation Pact

By 22 June 2020 Afghanistan and Iran agreed on the need for a reduction in violence in Afghanistan and on a quick start of the intra-Afghan negotiations. Afghanistan and Iran in a joint statement agreed to finalize a comprehensive document on strategic cooperation between the two countries within the next three months, the Afghan

West reluctant for ‘dangerous’ Taliban prisoners to be freed

Hamid Shalizi, Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters 18 June 2020 KABUL (Reuters) – Western powers are backing the Afghan government’s refusal to free hundreds of prisoners accused of some of Afghanistan’s most violent attacks, a release demanded by the Taliban as a condition to start peace talks, five sources told Reuters. The issue is a final major

US Reaches Troop Drawdown Target in Afghanistan

By 19 June 2020 NATO’s chief on Thursday said: “We are closer to real intra-Afghan negotiations now than I think we have ever been before. And I welcome that.”  A top US general on Thursday said the United States has reduced its troop level to 8,600 in Afghanistan, fulfilling the first phase of the

Taliban Leader Tightens Grip Before Intra-Afghan Talks

By  17 June 2020 The Taliban chief usually consults the members of the leadership council, the high level decision-making body, on all decisions, the source said. The Taliban supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada’s decision to appoint Mullah Yaqoob, elder son of Mullah Omar, as head of the military commission, is aimed at further strengthening his

Exclusive: U.S. senators ask Pentagon if $1 billion in Afghan aid was cut

Arshad Mohammed Reuters 15 June 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two Democratic senators on Monday asked U.S. Defense Secretary Mike Esper what happened to $1 billion in aid for Afghanistan the Trump administration said it would cut nearly three months ago, according to a letter reviewed by Reuters. Senator Jack Reed, the top Democrat on the

NATO Allies Committed to Afghanistan’s Security: Stoltenberg

 By Syed Zabiullah Langari Tolo News 17 June 2020 On Taliban-Al Qaeda ties, the NATO chief said: “The Taliban has to break ties with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Defense Ministers meeting on Wednesday reiterated the alliance’s long-term commitment to Afghanistan’s peace process and security. “Allies reiterated

171 Govt Forces Killed in a Week in Taliban Attacks; Ghani, Qatari Envoy Agree on Doha for Intra-Afghan Talks

By Khalid Nekzad Tolo News 14 June 2020 A spokesman for the Interior Affairs Ministry says that 422 Afghan security force members were killed and wounded in a week. New figures by security institutions reveal that 171 personnel of the Afghan National Security Forces lost their lives in clashes with the Taliban in a week,

Taliban have not yet met conditions for complete troop withdrawal, says the top US general in the Mideast

Robert Burns The Associated Press 10 June 2020 WASHINGTON — The Taliban have not yet met conditions required for a complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by next May as envisioned in a U.S.-Taliban deal signed in February, the commander overseeing U.S. forces there said Wednesday. Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, said the U.S.

Afghan President Rejects Possibility of Post-Peace Interim Govt; Khalilzad Calls for Immediate Start of Intra-Afghan Talks

By Khalid Nekzad  Tolo News 12 June 2020 “The United States and Afghanistan are completely aligned. getting to peace is my absolute priority.” Said Ghani. In a virtual interview given for the Atlantic Council on Thursday, President Ashraf Ghani laid out his vision for peace in Afghanistan and highlighted the importance of a ceasefire and

Faced with the prospect of formal peace talks, Afghans consider what they’re willing to concede

Susannah George and  Sharif Hassan  June 8, 2020 Newly freed Taliban prisoners pray at Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul on May 26. (Mohammad Ismail/Reuters) KABUL — In Afghanistan’s halting effort to end two decades of conflict, recent days have brought a sudden shift: A three-day cease-fire to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan held

Intra-Afghan Negotiations to be Held in Doha; Khalilzad in Doha, Islamabad to Discuss Intra-Afghan Talks

By Sayed Sharif Amiri  Tolo News 7 June 2020 Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi says the Afghan government is ready to send its delegation to the talks. Sources close to the Taliban said that based on initial agreements between the engaged sides, the intra-Afghan negotiations will be held in Doha, a development that critics say will

