Donors eye Dec. 10 decision on shifting frozen funds for Afghanistan

Reporting by Andrea Shalal; Editing by Sandra Maler Reuters December 3, 2021 A group of women wearing burqas crosses the street as members of the Taliban drive past in Kabul, Afghanistan October 9, 2021. REUTERS/Jorge Silva/File Photo WASHINGTON, Dec 3 (Reuters) – Donors to the World Bank-administered Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) have agreed to

With No Resources, Authority or Country, Afghan Ambassador Presses On

By Jennifer Steinhauer The New York Times Published Dec. 2, 2021, Updated Dec. 3, 2021, 12:14 a.m. ET Adela Raz arrived in Washington just before her country fell and has struggled to keep her embassy going. A dinner with U.S. veterans was a priority. Adela Raz began to serve as the Afghan government’s ambassador to Washington just

In Afghanistan, ‘Who Has the Guns Gets the Land’

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Yaqoob Akbary Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times Dec. 3, 2021, Updated 3:53 p.m. ET A decades-long fight over land has been reinvigorated as Taliban leaders look to reward their fighters with property, even if that means evicting others. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — For decades, roughly a thousand families called the low-slung mud-walled neighborhood

Taliban bans forced marriage of women in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera 3 Dec 2021 Taliban chief in a decree says women should not be considered ‘property’ and must consent to marriage. The Taliban has issued a decree barring forced marriage in Afghanistan, saying women should not be considered “property” and must consent to marriage, but questions remain about whether the group that returned to

Karzai Calls for Inclusive Govt, Says World Should Aid Afghans

 Shirshah Rasooli Tolo News 3 December 2021 In an interview with the BBC, the former president underscored the importance of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, among other issues.  Former president Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan should form an inclusive government that represents all aspects of society in order for the government to gain international recognition.

As Afghanistan’s economy collapses, international community looks for innovative ways to avoid humanitarian disaster

By Susannah George and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post November 28, 2021 at 7:26 a.m. EST A patient is rushed into Kabul’s Jumhuriat hospital’s emergency ward as Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis deepens after international aid to the country was dramatically cut. (Susannah George/The Washington Post) CHARASIAB, Afghanistan — At this town’s district hospital, an hour’s drive

MoI Rejects HRW Report of ‘100’ Extrajudicial Killings

Geeti Rahimi Tolo News 30 November 2021 Human Rights Watch asked the Islamic Emirate to give up such revenge killings, but the Islamic Emirate Ministry of Interior is denying the claims of the report. The Islamic Emirate has “killed or disappeared “more than 100 Afghan former security members” in four provinces including Kandahar, Helmand, Ghazni

Taliban kill, abduct dozens of ex-officers: rights group

By Lee Keath Associated Press Nov 30, 06:13 AM Taliban border fighters take part in an exercise after a three-week training program in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, southwestern, Afghanistan, Monday, Oct. 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Abdul Khaliq) KABUL (AP) — Taliban fighters have summarily killed or forcibly “disappeared” more than 100 former police and intelligence officers since taking power

Taliban and 9/11 Families Fight for Billions in Frozen Afghan Funds

By Charlie Savage The New York Times Nov. 29, 2021, Updated 3:45 p.m. ET The White House must figure out what to do with the Afghan central bank’s account at the Federal Reserve, now blocked under U.S. law. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, announcing the new Taliban government of Afghanistan at a press conference in Kabul in

Taliban Covert Operatives Seized Kabul, Other Afghan Cities From Within

By Yaroslav Trofimov and Margherita Stancati The Wall Street Journal Nov. 28, 2021 5:30 am ET Success of Kabul’s undercover network, loyal to the Haqqanis, changed balance of power within Taliban after U.S. withdrawal KABUL—Undercover Taliban agents—often clean-shaven, dressed in jeans and sporting sunglasses—spent years infiltrating Afghan government ministries, universities, businesses and aid organizations. Then,

Exclusive: World Bank works to redirect frozen funds to Afghanistan for humanitarian aid only – sources

By Jonathan Landay and Andrea Shalal Reuters 29 November 2021 A mother shops with her children at the market in Kabul, Afghanistan October 29, 2021. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra/File Photo WASHINGTON, Nov 29 (Reuters) – The World Bank is finalizing a proposal to deliver up to $500 million from a frozen Afghanistan aid fund to humanitarian agencies, people familiar

Are US-led sanctions worsening Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis?

By Arwa Ibrahim Al Jazeera Published On 29 Nov 2021 Aid groups, experts say international sanctions on the Taliban have led to the collapse of the aid-dependent economy. International aid organisations and experts say the US-led sanctions on the Taliban government are hurting the Afghan people, and called for “explicit humanitarian exemptions” for the delivery of aid

EU Calls on Islamic Emirate to Form Inclusive Govt

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 29 Nov 2021 The Islamic Emirate said it is committed to upholding and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms. European Union delegates during a two-day meeting with delegates of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar called on the Islamic Emirate to take actions to form an inclusive government that would pave the

Women Activists Seek Govt, Society Inclusion

By TOLOnews TV Network 29 Nov 2021 Amnesty International said on November 25 that the international community must stand by its long-term commitment to support women’s rights in Afghanistan. Holding a gathering in Kabul, several women activists discussed ways for women to gain a political and social presence in the society, urging the Islamic Emirate

Where Afghanistan’s New Taliban Leaders Went to School

By Zia ur-Rehman The New York Times Nov. 26, 2021 Darul Uloom Haqqania in Pakistan argues that the madrasa and its graduates have changed. Some worry they could be the source of new radicalism. AKORA KHATTAK, Pakistan — The Taliban have seized Afghanistan, and this school couldn’t be prouder. Darul Uloom Haqqania madrasa, one of

Afghan prime minister defends Taliban’s rule amid crisis

By Associated Press 27 Nov 2021 at 1:39 p.m. EST KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan’s Taliban prime minister defended the group’s rule in a public address Saturday, saying it was not to blame for a worsening economic crisis and is working to repair the corruption of the ousted government. He also dismissed international pressure for the

‘We will start again’: Afghan female MPs fight on from parliament in exile

Amie Ferris-Rotman The Guardian Sat 27 Nov 2021  From Greece the women are advocating for fellow refugees – and those left behind under Taliban rule The inaugural session of the Afghan women’s parliament in exile. Photograph: Joel van Houdt/The Guardian It is a Saturday morning in November, and Afghan MP Nazifa Yousufi Bek gathers up

Afghan Economy Nears Collapse as Pressure Builds to Ease U.S. Sanctions

By Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Nov. 27, 2021 Afghanistan’s economy has crashed since the Taliban seized power, plunging the country into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. At a World Food Program health facility in Kandahar, Afghanistan, last month.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan — Racing down the cratered

EU Denies Recognition of Govt, Pledges Engagement

Mujeeb R. Awrang  Tolo News 27 Oct 2021 The delegation of the Islamic Emirate is meeting with the representatives of the US and European countries on Nov 27th and 29th this month in Qatar. The European Union said that it would not recognize the current Afghan government but pledged to remain engaged in order to

Facing Economic Crisis, Govt Pledges to Develop Banking System

Amina Hakimi Tolo News 24 Nov 2021 The UNDP in report said that 40 percent of the Afghanistan deposit fund would be lost by the end of this year.  The Islamic Emirate announced that it has serious plans to develop the banking system of Afghanistan that would overcome the banking challenges.   The Islamic Emirate made the


Sam Biddle The Intercept November 23 2021 The Taliban is banned from Facebook, but its Ministry of Interior was quietly allowed to post. FOLLOWING THE U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ascendance of the Taliban, Facebook has found itself with a power nearly unprecedented in history: an American corporation unilaterally controlling the most popular means

Afghan journalists decry Taliban rules restricting role of women on TV

Agence France-Presse in Kabul Tue 23 Nov 2021 11.28 EST Journalists asked to wear a hijab and broadcasters told to stop showing dramas featuring female actors An Afghan presenter records her morning programme on the all-female network Zan TV in Kabul. Photograph: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Afghan journalists and rights activists have condemned “religious guidelines” issued by the Taliban that

Exclusive-UAE holds talks with Taliban to run Kabul airport – foreign diplomats

By Alexander Cornwell Reuters 24 Nov 2021 DUBAI (Reuters) – The United Arab Emirates has held talks with the Taliban to run Kabul airport, going up against Gulf rival Qatar in a diplomatic tussle for influence with Afghanistan’s new rulers, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter. UAE officials have held a series

Human Rights Situation After 100 Days of the Islamic Emirate

Madina Morwat Tolo News 24 Nov 2021 The international community has stated that the involvement of Afghan women in the government and respect for women’s rights are conditions for the recognition. After the political change in the country, human rights, especially the rights of Afghan women and girls, have become a hotly debated issue both

Islamic Emirate Official: Japan to Reopen Embassy

Rajab Taieb, Tolo News 24 Nov 2021 The Japanese ambassador, according to Samangani, said humanitarian aid should arrive in Afghanistan before the winter sets in. Japan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Takashi Okada, in a meeting with the PM’s Deputy for Political Affairs, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, said his country will reopen its embassy in Kabul if security

U.S. envoy on Afghanistan to return to Doha to meet Taliban -State Department

Reuters 25 November 2021 State Department spokesman Ned Price speaks on the situation in Afghanistan at the State Department in Washington, DC, U.S. August 18, 2021. Andrew Harnik/Pool via REUTERS WASHINGTON, Nov 23 (Reuters) – The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan will visit Doha next week for two days of meetings with leaders of the

Taliban sends hundreds of fighters to eastern Afghanistan to wage war against Islamic State

By Susannah George The Washington Post Yesterday at 3:49 p.m. EST Taliban fighters inspect the site of a roadside bombing in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, that targeted a Taliban vehicle on Oct. 23. (Shir Shah Hamdard/AP) JALALABAD, Afghanistan — The Taliban has expanded its shadowy war against the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan, deploying hundreds more fighters to this eastern

