The families paying the price for the war in Afghanistan

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Published June 3 2020 By Jessica Purkiss This story was published in partnership with: Al Jazeera. The stone compounds in which many Afghans live are a whirl of skinny arms and legs. Children run between the clustered homes of their aunts, their uncles, their parents. Afghanistan has one of the youngest

Taliban Will Pursue Both Peace Talks and Jihad: Deputy Chief

By Sharif Amiri  Tolo News 3 June 2020 According to the UN report, a new group named Hizb-e-Wilayat-e-Islami has been created outside Afghanistan.   Sirajuddin Haqqani, the deputy leader of the Taliban, said that despite the group’s belief in the peace negotiation talks as one of the core components of the solution to the conflict

What Compromises Can Afghans Afford for Peace?

By Sharif Safi  Tolo News 2 June 2020 Sharif Safi says members of the Afghan delegation should create advisory committees to represent ordinary Afghans in talks. While Afghans are hoping and praying for a lasting peace, ne major question remains: What are the compromises we can afford to live with in this peace process? It’s

Taliban Continues to Back Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan: UN

By  1 June 2020 The UN report says, “the Taliban regularly consulted with Al-Qaeda during negotiations with the US.” A UN report released on Friday states that the Taliban has failed to fulfill one of the core parts of the US-Taliban agreement, namely that it would break ties with al-Qaeda. The agreement was signed

Taliban Team in Kabul to Discuss Prisoner Release; Released Taliban Prisoners Say the War Should End

By Gulabuddin Ghubar  Tolo News 28 May 2020 The Afghan government has stated they will work together with the Taliban’s team about the swap. A five-member delegation from the Taliban arrived in Kabul to discuss the issue of the Taliban’s prisoners, said Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the group’s political office in Doha. According to

Trump on Afghanistan: Bring Back Troops, But Closely Watch

By  27 May 2020 Trump criticized his predecessor President Barack Obama for announcing a timed withdrawal from Afghanistan in the past. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday repeated that he wanted to bring American troops back from Afghanistan, saying the US is acting as a police force and it is time for Afghans to

How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times May 26, 2020 The Taliban stand on the brink of realizing their most fervent desire: U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan. They have given up little of their extremist ideology to do it.   Taliban members gathered under a tree in March in Alingar District of Laghman Province, Afghanistan. Credit…Jim

Afghan government releases hundreds of Taliban prisoners

By KATHY GANNON and TAMEEM HROTHGAR Associated Press 26 May 2020 Afghan Taliban prisoners freed from Bagram Prison walk in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The Afghan government freed hundreds of prisoners, its single largest prisoner release since the U.S. and the Taliban signed a peace deal earlier this year that spells out an

Afghan Sides Agree to Rare Cease-Fire During Eid al-Fitr

Mujib Mashal May 24, 2020Updated 4:52 a.m. ET The Taliban’s announcement of a three-day cessation of violence, after months of intensifying attacks, was welcomed by President Ashraf Ghani. Government security forces in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last week.Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban and the Afghan government announced a cease-fire for the three days

Ghani Pledges Release of up to 2,000 Taliban Prisoners; Khalilzad: Eid Ceasefire is Opportunit

 By  24 May 2020 Sediqqi says the government is taking further steps to ensure the success of the peace process. President Ashraf Ghani in a meeting on Sunday announced that the government will release up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners as a goodwill gesture in response to the Taliban’s calling for a three-day ceasefire, and

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