US launches airstrikes against Taliban attacking Afghan security checkpoints

JUNE 05, 2020 RYAN MORGAN American Military News U.S. forces in Afghanistan have carried out airstrikes in defense of an Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) outpost under attack by the Taliban Thursday. The U.S. conducted two airstrikes in Afghanistan to disrupt coordinated Taliban attacks, Col. Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, said in

Group: Lack of virus tests pushes Afghanistan toward crisis

By RAHIM FAIEZ Associated Press 4 June 2020 FILE – In this April 20, 2020, photo, daily-wage workers wear protective face mask to help curb the spread of the coronavirus in Kabul, Afghanistan. A prominent international aid organization warned Tuesday, June 2, 2020 that Afghanistan is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster because the

Envoys Call for Women, Civil Society, Minorities in Talks

 By Syed Zabiullah Langari  Tolo News 4 June 2020 In the statement, the EU Council asked the Afghan government to continue the course of inclusive and accountable governance. Western envoys in Kabul in a statement on Thursday welcomed the formation of the High Council for National Reconciliation and called on Afghan parties involved in the

The families paying the price for the war in Afghanistan

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Published June 3 2020 By Jessica Purkiss This story was published in partnership with: Al Jazeera. The stone compounds in which many Afghans live are a whirl of skinny arms and legs. Children run between the clustered homes of their aunts, their uncles, their parents. Afghanistan has one of the youngest

Taliban Will Pursue Both Peace Talks and Jihad: Deputy Chief

By Sharif Amiri  Tolo News 3 June 2020 According to the UN report, a new group named Hizb-e-Wilayat-e-Islami has been created outside Afghanistan.   Sirajuddin Haqqani, the deputy leader of the Taliban, said that despite the group’s belief in the peace negotiation talks as one of the core components of the solution to the conflict

What Compromises Can Afghans Afford for Peace?

By Sharif Safi  Tolo News 2 June 2020 Sharif Safi says members of the Afghan delegation should create advisory committees to represent ordinary Afghans in talks. While Afghans are hoping and praying for a lasting peace, ne major question remains: What are the compromises we can afford to live with in this peace process? It’s

Taliban Continues to Back Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan: UN

By  1 June 2020 The UN report says, “the Taliban regularly consulted with Al-Qaeda during negotiations with the US.” A UN report released on Friday states that the Taliban has failed to fulfill one of the core parts of the US-Taliban agreement, namely that it would break ties with al-Qaeda. The agreement was signed

Taliban Team in Kabul to Discuss Prisoner Release; Released Taliban Prisoners Say the War Should End

By Gulabuddin Ghubar  Tolo News 28 May 2020 The Afghan government has stated they will work together with the Taliban’s team about the swap. A five-member delegation from the Taliban arrived in Kabul to discuss the issue of the Taliban’s prisoners, said Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the group’s political office in Doha. According to

Trump on Afghanistan: Bring Back Troops, But Closely Watch

By  27 May 2020 Trump criticized his predecessor President Barack Obama for announcing a timed withdrawal from Afghanistan in the past. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday repeated that he wanted to bring American troops back from Afghanistan, saying the US is acting as a police force and it is time for Afghans to

How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times May 26, 2020 The Taliban stand on the brink of realizing their most fervent desire: U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan. They have given up little of their extremist ideology to do it.   Taliban members gathered under a tree in March in Alingar District of Laghman Province, Afghanistan. Credit…Jim

Afghan government releases hundreds of Taliban prisoners

By KATHY GANNON and TAMEEM HROTHGAR Associated Press 26 May 2020 Afghan Taliban prisoners freed from Bagram Prison walk in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The Afghan government freed hundreds of prisoners, its single largest prisoner release since the U.S. and the Taliban signed a peace deal earlier this year that spells out an

Afghan Sides Agree to Rare Cease-Fire During Eid al-Fitr

Mujib Mashal May 24, 2020Updated 4:52 a.m. ET The Taliban’s announcement of a three-day cessation of violence, after months of intensifying attacks, was welcomed by President Ashraf Ghani. Government security forces in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last week.Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban and the Afghan government announced a cease-fire for the three days