Pakistan pledges $28m in Afghanistan humanitarian support

By Asad Hashim Al Jazeera Published On 23 Nov 2021 Chairing meeting of committee on Afghan assistance, Prime Minister Imran Khan also authorises transit of Indian food aid. Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced more than $28m medical, food and other humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan, while also authorising the transport of food aid from

China Calls for Release of Afghan Bank Assets

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 23 Nov 2021 China said the Afghan assets frozen abroad should be released to help the Afghan people amid the humanitarian crisis. China’s ministry of foreign affairs said the people of Afghanistan are struggling with poverty and facing a humanitarian crisis as winter is approaching, and it called for the release

Islamic Emirate Appoints 27 Senior Officials

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 23 Nov 2021 The 27 appointees will fill government and military positions. The Islamic Emirate officials said they appointed 27 people in senior positions to ministries as well as to other departments and to the military. Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said these people have been appointed to these

In Hard Times, Afghan Farmers Are Turning to Opium for Security

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Taimoor Shah The New York Times Nov 22, 2021 The war’s intense conclusion and a drought combined to wipe out the famous Afghan pomegranate harvest in Kandahar Province, during a devastating national economic crisis. ARGHANDAB, Afghanistan — Abdul Hamid’s pomegranate trees were scarred from bullets and shrapnel. The river was low and the land

U.N. warns of ‘colossal’ collapse of Afghan banking system

By Michelle Nichols Reuters 22 Nov 2021 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -The United Nations on Monday pushed for urgent action to prop up Afghanistan’s banks, warning that a spike in people unable to repay loans, lower deposits and a cash liquidity crunch could cause the financial system to collapse within months. In a three-page report on

Vulnerable Families Provided With Cash-Aid In Kabul

Hamid Bahram  Tol;o News WFP’s zone manager, Daud Ghaznawi said that each family would receive 7,000 Afs in cash.   The World Food Program (WFP) in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided cash-aid to dozens of vulnerable families in west of Kabul on Monday.  WFP’s zone manager, Daoud Ghaznawi said

Islamic Emirate to Appoint New Envoys Abroad

TOLOnews TV Network 22 Nov 2021 The Islamic Emirate says new envoys and officials will be appointed to Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions abroad. The Islamic Emirate officials say that they will soon appoint new ambassadors and officials to Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions abroad. Inamullah Samangnai, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said currently most of Afghanistan’s diplomatic

Duckworth’s Afghanistan commission set for inclusion in Senate defense bill

ANDREW CLEVENGER CQ-ROLL CALL  NOVEMBER 18, 2021 Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) along with members of Congress, parents and caregiving advocates hold a press conference supporting Build Back Better investments in home care, childcare, paid leave and expanded CTC payments in front of the U.S. Capitol Building on Oct. 21, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Paul Morigi,

U.N. envoy says Islamic State now appears present in all Afghan provinces

By Jonathan Landay Reuters November 17, 2021 A Taliban fighter stands guard at the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, November 17, 2021. REUTERS/Ali Khara WASHINGTON, Nov 17 (Reuters) – The U.N. envoy to Afghanistan on Wednesday delivered a bleak assessment of the situation following the Taliban takeover, saying that an affiliate of the

Thousands of Afghans seek temporary US entry, only 100 approved

Al Jazeera 19 Nov. 2021 More than 28,000 Afghans have applied for admission to the US, but only about 100 have been approved since the Taliban takeover. More than 28,000 Afghans have applied for temporary admission into the United States for humanitarian reasons since shortly before the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan and sparked a chaotic US withdrawal,

US Envoy Thomas West Reacts to Taliban Letter to US Congress

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 19 Nov. 2021 West said the Islamic Emirate should gain legitimacy by taking actions to form an inclusive government and to respect human rights. The United States Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, on Friday reacted to the letter of the Islamic Emirate to the US Congress that called for the

This is Not the Time to Turn Our Backs on The Afghans: Lyons

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 18 Nov 2021 Lyons said the international community should remain engaged to stop further deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held a meeting on Afghanistan on Wednesday in which the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, briefed the participants on the situation

Afghan Officials Meet German, Dutch Diplomats

By Rajab Taieb Tolo News 18 Nov 2021 Baradar once again stressed the need to release Afghanistan’s bank assets. The first and second deputies of the prime minister met diplomats from Germany and the Netherlands on Thursday in Kabul, said a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate. “The deputies of prime minister Abdul Salam Hanafi and Mullah

A Veteran Diplomat, a ‘Tragic Figure,’ Battles Critics in the U.S. and Afghanistan

By Michael Crowley The New York Times Nov. 16, 2021 Zalmay Khalilzad, who stepped down as the envoy for Afghanistan after the U.S. exit, has defended the deal he negotiated with the Taliban during the Trump administration. Zalmay Khalilzad is defending his reputation against charges that he bears special blame for the chaotic fall of

Norway urges support for U.N. fund to aid Afghans

By Victoria Klesty Reuters 16 Nov 2021 OSLO (Reuters) – Norway on Tuesday urged other countries to contribute to a United Nations fund by providing cash directly to Afghans so they can survive the winter, its foreign minister told Reuters. With the Afghan economy “imploding”, the United Nations set up the fund last month to

Taliban calls on US Congress to release frozen Afghan assets

Al Jazeera 17 Nov 2021 The $9.5bn in frozen assets and loans threatens to worsen humanitarian crisis in country, group says. The Taliban has called on members of the United States Congress to act to release Afghan assets frozen after their August takeover of the country. In an open letter on Wednesday, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan

Girls’ Schools Reopened In Ghor’s Capital

TOLOnews TV Network 17 Nov 2021 Herat and Ghor are two provinces in western Afghanistan where girls are allowed to attend secondary and high school. After a long delay, female students from grade 7 to 12 were allowed to the attend their schools in Ferozkoh, capital of the western province of Ghor. Provincial girls are

For Afghans evacuated to the U.S., a choking fear for loved ones left behind

by Jeff Gammage The Philadelphia Inquirer Oct 30, 2021 ‘There are thousands of families in the same situation …’ Mohammad Towhid Shirzad is seen here aboard the C-17 evacuation plane that took him and scores of others out of Afghanistan. He was called upon to translate the crew’s instructions to the evacuees on board, from English

What the Taliban’s youngest fighters tell us about the future of the movement

By Sudarsan Raghavan The Washington Post November 12, 2021 at 11:36 a.m. EST Esmatullah Omari, 19, center, guards a checkpoint Oct. 9 near Bagram air base outside Kabul with men from his unit, including an uncle, left. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) BAGRAM, Afghanistan — Born a year after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks,

Afghan College Students Find a New Life, and Safety, in Iraq

By Jane Arraf The New York Times Nov. 14, 2021 Regarded as infidels by the Taliban, over 100 students from the American University in Kabul have found an unlikely refuge in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya. Students relaxing in the cafeteria of the American University of Iraq in Sulaimaniya, where 109 Afghan students are

UK’s Gen. Carter: ‘We Have to Engage’ Islamic Emirate

Giti Rahimi Tolo News 15 Nov 2021 In reaction to Carter’s remarks, the Islamic Emirate said that the paths for negotiations are opened. The head of UK armed forces, Gen. Nick Carter, said that the UK must engage with the Islamic Emirate to provide support for local Afghan allies and to provide humanitarian assistance to

WPF: 24 Million Afghans Facing Acute Hunger

Madina Morwat Tolo News 15 Nov 2021 Jan Mohammad, a displaced person, said: “People sometimes send food for us, when they don’t send it, we have nothing to spend to eat.” The World Food Program (WFP) said its assessments show that almost 24 million people are facing acute hunger–including 8.7 million in a current state

India Wants to Send Wheat to Ease Afghan Hunger Crisis. Pakistan Has Yet to OK Transit.

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times Nov. 13, 2021 Indian officials say Islamabad is dragging its feet on a request of transit for 50,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan, where nine million people are on the brink of starvation. Loading grain onto a truck in February in Amritsar, in the northwestern Indian state of

Women Protest for Right to Education, Work

Farshad DaryushT Tolo News 14 Nov 2021 Meanwhile, officials announced a commitment to soon resolve women’s problems, saying no one will face discrimination in the society. Dozens of Afghan women took to the streets on Sunday to demand their right to learn and seek employment under the Islamic Emirate government. Some protestors also criticized the

Every US citizen who wants out of Afghanistan offered departure, State Department says

ByConor Finnegan and Libby Cathey ABC News November 12, 2021, 5:01 AM Wakil Kohsar/AFP via Getty Images The State Department has arranged a means out of Afghanistan for the last remaining U.S. citizens who are seeking help departing, a senior State Department official told ABC News. It is an important milestone for the State Department, nearly three months

‘It’s our lifeline’: the Taliban are back but Afghans say opium is here to stay

Shah Meer Baloch in Musa Qala The Guardian Thu 11 Nov 2021 Despite talk of a Taliban ban, in Helmand’s poppy fields farmers and traders say they are not the only ones who depend on the drug to survive Farmer Mohammed Yaqoob in a poppy field in Musa Qala, Helmand province. Photograph: Shah Meer Baloch/The Guardian

A million Afghan children at risk of dying amid acute malnutrition, WHO says

By Emma Farge Reuters November 12, 2021, 6:45 AM EST Internally displaced Afghan children play outside their shelter, amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Kabul, Afghanistan May 7, 2020.REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail/File Photo GENEVA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Around 3.2 million children are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in Afghanistan by the end of

Blinken says Qatar to act as U.S. diplomatic representative in Afghanistan

By Humeyra Pamuk and Jonathan Landay Reuters November 12, 2021, 11:31 AM EST WASHINGTON, Nov 12 (Reuters) – The United States and Qatar signed an accord on Friday for Qatar to represent U.S. diplomatic interests in Afghanistan, an important signal of possible future direct engagement between Washington and the Taliban after two decades of war. U.S. Secretary of

Troika Participants Insist on Inclusive Govt, Women’s Rights

 Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 12 Nov 2021 Troika Plus meeting participants called for continued engagement with Islamic Emirate for stability in Afghanistan. Participants of the Troika Plus meeting on Afghanistan that was held in Islamabad on Friday and attended by representatives from Pakistan, China, Russia and the United States discussed the latest situation in Afghanistan.

A Taliban official urges ex-Afghan military pilots to stay, protected by an amnesty

Muhammad Farooq The Associated Press 11 Nov 2021 Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid shown during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sept. 7. On Wednesday he urged former Afghan military pilots to remain in the country, saying they would not face arrest. ISLAMABAD — A top Taliban official on Wednesday urged former Afghan military pilots

Iran deporting thousands of Afghan refugees

Al Jazeera 11 Nov 2021 The IOM estimates over one million Afghans have been sent back this year, despite dire conditions awaiting them. Iran is sending tens of thousands of Afghan refugees back over the border, aid agencies and witnesses say, amid allegations of mistreatment by Iranian authorities. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) found

‘Troika plus’ group seeks to ease access to banking services in Afghanistan

By Charlotte Greenfield Reuters 11 Nov 2021 Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi meets with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (not pictured) on the sidelines of the 76th Session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York, U.S. September 23, 2021. Kena Betancur/Pool via REUTERS/Files ISLAMABAD, Nov 11 (Reuters) – The so-called Troika Plus

HRW Calls on UN, World Bank to Address Afghan Crisis

TOLOnews TV Network 11 Nov 2021 The Islamic Emirate called on the humanitarian organization to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.   The Human Rights Watch expressed its deepest concern on the economic meltdown of Afghanistan, urging the UN and international financial institutions to urgently ease the imposed-sanctions that has been affecting the country’s economic. 

Talks With Taliban Restart as US Worries About Al-Qaeda Threat in Afghanistan

By Abraham Mahshie Air Force Magazine Nov. 8, 2021 The U.S. and NATO are concerned about the reemergence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the need to rely on the Taliban to fight ISIS-Khorasan as talks with the Taliban restart and regional basing agreements are slow to come. Special Representative for Afghanistan Ambassador Thomas West told journalists Nov.

Afghan family decimated by US drone strike awaits justice from Washington

By Gibran Naiyyar Peshimam Reuters November 10, 2021 KABUL, Nov 10 (Reuters) – An Afghan family that lost 10 members, including seven children, in a mistaken U.S. drone strike on a Kabul home says it is still seeking justice and has yet to hear from the Americans more than two months after the tragedy. The U.S.

Afghanistan’s ghost soldiers undermined fight against Taliban – ex-official

BBC News 10 Nov 2021 IMAGE SOURCE,LOS ANGELES TIMES VIA GETTYImage caption, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August Afghanistan’s ex-finance minister has blamed the government’s fall on corrupt officials who invented “ghost soldiers” and took payments from the Taliban. Khalid Payenda told the BBC that most of the 300,000 troops and police on the

Aid group says 4,000-5,000 Afghans crossing into Iran daily

Reuters 10 Nov 2021 Norwegian Refugee Council says as many as 300,000 Afghans have crossed the border since the Taliban took power in August. As many as 4,000-5,000 Afghans have been crossing into Iran daily since the Taliban seized Kabul in August and hundreds of thousands more are expected to arrive in the coming winter,

India to Host Regional Conference on Afghan Affairs

Giti Rahimi  Tolo News 9 Nov 2021 Tehran hosted regional meetings on the Afghan situation. New Delhi will host a conference on Wednesday for national security advisors from regional countries to discuss the ongoing situation in Afghanistan following the fall of the former government.   Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Iran are set to participate in

WHO, UNICEF launch new polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan

By Ali M Latifi and Mohsin Khan Mohmand Al Jazeera Published On 8 Nov 2021 The programme aims to address the 3.3 million children who have gone unvaccinated since 2018. The World Health Organization and the United Nations children’s agency have launched a four-day effort to vaccinate millions of children in Afghanistan against polio, the first campaign in

Taliban rule sparks hopes of peace in rural Afghanistan

Al Jazeera 9 Nov 2021 Away from the cities, many believe Taliban’s rule could bring a stop to fighting and hope for an end to corruption. In the villages that once bore the brunt of Afghanistan’s front-line fighting, the Taliban victory has broken a cycle of air attacks, gun battles and funerals. The group’s takeover

Islamic State violence dents Taliban claims of safer Afghanistan

By James Mackenzie Reuters 9 Nov 2021 A member of Taliban security forces stands guard among crowds of people walking past in a street in Kabul, Afghanistan September 4, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer ISLAMABAD, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Last month, the family of Mawlavi Ezzatullah, a member of Afghanistan’s Hizb-e Islami party, received a WhatsApp message from

The Taliban is back — Afghan women are scared, but defiant.

Photography by Marcus Yam. Story by Laura King and Marcus Yam. Los Angeles Times November 7, 2021   Sometimes their words tumble out like the frantic beating of wings. The tears often flow, but now and then, an eye flashes with a glint of determination. Two months after the Taliban takeover of their country, Afghan women and girls inhabit a

Witnesses to the End

By Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt The New York Times Nov. 8, 2021 The young Marines in Kabul were left to determine who was evacuated from Afghanistan and who was left behind. The cost was high. The Marines at Abbey Gate were racing against time. The crowd at the gate didn’t know it, but the Marines had

US Funds for Afghans Will Continue via Intl Bodies, Not Govt

By Madina Morwat Tolo News 8 Nov 2021 He added: “Our focus is going to continue to be on providing funding through international organizations and non-government organizations.” United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the US is not ready to provide money directly through the current leadership in Afghanistan until the leadership fulfil their

New Governors Appointed in 17 Provinces

Rajab Taieb Tolo News 8  Nov 2021 Based on the move, 17 governors, 15 deputy governors and 10 police chiefs have been appointed in different provinces. The Islamic Emirate in its latest move has appointed 43 new people to government positions as governors, deputy governors and police chiefs in various provinces. The new appointments included

Women’s rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan

Zahra Nader and Amie Ferris-Rotman The Guardian Fri 5 Nov 2021 19.05 EDT Frozan Safi, 29, is believed to be the first women’s rights defender to be killed since Taliban return to power Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. Frozan Safi had been missing for about two weeks before her body was found. Photograph: mtcurado/Getty Images/iStockphoto A 29-year-old

UNICEF to directly fund Afghan teachers, bypassing Taliban authorities

By Gibran Naiyyar Peshimam Reuters November 3, 2021, 9:22 AM Waheedullah Hashimi, Director of External Programmes and Aid at the Ministry of Education, speaks during an interview in Kabul, Afghanistan October 31, 2021. Picture taken on October 31, 2021. REUTERS/Yosri Al Jamal/File Photo KABUL, Nov 3 (Reuters) – The United Nations children’s agency said it was

Islamic Emirate to Bring Changes to Cabinet

TOLOnews TV Network 5 Nov 2021 The citizens urged the Islamic Emirate to form a strong army and include former security force members.   The Islamic Emirate is seeking to bring changes to the formation of the government cabinet, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate Bilal Karimi said on Friday.   Karimi said that efforts are underway

Islamic Emirate Blocks Female Aid Workers

Madina Morwat Tolo News 5 Nov 2021 This comes as some female US Senate members in a letter asked US President Biden to form a procedure for the protection of Afghan women. Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that the Islamic Emirate has been prohibiting women from “operating as aid workers,” which worsens the ongoing humanitarian

ISIS Poses a Growing Threat to New Taliban Government in Afghanistan

By Victor J. Blue, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Christina Goldbaum Photographs by Victor J. Blue The New York Times Nov. 3, 2021 The Taliban takeover was supposed to bring an end to war, the new government promised. But a growing insurgency is upending security and raising alarms for the international community. JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Aref Mohammad’s war against the Islamic

Taliban bans the use of foreign currency across Afghanistan

Al Jazeera 2 Nov 2021 The Taliban says those who continue to trade using foreign currency will face legal action. The Taliban has announced a complete ban on the use of foreign currency in Afghanistan, a move certain to cause further disruption to an economy pushed to the brink of collapse by the abrupt withdrawal

Civilians Killed in Attack on Military Hospital

By TOLOnews TV Network 3 Oct 2021 According to the officials of the hospital, the medical facilities and health employees have not suffered any harm. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that a number of civilians were casualties in the attack on the military hospital in the capital city of Kabul.  On Tuesday two suicide bombers

Watchdog: 30 recent cases of violence against Afghan journalists

Al Jazeera 28 Oct 2021 The Afghanistan National Journalists Union says 90 percent of violence against journalists committed by the Taliban. More than 30 instances of violence and threats of violence against Afghan journalists were recorded in the last two months, with nearly 90 percent committed by the Taliban, says a media watchdog. More than

Afghan Art Flourished for 20 Years. Can It Survive the New Taliban Regime?