Ghani Pledges Release of up to 2,000 Taliban Prisoners; Khalilzad: Eid Ceasefire is Opportunit

 By  24 May 2020 Sediqqi says the government is taking further steps to ensure the success of the peace process. President Ashraf Ghani in a meeting on Sunday announced that the government will release up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners as a goodwill gesture in response to the Taliban’s calling for a three-day ceasefire, and

US envoy working to resuscitate flagging Afghan peace deal as US warplanes pound ISIS-K

Kathy Gannon, The Associated Press and Tameem Akhgar, The Associated Press 21 May 2020 KABUL, Afghanistan — The first visit to Kabul by Washington’s peace envoy since Afghanistan’s squabbling political leadership reached a power-sharing agreement comes amid increased violence blamed mostly on an Islamic State affiliate that has been targeted in stepped-up U.S. bombing. Zalmay Khalilzad, in a flurry

Exclusive: U.S. has not cut Afghan security funds despite Pompeo vow of immediate slash

Arshad Mohammed, Jonathan Landay, Idrees Ali Reuters 20 May 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Defense Department has not withheld $1 billion in funding from Afghan security forces despite Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s vow on March 23 to cut that sum “immediately”, five sources familiar with the matter said. It was unclear why the cut has

Afghan Taliban leader says committed to deal with the US; Pakistan Still Harbors Taliban, Pentagon Report Says

SOURCE: AL JAZEERA AND NEWS AGENCIES 20 May 2020 In Eid message Haibatullah Akhunzada asks US ‘not to waste’ the opportunity offered by the deal to end 19-year-old war. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, leader of the Taliban delegation, and Zalmay Khalilzad, US envoy for peace in Afghanistan, shake hands after signing an agreement in Doha [File:

Afghanistan’s civilian casualties rise following U.S.-Taliban peace deal; For most of Afghanistan war, U.S. ‘never really fought to win,’ Trump declares

Susannah George  The Washington Post May 19, 2020 at 7:41 a.m. EDT Afghan security forces sit in a Humvee amid ongoing fighting between Taliban militants and Afghan security forces in Kunduz on May 19, 2020. (AFP/Getty Images) ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Since the signing of a peace deal between the United States and the Taliban, civilian

Taliban talks in sight as Afghan political rivals end feud

by Shereena Qazi Al Jazeera 17 May 2020 President Ghani signs deal with his rival Abdullah, who will head peace talks with the Taliban amid surge in violence. The US had been pushing Afghanistan’s divided leadership to bury their differences and begin the so-called intra-Afghan talks [File: Omar Sobhani/Reuters] Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his

Afghan Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Deal as Political Crisis Subsides

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times May 17, 2020 President Ashraf Ghani gave Abdullah Abdullah the leading role in seeking peace with the Taliban and the ability to name half the cabinet. Abdullah Abdullah, left, and President Ashraf Ghani signing a power-sharing deal in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday.Credit…Afghanistan’s Office of Chief Executive, via Agence

Khalilzad Briefs Reporters on Afghan Situation

 By  16 May 2020 Khalilzad said: “The United States-Taliban agreement opens a historic opportunity for moving forward on peace.” The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Friday briefed the US State Department on the situation in Afghanistan, particularly the situation which has emerged in the country following Tuesday’s deadly attacks on a

Brutal Afghan attacks highlight limitations of U.S.-Taliban deal

Jonathan Landay, Idrees Ali, Arshad Mohammed Reuters May 15, 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two brutal attacks this week laid bare major weaknesses of the U.S.-Taliban troop withdrawal pact: nothing in it obliges the Taliban to prevent such massacres and the Afghan government’s ability to thwart them will only wane as U.S. troops pull out. The pact is

Some question whether the US-Taliban agreement aimed at bringing peace to Afghanistan was mainly just a withdrawal deal.