By Sharif Hassan The New York Times Oct. 31, 2021 So far, the Taliban have not banned art outright. But many artists have fled Afghanistan, fearing for their work and their lives. An anti-corruption mural painted by ArtLords in Kandahar, Afghanistan, which depicts a schoolgirl holding pens, was vandalized by Taliban fighters.Credit…Kiana Hayeri for The

Islamic Emirate Pledges To Support Media

 TOLOnews TV Network 1 Nov 2021 The journalists and media watchdogs called on the officials of the Islamic Emirate to form a clear scheme for freedom of speech and media policy.  Officials of the Islamic Emirate on Monday pledged to support the freedom of expression under the structure of Islamic regulation.   Talking at a ceremony

The Taliban’s secretive war against IS

By Secunder Kermani BBC News, Jalalabad 29 Oct 2021 Image caption,A Taliban fighter in Jalalabad. The group is now facing near-daily attacks from Afghanistan’s branch of Islamic State Every few days, bodies are dumped on the outskirts of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad. Some have been shot or hanged, some beheaded. Many have handwritten

UN Calls for G20’s Attention to Afghan Situation

TOLOnews TV Network 30 Oct 2021 UN humanitarian chief says half of under-five Afghan children are at risk of acute malnutrition. As the heads of the world’s 20 biggest economies kicked off their two days of talks on Saturday, the United Nations said Afghanistan’s economy is collapsing and that the G20 countries should pay attention

Nearly 6,700 Afghans resettled in the US, more than 53,000 remain on stateside military bases

BY CAITLIN DOORNBOS STARS AND STRIPES OCTOBER 25, 2021 Army Pfc. Tavarez Burroughs, a culinary specialist, oversees Afghan children Oct. 20, 2021, in the living-support area at Fort Lee, Va., as part of Operation Allies Welcome. The Defense Department is providing transportation, temporary housing, medical screening, and general support for more than 53,000 Afghan evacuees

U.S. to provide nearly $144 million more in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan

By Amy B Wang The Washington Post 29 Oct 2021 An Afghan child plays next to cages with birds at a market in Kabul on Oct. 28. (Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images) The United States will provide nearly $144 million in new aid to those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the White House announced

A girls’ school under Taliban shows a village’s changes

By SAMYA KULLAB Associated Press 29 Oct 2021 Mohammad Salim, the imam of Salar village, prays outside a mosque at dusk in Salar, Wardak province, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.In urban centers, public discontent toward the Taliban is focused on threats to personal freedoms, including the rights of women. In Salar, these barely resonate. The

‘Just give us our money’: Taliban push to unlock Afghan billions abroad

By John O’Donnell Reuters October 29, 2021 Taliban members in charge of security patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan October 28, 2021. REUTERS/Jorge Silva FRANKFURT, Oct 29 (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s Taliban government is pressing for the release of billions of dollars of central bank reserves as the drought-stricken nation faces a cash crunch, mass starvation and a new

Afghanistan’s girls learn, code ‘underground’ amid Taliban curbs

Al Jazeera 29 Oct 2021 Hundreds of girls and women continue to learn – some online and others in hidden makeshift classrooms – despite closure of schools. Cooped up at home in Afghanistan’s Herat city, Zainab Muhammadi reminisces about hanging out with her friends in the cafeteria after coding class. Now she logs on every

SIGAR Study of 60 Afghan Projects Shows 91% Waste

 Madina Morwat Tolo News 29 Oct 2021 SIGAR said that the reconstruction projects were not properly completed.   The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) says that 91 percent of aid provided to 60 audited projects had been wasted or misallocated. “In 2021, SIGAR audited a sample of 60 US infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, and

Pentagon officials, unable to secure basing near Afghanistan, warn of terrorist threat

By Karen DeYoung The Washington Post 27 Oct 2021 An MQ-9 Reaper drone taxis at the Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan in 2009. (Efren Lope/U.S. Air Force/Reuters) The United States hasn’t reached any agreements with Central Asian states bordering Afghanistan for bases or other facilities to use in counterterrorism operations there against the Islamic State and

Taliban are eager for dialogue with the world, Chinese minister says

Reuters October 27, 2021 China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attends a news conference following his meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens, Greece, October 27, 2021. REUTERS/Louiza Vradi/File Photo DUBAI, Oct 27 (Reuters) – The Taliban are eager to have dialogue with the rest

Taliban Allow Girls to Return to Some High Schools, but With Big Caveats

By Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Photographs by Kiana Hayeri Oct. 27, 2021Updated 11:59 a.m. ET In some provinces, teenage girls have been allowed to return to secondary schools, though some teachers and parents still have doubts about what this means about Taliban rule. Students at the Fatima Balkh High School in Mazar-i-Sharif. MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan —

Khalilzad urges US engage with Taliban to avert Afghan collapse

Al Jazeera 27 Oct 2021 Former US envoy says Biden should pursue ‘normalcy’, defends peace deal he negotiated, blames Ghani for failures. The former United States special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad said the Biden administration should engage with the Taliban to help ease the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the country now. Khalilzad, who negotiated

Statement of Tehran Meeting Says Inclusive Govt ‘Only Solution’

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 27 Oct 2021 The joint statement of Iran’s meeting on Afghanistan says forming a broad-based political structure is the key to solving problems in Afghanistan. Foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighbor countries – Iran, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan plus Russia – issued a joint statement after their talks on Afghanistan

Iran Wanted U.S. Out of Afghanistan. It May Be Sorry the Wish Came True.

By Farnaz Fassihi The New York Times Oct. 26, 2021 Iran is glad the Americans are gone, but the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan creates a host of problems for Tehran, with no easy solutions. Taliban officials declaring victory at the Kabul airport on Aug. 31. Their swift takeover caught Iran by surprise. Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The

Afghan Women Protest for Their Rights, Criticize Intl ‘Silence’

By TOLOnews TV Network 26 Oct 2021 Women said the international community must not stay silent over the situation of Afghan women. A number of Afghan women took to the streets in Kabul on Tuesday in reaction to what they said are limitations in exercising their rights, and criticized the silence of the international community,

More than a half of Afghanistan’s population faces ‘acute’ food crisis this winter, U.N. finds

By Maite Fernández Simon The Washington Post 25 Oct 2021 A boy packs pomegranates at a farm in Kandahar on Oct. 25. Because of border closures, Afghanistan’s pomegranates are rotting in trucks, resulting in losses in revenue and jobs. (Stringer/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock) Afghanistan is on the brink of a starvation crisis, with more than half its population

‘Countdown to catastrophe’: half of Afghans face hunger this winter – UN

Stefanie Glinski in Kabul and Kandahar The Guardian Mon 25 Oct 2021 An economic crisis aggravated by conflict and drought have caused a collapse in food security since the Taliban takeover Marwa, left, and Memala, both 18 months old, are suffering from malnutrition and are being treated at Mirwais hospital in Kandahar. Photograph: Stefanie Glinski/The Guardian

Thousands stranded as Afghan-Pakistan border crossing stays closed

Reuters October 25, 2021 Army soldiers stand guard during a temporary closure of the Friendship Gate crossing point at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border town of Chaman, Pakistan September 2, 2021. REUTERS/Saeed Ali Achakzai/File Photo QUETTA, Pakistan, Oct 25 (Reuters) – Hundreds of trucks and other vehicles waited at one of the main crossings between Pakistan and

Afghanistan: Taliban Forcibly Evict Minority Shia

Human Rights Watch October 22, 2021 8:00AM EDT Hazaras, Former Civil Servants Targets of Collective Punishment, Land-Grabbing (New York) – Taliban officials in several provinces across Afghanistan have forcibly displaced residents partly to distribute land to their own supporters, Human Rights Watch said today. Many of these evictions have targeted Hazara Shia communities, as well as people associated

Afghanistan hurtling towards collapse, Sweden and Pakistan say

By Alexander Cornwell Reuters October 23, 2021 Farzana, 30, holds her one-year-old baby, Omar, at the malnutrition ward for infants of Indira Gandhi Children’s hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan October 23, 2021. REUTERS/Jorge Silva DUBAI, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Afghanistan will shortly collapse into chaos unless the international community acts rapidly, Swedish and Pakistani ministers warned on

Islamic Emirate Denies Al-Qaeda Presence in Afghanistan

TOLOnews TV Network 23 Oct 2021 He also said that the US was monitoring the commitments of the Islamic Emirate regarding terrorism.   The Islamic Emirate denied claims by the former US peace envoy who voiced concerns over the presence of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.  The US veteran diplomat, Zalmay Khalilzad, made the remarks in an interview with

Islamic Emirate Reacts to Newly-Formed ‘Resistance Council’

TOLOnews TV Network 23 Oct 2021 The new resistance council has said they want to talk with the Islamic Emirate and reach an agreement. A number of officials of the former government along with mujahideen leaders recently announced the formation of a new political movement called the “High Council of National Resistance of the Islamic

Afghan journalists lament ‘bleak’ future for media under Taliban

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera Published On 22 Oct 2021 New regime forces exodus of journalists from Afghanistan where a free press was one of the few real gains of Western occupation. Shabir Ahmadi started his job at TOLO TV, Afghanistan’s largest private broadcaster, during one of the darkest days for the media in the war-torn

Red Cross warns aid groups not enough to stave off Afghan humanitarian crisis

By Alexander Cornwell Reuters OCTOBER 22, 2021 DUBAI (Reuters) – The Red Cross on Friday urged the international community to engage with Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers, saying that aid groups on their own would be unable to stave off a humanitarian crisis. Afghanistan has been plunged into crisis by the abrupt end of billions of dollars

UNDP Launches Program to Help Prevent Collapse of Afghan Economy

TOLOnews TV Network 22 Oct 2021 Germany has decided to support a special trust fund for Afghanistan, and it is putting in 50 million euros. The United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) new assessment shows that 97% of Afghan households could be below the poverty line before mid—2022 if Afghanistan’s economic crisis is not addressed. At

Taliban tells Kabul’s female city government employees not to come to work

By Adela Suliman and Susannah George  The Washington Post 21 Oct 2021 Afghans gather at a rally to support peace talks and the republic government in Kabul on March 29. KABUL — The Taliban imposed further restrictions on female city government employees in Afghanistan’s capital on Thursday, barring many from returning to work next week

Russia hosts Afghan talks, calls for an inclusive government

By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press October 20, 2021 Taliban official Abdul Salam Hanafi, center, and other members of the political delegation from the Afghan Taliban’s movement arrive to attend the talks involving Afghan representatives in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021. Russia invited the Taliban and other Afghan parties for talks voicing hope they will

At United Nations, Afghan women appeal: don’t let Taliban in

By Michelle Nichols Reuters 21 Oct 2021 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – A group of Afghan women urged the United Nations to block the Taliban from gaining a seat at the world body, calling for better representation for their country during a visit to the organisation’s New York headquarters on Thursday. “It’s very simple,” former Afghan

UN sets up trust fund for Afghanistan amid cash shortages

Al Jazeera 21 Oct 2021 UNDP says special fund aims to inject liquidity into Afghan households as the country suffers ‘economic implosion’. The United Nations says it has set up a special trust fund to provide urgently-needed cash directly to Afghans through a system that taps into donor funds frozen since the Taliban takeover in

Afghan Women Who Once Presided Over Abuse Cases Now Fear for Their Lives

By David Zucchino The New York Times Published Oct. 20, 2021 They fear that they or their loved ones could be tracked down and killed because of their work delivering justice to women. “We have lost everything — our jobs, our homes, the way we lived.” “A dark future is awaiting everyone in Afghanistan, especially

Displaced Families Continue to Live in Harsh Conditions

TOLOnews TV Network 21 Oct 2021 Families claimed that five children died in the past week from cold, hunger and lack of medicine in the camps. Internally displaced families are living in harsh conditions as the winter approaches and the Internally displaced families are living in harsh conditions as the winter approaches and the displacement

Iran to host multilateral conference on Afghanistan on October 27

By Maziar Motamedi Al Jazeera Published On 18 Oct 2021 FMs of Iran, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia to hold talks in Tehran. Tehran, Iran – Tehran will host a meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbours plus Russia next week, the country’s foreign ministry has confirmed, with the October 27 event witnessing the presence of all six foreign

The economy on the brink, Taliban rely on former technocrats

By SAMYA KULLAB Associated Press 18 Oct 2021 File – In this Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021.file photo, Afghans wait in front of a bank as they try to withdraw money in Kabul, Afghanistan. With Afghan assets frozen in the U.S. and the world reluctant to recognize the Taliban, the country’s banking system has come to

Zalmay Khalilzad, Biden’s Envoy for Afghanistan, Steps Down

By Michael Crowley The New York Times Oct. 18, 2021 An Afghan American and a rare Trump appointee who survived into the Biden administration, Mr. Khalilzad played a central role in the U.S. exit from the country. Zalmay Khalilzad was a veteran of past Republican administrations when President Donald J. Trump appointed him in 2018

US envoy to Afghanistan resigns in wake of chaotic withdrawal

Al Jazeera 10 October 2021 Zalmay Khalilzad had been under pressure since the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover. Top United States envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is stepping down, the State Department has announced, less than two months after the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover of the

Taliban won’t be allowed access to Afghan central bank reserves

By Daphne Psaledakis and David Lawder Reuters October 19, 2021 Economist Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo listens to questions during his Senate Finance Committee nomination hearing to be Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, in Washington, D.C., U.S., February 23, 2021. Greg Nash/Pool via REUTERS WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (Reuters) – Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally

Intl Recognition Requires Legitimacy at Home: Karzai

Madina Morwat Tolo News 18 Oct 2021 Karzai said Pakistan should base its relations with Afghanistan on international relations principles. Former president Hamid Karzai said the Islamic Emirate needs national legitimacy at home in order to gain recognition by the international community. In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Karzai said that national legitimacy

Merkel: Aid to Afghanistan Needed, Will Deter Migration

Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 17 Oct 2021 German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the international community should ensure humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to decrease the migration of Afghans into neighboring countries and to Europe. Talking alongside her Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyib Erdogan on Saturday in Istanbul, Merkel said Afghans should not become victims of human

The Taleban’s caretaker Cabinet and other senior appointments

Martine van Bijlert  Afghanistan Analysts Network  7 Oct 2021  After three rounds of senior appointments — on 7 September, 21 September and 4 October – most key posts appear to have been filled, at least in Kabul. These appointments have solved the immediate question of who will head the state institutions that will help restart

Putin: No rush in officially recognizing Taliban’s rule

By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press 15 Oct 2021 Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in a virtual Summit of leaders from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Russia, Friday, Oct. 15, 2021. (Evgeniy Paulin, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP) MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday

Muslim foreign ministers to make women’s rights plea to Taliban

Patrick Wintour, Diplomatic editor The Guardian Wed 13 Oct 2021 08.07 EDT Ministers from Muslim-majority nations to travel to Kabul to discuss ban on girls going to secondary school Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (right), and his Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi, who are planning to go to Afghanistan to meet the Taliban. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Turkey urges engagement with Taliban after talks with group

Al Jazeera 14 Oct 2021 06:46 PM (GMT) Turkey has received a delegation of Taliban leaders in a first meeting since the group took over Afghanistan. Turkey has called on the international community to help the Taliban overcome Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis, officials said after holding talks with the group’s leaders, adding that this does not

Taliban want to help Afghans who fled to Turkey to return home, Turkish minister says

Reuters October 14, 2021 Taliban acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi speaks during a news conference in Kabul Afghanistan September 14, 2021. Picture taken September 14, 2021.REUTERS/Stringer ANKARA, Oct 14 (Reuters) – Afghan Taliban leaders said they would do all they can to help Afghan migrants in Turkey wanting to return home, the Turkish foreign

Blasts Hit Mosque in Kandahar, 32 Killed

By Rajab Taieb TOLOnews Journalist 15 October 2021 Eyewitnesses said three back-to-back explosions hit the mosque causing high casualties. A bombing attack occurred at Imam Bargah Fatimeyah mosque in the southern province of Kandahar on Friday, local officials told TOLOnews. The targeted mosque is in Kandahar city’s police district one (PD1). The mosque is visited

UN Chief Seeks Int’l Community’s Support to Save Afghan Economy

Reuters 12 October 2021 Guterres said UN agencies and humanitarian groups should make cash payments directly to the people in Afghanistan. The international community must find ways to inject cash directly into Afghanistan’s economy to avert its total collapse as a growing humanitarian crisis impacts half the population, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on

Qatar urges engagement with Taliban amid humanitarian crisis

Al Jazeera 12 Oct 2021 Qatari official Mutlaq al-Qahtani says recognising Taliban government ‘not a priority’ now as Afghanistan faces host of challenges. Qatar believes that recognising the Taliban government in Afghanistan is not a priority now, and that the focus should be on engaging with the new administration and addressing humanitarian issues, a senior

In northern Afghanistan, girls’ schools working despite ban elsewhere

Reuters Staff OCTOBER 12, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – While girls across most of Afghanistan remain at home while brothers go to high school, classes in some northern areas have been open for all students, highlighting regional differences starting to emerge two months after the Taliban seized power. Secondary schools remain closed for girls in much

EU pledges 1 billion euros for Afghan people at virtual G-20

Associated Press 12 Oct 2021 An Afghan girl walks outside a mosque marked by bullet holes at a village in Wardak province, Afghanistan, Monday, Oct. 11, 2021. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana) ROME (AP) — The European Union warned that humanitarian aid for Afghans won’t suffice in itself to keep hunger at bay as winter approaches after

Khan: ‘Taliban of 2000’ Might Return if No Intl Engagement

Madina Morwat Tolo News 12 October 2021 Khan said the Taliban is a good tool for defeating Daesh in Afghanistan. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said if the international community does not lift sanctions against the Islamic Emirate and does not engage with it, there is a possibility that Afghanistan could go back to the

After the Taliban seized their school, Afghanistan’s all-female orchestra tried to flee. Only some escaped.

By Sudarsan Raghavan The Washington Post 11 October 2021 Shogofa Safi, 17, a conductor and percussionist who was part of the Zohra Orchestra at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, poses for a portrait in Kabul on Sept. 25. She has since left the country. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) KABUL — The girls

UN chief slams ‘broken’ Taliban promises made to women, girls

Al Jazeera 11 Oct 2021 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also urges the world to inject cash into Afghanistan in order to prevent its economic collapse. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has slammed the Taliban’s “broken” promises to Afghan women and girls, and urged the world to inject cash into Afghanistan in order to prevent its economic

Afghanistan’s Economic Freefall

By Stefanie Glinski Foreign Policy OCTOBER 5, 2021, 11:19 AM Without urgent assistance, nearly the entire country could sink into poverty, the United Nations Development Program warns. Huma Ramanullah begs on the streets of Kabul on Sept. 21. With an injured son who previously provided for her, she is now desperate, she said. STEFANIE GLINSKI FOR FOREIGN

Afghanistan: Who are Islamic State Khorasan Province militants?

By Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent 11 October 2021 IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES A local branch of the Islamic State group in Afghanistan has vowed to continue attacks now that Taliban militants are in control. So who are these IS militants? IS-K – Islamic State Khorasan Province – is the regional affiliate of the Islamic State

‘I Never Believed That Would Happen’: After 20 Years of War, an Abrupt End

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Victor J. Blue, Jim Huylebroek and Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Published Oct. 9, 2021,Updated Oct. 11, 2021, 10:58 a.m. ET Amid the uncertainty that lies ahead under a Taliban-controlled government, Afghans reflect on the final months of fighting. Credit…Clockwise from top left: Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times (2); Victor J. Blue for The New

Afghan foreign minister says Taliban forces can control ISIS threat

October 11, 2021,12:24 PM EDT Reuters A Taliban solider stands guard in front of a house neighbouring the Islamic State hideout raided by Taliban forces on Sunday night in northern Kabul, Afghanistan October 4, 2021. REUTERS/Staff DOHA, Oct 11 (Reuters) – The new Taliban government in Afghanistan is able to control the threat from Islamic

‘Blood and pieces’: Kunduz residents describe blast aftermath

By Ehsanullah Ehsan and Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 9 Oct 2021 Explosion at a mosque in Kunduz on Friday killed at least 72 people and left more than 140 injured. Samir Azizi was inside his house in the city of Kunduz while waiting for the Friday prayer to begin when he heard an explosion. The sound came

The Afghan War: A Photographer’s Journal

Photographs by Tyler Hicks Written by David Zucchino Oct. 7, 2021 The Times photographer Tyler Hicks, who chronicled the 20-year war, captured American troops in battle, the deaths of civilians, schoolgirls in class and the struggles of ordinary Afghans to survive. One of the first things the New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks witnessed after arriving in