Associates Press Al Jazeera 15 May 2020 US on track to pull troops out of Afghanistan: Pentagon The United States is on track to meet its commitment to the Taliban to withdraw several thousand troops from Afghanistan by mid-July, even as violence flares, the peace process is stalled, and Kabul struggles in political deadlock. US

Exclusive: Details of Ghani-Abdullah Political Agreement

 By  15 May 2020 – 5:31 PM  The agreement says that the council will provide guidance to the negotiation team. TOLOnews has obtained a copy of the political agreement between President Ashraf Ghani and his political opponent Abdullah Abdullah that outlines the structure of a future government in which each side will have a

Attacks deal Trump’s long-shot Afghan peace push a fresh blow

Idrees Ali, Jonathan Landay, Rupam Jain Reuters MAY 13, 2020 / 6:18 PM WASHINGTON/MUMBAI, India (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s stalled plans to bring peace to Afghanistan have suffered a new setback with a decision by Kabul to resume offensive operations against the Taliban following two attacks on Tuesday that killed scores of Afghans. Washington cast

Afghans Have to Take Care of Their Country: Trump

By TODAY – 3:15 PM – Edited: TODAY – 3:21 PM US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday that the United States remained committed to a “lasting peace” in Afghanistan. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday in answer to a question about the attacks in Afghanistan told reporters: “At some point they’re going to have to be

Brutal attack on mothers and newborns prompts Afghanistan to resume offensive operations against Taliban

Sharif Hassan and  Susannah George  The Washington Post May 12, 2020 at 5:31 p.m. EDT An Afghan security officer carries a baby after gunmen attacked a maternity ward in Kabul on Tuesday. (Rahmat Gul/AP) KABUL — The woman, unmoving, lay slouched against the wall of a hospital room, blood splattered on her face mask. In her

This Afghan General Fought the Taliban for Years. Now He Has Joined Them.

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times May 11, 2020 Another influential family was split by the war when a retired province police chief defected to the insurgency. His son remains deputy governor. Pictures on Taliban social media accounts showed the former Afghan police chief Abdul Jalil Bakhtawar after insurgents said he had switched sides to

Congressmen Question Taliban Commitment to February Agreement

Voice of America 10 May 2020, 09:35 GMT+10 The top members of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee say an increase in violence in Afghanistan has raised questions about the Taliban’s commitment to an agreement they signed with the United States in February. Representatives Eliot Engel, a Democrat from New York, chairman of the committee,

Watchdog group says US not releasing data on Taliban attacks

Tameem Akhgar, The Associated Press 1 May 2020 Afghan firefighters work at a parking lot near the site where a tractor packed with explosives exploded the night before at the Green Village in Kabul on Sept. 3, 2019. A massive blast in a residential area of Kabul killed at least 16 people, officials, following yet

US warns Taliban to curb attacks after exit deal calls for 80% cut to violence

Emma Graham-Harrison The Guardian Sat 2 May 2020  Previously secret agreement emerges as spokesmen for US military and Taliban clash on Twitter  Afghan security officials present arrested people and weapons seized during an operation against Taliban militants in Paktia, Afghanistan, on 29 April. Photograph: Ahmadullah Ahmadi/EPA The US military has warned the Taliban it must

Afghan rivals say they’re close to ending leadership feud

Hamid Shalizi, Abdul Qadir Sediqi Reuters MAY 2, 2020 / 8:29 AM KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and rival Abdullah Abdullah are close to resolving a standoff over last year’s disputed presidential election that has threatened a U.S.-brokered peace process, both sides said on Saturday. The feud culminated in both men declaring themselves president

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan surge after U.S. peace deal, inflicting heavy casualties

Sharif Hassan and  Susannah George  The Washington Post May 1, 2020 A member of the Afghan special forces stands guard at the site of a suicide bombing on the outskirts of Kabul on Wednesday. (Rahmat Gul/AP) KABUL — Facing an emboldened Taliban, and with less U.S. military support, Afghan forces have suffered heavy casualties during a