U.S. watchdog will look into allegations Afghan’s Ghani took money from country

By Patricia Zengerle and Phil Stewart Reuters October 6, 2021 Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaks at the parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan August 2, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo WASHINGTON, Oct 6 (Reuters) – John Sopko, the U.S. special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said on Wednesday his office would look into allegations that former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani took

UN rights body establishes investigator for Afghanistan

By Stephanie Nebehay Reuters October 7, 2021 An Afghan map with the Taliban flag an graffiti reading: ‘The Emirate is the achievement of sacred ideals’ is seen on the concrete walls of the abandoned U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan October 5, 2021. REUTERS/Jorge Silva GENEVA, Oct 7 (Reuters) – The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed

Taliban killed 13 members of Hazara ethnic group

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 5 Oct 2021 At least 13 members of the Hazara group, including 11 former government forces, were killed in Daykundi, Amnesty says. The Taliban killed at least 13 members of the Hazara ethnic group, including a 17-year-old girl, in the central province of Daykundi, shortly after they took power in

Islamic Emirate Introduces New Members of Caretaker Cabinet

Shirshah Rasooli Tolo News 5 Oct 2021 The new recruitments include a political deputy for the prime minister, acting minister for the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled, deputy ministers. The Islamic Emirate late Monday announced 38 new members of the caretaker government, in military and civil positions.  The new recruitments include a political deputy for

Culture Ministry Denies Restrictions on Afghan Media

Shirshah Rasooli Tolo News TODAY – 8:35 PM 2 October 2021 Human Rights Watch said that the “new rules are suffocating media freedom” in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Information and Culture on Saturday denied claims it was imposing restrictions on the media in Afghanistan, saying that all media outlets can continue their activities. “There are small

‘I don’t know where to go’: uncertain fate of the women in Kabul’s shelters

Amie Ferris-Rotman and Zahra Nader The Guardian Fri 1 Oct 2021 02.00 EDT Women in refuges have been sent home to their abusers or to prison since the Taliban takeover. Those in the few shelters still open fear what lies ahead Taliban members in front of a mural depicting a woman behind barbed wire in Kabul,

Women in Kabul Rally Seek Reopening of Girls’ Schools

TOLOnews TV Network 1 October 2021 The women continued their protest despite they were stopped by the Islamic Emirate forces. A group of women in a rally in Kabul protested the closure of schools and universities for female students, saying it is a violation of their fundamental rights in Afghan society. The women continued their

Baradar Urges Countries to Reopen Kabul Embassies

TOLOnews TV Network 1 October 2021 Baradar said if there are any issues between individual countries and the Islamic Emirate, they are ready to solve them via dialogue. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, first deputy prime minister of the Islamic Emirate, urged world countries to reopen their embassies in Kabul. Baradar made the remarks at a

As Need in Afghanistan Grows Dire, Aid Groups Plead for Help

By Jim Huylebroek and Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Sept. 30, 2021Updated 4:54 p.m. ET Health clinics are closing. Temperatures are dipping. Prices are rising. Food and money are scarce. A calamity looms, humanitarian groups warn. Children at the Charahi Qambar refugee camp in Kabul, on Wednesday.Credit…Victor J. Blue for The New York Times KABUL, Afghanistan — The

Govt Pledges to Pay Salaries, Restart Programs

Zabihullah Jahanmal TOLOnews Reporter 30 September 2021 Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi said that the government is planning to restart development programs as winter approaches.  The second deputy prime minister of the Islamic Emirate vowed that the government will pay the salaries of its employees in a bid to help resolve the problems of

Taliban order fighters out of Afghan homes they took over

By SAMYA KULLAB Associated Press 30 September 2021 A street vendor sells Taliban and Afghan flags on a street in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue) KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban on Thursday ordered their fighters to leave private homes they had taken over during last month’s blitz when the group

Taliban: ‘Consequences’ if US drones enter Afghan airspace

Al Jazeera 29 Sept. 2021 The Taliban has accused the US of violating withdrawal agreement by continuing to fly drones over Afghanistan. The Taliban has warned of consequences if the United States did not stop flying drones over Afghan airspace. The statement on Wednesday, released on the Taliban’s Twitter account, said the “US has violated

US general says Afghanistan collapse rooted in Trump-Taliban deal

Al Jazeera 30 September 2021 Head of US Central Command says collapse of the Afghan government can be traced to US troop withdrawal deal. Senior military officials in the United States have linked the collapse of the Afghan government and its security forces in August to former President Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban in

Exclusive-Afghan central bank drained dollar stockpile before Kabul fell – document

By John O’Donnell, Rupam Jain Reuters SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 FRANKFURT/MUMBAI (Reuters) – The Afghan central bank ran down most of its U.S. dollar cash reserves in the weeks before the Taliban took control of the country, according to an assessment prepared for Afghanistan’s international donors, exacerbating the current economic crisis. The confidential, two-page brief, written early

G20 extraordinary meeting on Afghanistan to be held on Oct. 12 – Draghi

By Angelo Amante Reuters SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 ROME (Reuters) -An extraordinary meeting of the Group of 20 major economies to discuss Afghanistan will take place on Oct. 12, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Wednesday. Italy holds the rotating G20 presidency this year and Draghi has recently discussed Afghanistan with other world leaders – including

Efforts to Continue Former Govt Are Useless: Samangani

 Shirshah Rasooli Tolo News 29 September 2021 A number of officials and leaders of the former government said they will make the former government operational. The Ministry of the Information and Culture on Wednesday reacted to a statement by a number of officials of the former government–who claim to be continuing the work of the

Reduced to Rubble, an Afghan Village Struggles to Rebuild

Photographs and Text by Jim Huylebroek and Victor J. Blue The New York Times Sept. 29, 2021 A small village outside Ghazni found itself on a critical supply artery in war-torn Afghanistan. It paid a heavy price. Javid Sharifi, right, and Mohammad Akram Sharifi, left, at their collapsed family home in Arzo, Afghanistan, last week.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for

Pakistan discussing expansion of CPEC to Afghanistan -ambassador

By Charlotte Greenfield Reuters September 27, 2021, 4:49 PM EDT Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, speaks during a discussion, in this screen grab taken from a video, in Kabul, Afghanistan September 27, 2021. REUTERS TV via REUTERS ISLAMABAD, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Pakistan has discussed Taliban-led Afghanistan joining the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

MoJ to Enforce Zahir Shah-Era Constitution

TOLOnews TV Network 28 September 2021 For an interim period, the constitution from the time of the Afghan king will be enforced, except for some articles against Sharia Law and Emirate principles. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on Tuesday said that the constitution from King Zahir Shah’s era will be enforced in the country for

McKenzie suggests the U.S. may not be able to prevent Al Qaeda and ISIS from rebuilding in Afghanistan.

By Eric Schmitt The New York Times Sept. 29, 2021 Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the military’s Central Command, testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.Credit…Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times The top U.S. military commander in the Middle East expressed reservations about whether the United States could deny

Taliban takes on ISKP, its most serious foe in Afghanistan

By Mujtaba Haris and Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 27 Sep 2021 Afghan group cracks down on ISKP (ISIS-K) members after a series of deadly attacks, but experts say it won’t be an easy task. The Taliban claims security “has been assured” in Afghanistan since it took over, and that the country has been saved from the “quagmire

Female Leaders at UNGA Call for Afghan Women’s Rights

By Madina Morwat, Tolo News 26 September 2021 Female political leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York called for the rights of Afghan women to be respected and for the Taliban to refrain from violence. A number of women leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York are vocally advocating for

How Afghanistan’s security forces lost the war

Susannah George The Washington Post 26 September 2021 Building Afghanistan’s national security forces was one of the most ambitious and expensive aspects of two decades of U.S.-led war. It resulted in failure. The United States spent billions of dollars training and equipping police, soldiers and special forces. Despite years of warnings from U.S. and Afghan officials, successive

Taliban ask airlines to resume international flights to Afghanistan

By Reuters Staff September 26, 2021 (Reuters) – The Taliban government in Afghanistan appealed on Sunday for international flights to be resumed, promising full cooperation with airlines and saying that problems at Kabul airport had been resolved. The statement from the foreign affairs ministry comes as the new administration has stepped up efforts to open

Russia says ‘top priority’ to hold Taliban to rights pledges

Al Jazeera 26 September 2021 It is essential Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers keep their ‘promises’, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. Russia, China, Pakistan, and the United States are working together to ensure Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers keep their promises, especially to form a genuinely representative government and prevent violence from spreading, Russia’s foreign minister

Pakistan Says U.N. Envoy of Old Afghan Government Should Vacate Seat

By Rick Gladstone The New York Times Sept. 25, 2021 Stopping short of urging that a Taliban envoy to the U.N. be accepted, Pakistan’s foreign minister suggested that stability had improved in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The ambassador of the toppled government, Ghulam Isaczai, remains the officially recognized envoy of Afghanistan at the United Nations.Credit…Andrew Kelly/Reuters Pakistan’s

To help U.S. allies flee Afghanistan, these advocates turned to Iran

Kareem Fahim The Washington Post 24 September 2021 Female Afghan lawmakers, along with their families, ride a bus in Athens this week after a journey from Afghanistan, through Iran and Georgia, to Greece. (Vaggelis Xafinis) The female lawmakers were moving from house to house, trying to stay one step ahead of the Taliban fighters they

As the Taliban bars some girls from school, their mothers’ dreams are also shattered

Sudarsan Raghavan The Washington Post 24 September 2021 Suraya sits at her desk in her home in Kabul. The Taliban has prohibited girls in grades seven to 12 from attending high schools across the country. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post) KABUL — Inside her family’s spacious third-floor apartment, Suraya has prepared for years to

Afghanistan: Executions will return, says senior Taliban official

BBC News 24 September 2021 IMAGE SOURCE,EPAimage captionMullah Nooruddin Turabi, not pictured, said punishments such as amputations were “necessary” The Taliban’s notorious former head of religious police has said extreme punishments such as executions and amputations will resume in Afghanistan. Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, now in charge of prisons, told AP News amputations were “necessary for

A Dangerous Scramble to Evacuate Afghan Nonprofit Workers

By Miriam Jordan The New York Times Sept. 24, 2021 Women who steered programs to empower girls are fleeing the country. But unlike people who worked for the U.S. military, they have no clear path to the United States. “Our group is trying to fulfill the promise made by our government to bring them to

U.S. grants licenses for more aid flow to Afghanistan despite sanctions

By Daphne Psaledakis Reuters September 24, 2021 Afghan women walk at a mosque in Herat, Afghanistan September 10, 2021. WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS UNITED NATIONS, Sept 24 (Reuters) – The United States on Friday further paved the way for aid to flow to Afghanistan despite U.S. sanctions on the Taliban, who seized control

Mismatch of mindsets: why the Taliban won in Afghanistan

Laura Spinney The Guardian Fri 24 Sep 2021  Analysis: the west tried to impose its alien values and it is time to try a new approach, as Joe Biden has indicated Taliban acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi speaks at a press conference in Kabul. Photograph: Reuters Some years ago, in Afghanistan, the anthropologist Scott Atran asked

Afghan Youth Society Asks US to Release Bank Reserves

Amina Hakimi Tolo News 24 September 2021 The demand comes as the US froze nearly $9.5 billion dollars of Afghanistan’s central bank’s assets. The Afghan Society of Muslim Youth in a gathering on Friday asked the international community and world charity institutions to keep assisting Afghanistan. The group also asked that Afghanistan’s reserves be released soon. The

UNICEF: World Must Help Afghan Children

Madina Morwat Tolo News 24 September 2021 Children-supporting organizations and activists asked the international community to continue their assistance to Afghan children. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) expressed dire concerns over conditions for Afghanistan’s children, saying Afghanistan is one of the worst places to be a child. “The world cannot and should not avert it

The AP Interview: Don’t isolate the Taliban, Pakistan urges

By EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press 24 September 2021 Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Be realistic. Show patience. Engage. And above all, don’t isolate. Those are the pillars of an approach emerging

How deep are divisions among the Taliban?

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 23 Sep 2021 Sources tell Al Jazeera the discord is very real and if disharmony grows, it will spell trouble for the people. There have been reports of divisions among the Taliban leadership, raising questions about the unity within the group which took over the country last month. The public’s

New Taliban Guidelines Stir Fear About the Future of Press Freedom

By Carlotta Gall The New York Times Sept. 23, 2021, 3:59 p.m. The directives for journalists include rules against publishing topics in conflict with Islam or insulting to national personalities.   The scene at a news conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday.Credit…Victor J. Blue for The New York Times Concerns are growing at the increased constraints

UNSC P5 Seek Stable Afghanistan With Inclusive Govt

Esmatullah Niazi Tolo News 23 September 2021 Guterres said all five powers want an inclusive government in Afghanistan in which women and girls’ rights are respected. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday at a press conference said all five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) are united in seeking a stable

Intl Envoys Discuss Inclusive Govt with Caretaker Cabinet

Shirshah Rasooli Tolo News 22 September 2021 Some Afghan politicians said the international community is likely to not recognize the government unless it is inclusive. Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, on Tuesday evening on Twitter wrote that Russia, China and Pakistan special envoys had met with Mullah Hassan Akhund, PM of the caretaker

Amnesty Intl, Watchdogs Say Taliban ‘Dismantling’ Human Rights

 TOLOnews TV Network 22 September 2021 At the same time, the Taliban continues to state that they will respect human rights based on Islamic sharia. Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) said on Tuesday that the Taliban has taken steps to steadily dismantle the human rights gains of the last twenty years. The

Taliban Complete Interim Government, Still Without Women

By Alissa J. Rubin The New York Times Published Sept. 22, 2021 The Taliban spurned calls from the United Nations and big donors to include women in its new cabinet, but did add a few men from minority ethnic groups. Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban government spokesman, on Tuesday in Kabul.Credit…Victor J. Blue for The New

UN releases funds to save Afghan health system from collapse

al Jazeera 22 September 2021 The UN aid chief releases $45m in emergency funds in a bid to boost life-saving support in Afghanistan. The United Nations aid chief has released $45m in emergency funds to Afghanistan in a bid to prevent Afghanistan’s battered healthcare system from collapsing. Martin Griffiths, the UN’s under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs

Qatar’s emir urges world to engage with the Taliban

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Al Jazeera 21 September 2021 In speech to the UN General Assembly, Sheikh Tamim addresses COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity and conflicts in the region. Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has called on world leaders to remain engaged with the Taliban in Afghanistan, as he underlined his country’s commitment

New Cabinet Members Announced, Inauguration Cancelled

Rajab Taieb Tolo News 21 September 2021 Mujahid also talked about the country’s economic situation and said that the domestic revenues might be enough for basic needs.  Some new members of the caretaker cabinet of the Taliban were announced on Tuesday with an effort to ensure inclusivity by adding “minorities” to the cabinet as Zabihullah

Afghanistan: Fighting off hunger under the Taliban

By Jeremy Bowen BBC News, Kabul 20 September 2021 Most Afghans are now trying to feed themselves and their children after the economy collapsed Kabul is a city still waiting for its new life to take shape – a lot depends on the will and whims of its new Taliban masters. But it is hunger

After 20 years of waging religious guerrilla warfare, Taliban fighters in Kabul say they miss the battle

Susannah George The Washington Post 20 September 2021 Taliban fighters ride in the back of a pickup truck as they patrol the streets of Kabul on Sept. 18. (Felipe Dana/AP) KABUL — Since celebrating the fall of Kabul a month ago, after years of waging a holy war to overthrow the U.S.-backed government, the 250

A Harsh New Reality for Afghan Women and Girls in Taliban-Run Schools

By Victor J. Blue and David Zucchino The New York Times Sept. 20, 2021, 9:49 a.m. ET Afghanistan’s new government is likely to severely restrict education for girls and women despite the Taliban’s claims that schooling will eventually resume. Girls attending class at a school for girls in Kabul last week.Credit…Victor J. Blue for the New York Times

Taliban minister says Afghan IDPs need help before winter

By Osama Bin Javaid Al Jazeera 19 Sep 2021 Taliban’s Refugee Minister Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani tells Al Jazeera urgent action is needed to help displaced Afghans before winter. Kabul, Afghanistan – A member of the Taliban government is calling for action and help from the international community, including donor agencies, to help displaced Afghans ahead of the approaching

After Recognition We Will Address Rights Issues: Mujahid

Abdullah Walizada Tolo News 20 September 2021 AIHRC also called on the Taliban to respect AIHRC independence and all rights defenders. In reaction to European Union concerns over human rights violations in Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the caretaker cabinet, said on Monday that if the international

Afghan Unemployment Will Be ‘Human Tragedy’

Sayed Mohammad Aref Musavi TOLOnews Reporter 20 September 2021 Previously, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission said that around 43.000 civil servants have been working in the government. Government employees have been forced to begin new occupations as their salaries have not been paid for months. Many former professionals are now driving their

U.N. Afghanistan mission extended, Afghan envoy asks to keep seat

By Michelle Nichols Reuters September 17, 2021 1:23 PM EDT Afghanistan’s U.N. ambassador Ghulam Isaczai addresses the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation in Afghanistan at the United Nations in New York City, New York, U.S., August 16, 2021. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo UNITED NATIONS, Sept 17 (Reuters) – The United Nations Security Council extended

The Other Afghan Women

By Anand Gopal The New Yorker September 13, 2021 Issue In the countryside, the endless killing of civilians turned women against the occupiers who claimed to be helping them. More than seventy per cent of Afghans do not live in cities. In rural areas, life under the U.S.-led coalition and its Afghan allies became pure hazard;

In Panjshir, Few Signs of an Active Resistance, or Any Fight at All

Photographs and Text by Jim Huylebroek and Victor J. Blue The New York Times Sept. 17, 2021 On a recent visit, few civilians were about and signs of heavy fighting were scarce. What remained were opposing narratives and claims of massacres, ethnic cleansing and false charges. PANJSHIR, Afghanistan — In this lush strip of land — walled

Afghanistan: Life under Taliban rule one month on

By Secunder Kermani BBC News, Mazar-i-Sharif 16 September 2021 image captionFighters at Hairatan At Afghanistan’s border with Uzbekistan a cargo train rolls over a bridge and into the newly created “Islamic Emirate”. The Taliban’s white and black flag flutters next to the Uzbek one. Some traders have welcomed the group’s return to power. The driver

Taliban co-founder reemerges to challenge reports of internal strife among militants

Karen DeYoung The Washington Post 16 September 2021 Abdul Ghani Baradar, center, the Taliban’s deputy leader and negotiator, is pictured with other members of the militant group in Moscow in March. (Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool/Reuters) Abdul Ghani Baradar, deputy prime minister in the Taliban’s interim government, took to the airwaves Wednesday to assure his compatriots that he

EU has no choice but to engage with Taliban, says foreign policy chief

Daniel Boffey in Strasbourg The Guardian Tue 14 Sep 2021 13.55 EDT Josep Borrell tells MEPs that EU can only influence future developments by engaging with new Afghan regime Josep Borrell said the EU would not recognise the Taliban government but the bloc had much to gain from talking with the new administration. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty

Ghani’s Fleeing Ruined Last-Minute Deal: Khalilzad

By TOLOnews TV Network 16 September 2021 Khalilzad said Ghani was to remain at his post until there was a political settlement in Qatar, even if the Taliban stood at Kabul’s doors. Former president Ashraf Ghani’s escape from Afghanistan in mid-August ruined a last-minute deal with the Taliban, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation

With foreign funds frozen, Afghan aid groups stuck in limbo

By ISABEL DEBRE Associated Press 16 September 2021 Taliban fighters patrol a market in Kabul’s Old City, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. A month after the fall of Kabul, the question of how the world will get aid to citizens without enriching Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers is haunting the country. The stakes have soared for Afghans,