Afghanistan likely facing coronavirus ‘health disaster’: U.S. watchdog

Jonathan Landay Reuters 1 May 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Afghanistan, beset by a poor healthcare system, malnutrition, war and other vulnerabilities, likely is facing a “health disaster” from the coronavirus, a watchdog report to the U.S. Congress warns. The report released late on Thursday by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko could

500 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan in Year’s First Quarter: UN  27 April 2020 UNAMA said there is an “urgent need for all parties to the conflict to do more to protect civilians from harm.” More than 500 civilians, including more than 150 children, were killed due to the fighting in Afghanistan during the first quarter of 2020, said a new UNAMA report released on

Taliban Ramp Up Attacks Even as Coronavirus Spreads in Afghanistan

Mujib Mashal The New York Times April 24, 2020 With peace negotiations apparently stuck, the insurgents are killing dozens of Afghan government forces every day. Afghan National Army soldiers near the Bagram base that holds many of the Taliban prisoners whose release is a point of dispute in negotiations.Credit…Rahmat Gul/Associated Press  KABUL, Afghanistan — The

Clashes across Afghanistan kill dozens of security force members, militants

Reuters APRIL 22, 2020 LOGAR, Afghanistan/KABUL (Reuters) – Clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban militants killed dozens nationwide over the past 24 hours, authorities said on Wednesday, even as the United States tries to broker peace talks between the warring sides. Eight security force members were killed in a Taliban attack on a checkpoint at

Dozens Test Positive for Coronavirus at Afghan President’s Palace

By Mujib Mashal and Fahim Abed The New York Times April 19, 2020 There’s no evidence that President Ashraf Ghani is infected, but the pandemic’s reach into the seat of power further tests war-torn Afghanistan. The presidential palace in Kabul, where at least 40 people in several offices have been infected with the coronavirus. Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty

Taliban Attacks Surge, 30 Security Force Members Killed; US ‘Violates’ Deal, Claims Taliban, Sharing List of Attacks

By Khalid Nekzad Tolo News 20 April 2020 The attacks were carried out in the northeastern province of Takhar, Uruzgan in the south, and Balkh in the north of the country. More than 30 members of Afghan security forces lost their lives in Taliban clashes in three provinces on Sunday evening, amid a surge in

To Save Afghan Peace Deal, U.S. May Scale Back C.I.A. Presence

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Julian E. Barnes The New York Times 18 April 2020 Including the C.I.A.’s presence in negotiations with the Taliban is Washington’s latest effort to use what bargaining chips it has left to advance the peace plan. American soldiers in Khost, Afghanistan, in 2011. C.I.A. officials have long operated out of Khost ProvinceCredit…Kuni Takahashi for

NATO Committed to ANDSF Despite Planned Troop Decrease

 By Zahra Rahimi Tolo News 16 APRIL 2020  NATO’s Resolute Support mission has provided healthcare supplies and equipment to the ANA in the southeast. Following this week’s defense ministers’ videoconference session in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that NATO and NATO allies have “expressed support” for the agreement between the US and

‘Important step’: US envoy welcomes release of Afghan prisoners

SOURCE: AL JAZEERA AND NEWS AGENCIES 13 April 2020 Taliban on Sunday released 20 Afghan security personnel after government freed hundreds of the group’s captives. Zalmay Khalilzad had negotiated a deal with the Taliban in February [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera] US special envoy for reconciliation in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, who negotiated a deal with the Taliban, has

Khalilzad, Gen. Miller Meet with Taliban in Qatar

 By 14 April 2020 – 8:05 PM Khalilzad met with the Taliban deputy leader and discussed the peace agreement and also the “delay in the release of prisoners,” according to Taliban. US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and Gen. Austin S. Miller, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, on Monday met with

Afghan government releases 100 Taliban prisoners after collapse of prisoner swap talks

Sharif Hassan and  Susannah George  Washington Post April 8, 2020 at 9:44 a.m. ED Captured Taliban fighters are seen inside the Pul-i-Charki prison in Kabul on Dec. 14, 2019. (Rahmat Gul/AP) KABUL — The Afghan government released 100 Taliban prisoners Wednesday after talks aimed at coordinating a prisoner swap with the Taliban collapsed the day before.