Afghan envoys marooned abroad after Taliban’s sudden return

By Rupam Jain Reuters September 16, 2021 1/2 An Afghan flag flutters outside the Afghan embassy in Washington, U.S., August 15, 2021 on the day Taliban insurgents entered Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. REUTERS/Ken Cedeno/File Photo Sept 16 (Reuters) – The Taliban’s abrupt return to power has left hundreds of Afghan diplomats overseas in limbo: running out of

Struggle for Control of Afghanistan Comes to K Street

By Kenneth P. Vogel The New York Times Sept. 15, 2021 Ahmad Massoud, a leading figure in the resistance to Taliban rule, hired a lobbyist to seek military and financial support in the United States. The fight Ahmad Massoud is leading faces long odds, with resistance fighters surrounded by the Taliban and armed with dwindling supplies

This Is Life in Rural Afghanistan After the Taliban Takeover

Photographs and Text by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times Sept. 16, 2021 Since the Taliban takeover, much of Afghanistan’s countryside has seen a big drop in violence after 20 years of fighting. “It has been a long time now since a bullet hit our homes.” A destroyed Afghan police pickup and a ransacked outpost

Afghanistan: Taliban leaders in bust-up at presidential palace, sources say

By Khudai Noor Nasar BBC Islamabad 14 Sept 2021 IMAGE SOURCE,AFPimage captionMullah Abdul Ghani Baradar signed the Doha agreement on the withdrawal of US troops on behalf of the Taliban A major row broke out between leaders of the Taliban over the make-up of the group’s new government in Afghanistan, senior Taliban officials told the

Taliban Not Respecting Women’s Rights: UN

TOLOnews TV Network 14 Sept 2021 UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said she is disappointed with the Taliban’s caretaker cabinet, which is not inclusive. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Monday at the UN meeting on Afghanistan in Geneva said the Taliban is not respecting the human rights of women in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Muttaqi urges countries to engage with new gov’t

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 14 Sep 2021 Acting Foreign Minister Amir Muttaqi urges international community to resume aid as Afghanistan faces a looming economic crisis. Kabul, Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi has criticised the United States for its actions towards the new Taliban government and for severing economic assistance after the

Blinken clashes with Republican lawmakers over Afghanistan withdrawal

John Hudson and Missy Ryan The Washington Post   September 13, 2021, at 7:10 p.m. EDT Secretary of State Antony Blinken appears remotely before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Sept. 13. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Secretary of State Antony Blinken clashed with Republican lawmakers Monday over the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in his

Donors pledge $1.2 billion in emergency funds for Afghans

By JAMEY KEATEN and EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press 13 September 2021 Afghans wait in front of a bank as they try to withdraw money in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue) GENEVA (AP) — The United Nations drummed up more than $1.2 billion in emergency pledges Monday for helping 11 million

Taliban’s return ‘a catastrophe’ for journalism in Afghanistan

Kim Willsher The Guardian Tue 14 Sep 2021 01.30 EDT Head of International Federation of Journalists says ‘future is black’ for 1,300 journalists still in country Two Afghan reporters beaten by the Taliban after covering a women’s protest in Kabul. The UN says Taliban violence against journalists is rising. Photograph: Bernat Armangué/AP Journalism in Afghanistan is

EU says it has no option but to talk to Taliban

Reuters staff SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union has no option but to talk to Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers and Brussels will try to coordinate with member governments to organise a diplomatic presence in Kabul, the top EU diplomat said on Tuesday. “The Afghan crisis is not over,” EU foreign policy chief

Qatar to Act as ‘Bridge’ Between Taliban and World

TOLOnews TV Network 13 September 2021 Officials added that Qatar will act as a “bridge“ between the Taliban and the international community. Following the arrival of Qatar’s foreign minister in Kabul on Sunday, Taliban officials said on Monday that Qatar is committed to tightening Taliban relations with other countries across the world. Officials added that

Taliban Welcomes Intl Aid, Pledges to Distribute Transparently

By Rajab Taieb, Tolo News 14 September 2021 Muttaqi said the Taliban wants good bilateral relations with the world’s countries, including the United States. Taliban’s government acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Tuesday at a press conference in Kabul welcomed the international community’s humanitarian aid pledge for Afghanistan. At a UN meeting in Geneva on

Health Care in Afghanistan Is Crumbling, Aid Groups Warn

By Apoorva Mandavilli The New York Times Sept. 12, 2021 After the Taliban’s takeover, international donors withdrew funds that hospitals and clinics depended on. Now a fourth wave of Covid looms. Dr. Wahid Majrooh, left, Afghanistan’s health minister, toured a coronavirus ward in the Afghan Japan Communicable Disease Hospital, in Kabul, earlier this month.Credit…Victor J. Blue

A Million Afghan Children Could Die in ‘Most Perilous Hour,’ U.N. Warns

By Marc Santora, Nick Cumming-Bruce and Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Sept. 14, 2021 The international community pledged more than $1 billion in emergency aid as millions of Afghans risk running out of food just as winter sets in. Women begging for alms outside a bakery in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday. One in three Afghans do not

Aid Workers Staying in Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan Tread a Tricky Path

By Carlotta Gall The New York Times Sept. 8, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET Afghanistan desperately needs aid. Nonprofits desperately want to provide it. But the aid groups are being tested as never before by the uncertainty that has followed the Taliban takeover. A damaged United Nations vehicle outside the airport in Kabul last week.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for

World wary of Taliban government, Afghans urge action on rights and economy

By Reuters Staff September 8, 2021 (Reuters) – Foreign countries greeted the makeup of the new government in Afghanistan with caution and dismay on Wednesday after the Taliban appointed hardline veteran figures to top positions, including several with a U.S. bounty on their head. Small protests persisted in Afghanistan, with dozens of women taking to

Interview with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

TOLOnews TV Network 8 September 2021 The United States remains committed to the people of Afghanistan, saying Washington will work with the govt in Afghanistan if it upholds the commitments it has made. TOLOnews’ Lotfullah Najafizada sits down with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to discuss US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban military takeover and

Taliban Yet to Decide on Leadership Roles for Women

Amina Hakimi Tolo News 2 September 2021 Some Afghan women who talked to TOLOnews on Thursday said they want a role in society same as men. Taliban say they have predicted some role for women in government offices but insisted that they will not be appointed in higher ranking positions despite, something that adds to

Taliban to rely on Chinese funds, spokesperson says

Al Jazeera 2 Sept 2021 With the help of China, the Taliban will fight for an economic comeback in Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid tells Italian newspaper. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has told an Italian newspaper that the group will rely primarily on financing from China following the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and its takeover

Chaotic U.S. exit likely to crush Afghan economy – Fitch

Reuters September 1, 2021, 10:33 PM  Afghans line up outside a bank to take out their money after Taliban takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan September 1, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer Summary Fitch cuts FY2021 Afghanistan growth f’cast to -9.7% from +0.4% Forecasts further contraction of 5.2% in FY22 Slow growth likely unless China, Russia invest – Fitch SINGAPORE,

UK has little option but to talk with the Taliban

Dan Sabbagh The Guardian Wed 1 Sep 2021 10.27 EDT Analysis: Insurgents’ cooperation is needed for evacuations, but PM could face criticism for engaging with them Taliban fighters outside Hamid Karzai international airport in Kabul on Wednesday. Photograph: EPA Boris Johnson’s decision to dispatch a senior spy chief to talk directly to the Taliban in

Taliban wrestle with Afghan economy in chaos, humanitarian crisis

Reuters staff SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 (Reuters) -Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers struggled to keep the country functioning on Wednesday after the final withdrawal of U.S. forces, with foreign donors alarmed about an impending humanitarian crisis. Two weeks since the Taliban’s sweep into Kabul brought a chaotic end to 20 years of warfare, the Islamist militants have

Afghan central bank board member asks Biden, IMF to release funds

Al Jazeera 1 Sept 2021 The US and the IMF should provide the Taliban with limited monetary access to prevent economic collapse, Shah Mehrabi says. A senior board member of Afghanistan’s central bank is urging the US Treasury and the International Monetary Fund to take steps to provide the Taliban-led government limited access to the

Taliban Expected to Announce New Govt Soon

Ziar Yaad  Tolo News 1 September 2021 The Taliban said that the discussions held on forming a new government have been finalized and they will soon make an announcement. Anamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said that Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, will also be the leader of the

Biden Defends Afghan Pullout and Declares an End to Nation-Building

By Michael D. Shear and Jim Tankersley The New York Times Aug. 31, 2021Updated 8:53 p.m. ET The president offered a glimpse of a different American foreign policy in the post-9/11 world, one that he said would be guided more by competition with China and Russia. President Biden, delivering a speech at the White House on Tuesday, said

Ziar Yaad Tolo News 31 August 2021 The Taliban seek to reestablish relations and asked nations to invest and help rebuild Afghanistan. In the past few days, along with evacuating foreign nationals and at-risk Afghans, the United States and other countries were also ending their diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. In the past two decades, Afghanistan

ISIS-K, the group behind the Kabul airport attack, sees both Taliban and the U.S. as enemies

Hannah Allam and Souad Mekhennet The Washington Post 27 August 2021 For months, terrorism analysts warned that Islamic State-linked militants in Afghanistan would try to turn the Biden administration’s exit into a bloody spectacle. On Thursday in Kabul, those predictions were realized. ISIS-Khorasan, the Islamic State’s Afghanistan and Pakistan arm, issued a statement claiming responsibility

Turkey holds first talks with the Taliban in Kabul

Al Jazeera 27 August 2021 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says discussions under way as Turkey decides on a Taliban request to help run Kabul’s airport. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said Turkey held its first talks with the Taliban in Kabul, adding Ankara was still assessing the armed group’s offer to assist in operating

Half a million Afghans could flee across borders – UNHCR

Reuters August 27, 2021 An internally displaced Afghan girl carries a child near their shelter at a camp on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan June 20, 2019. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani GENEVA, Aug 27 (Reuters) – Up to half a million Afghans could flee their homeland by year-end, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday, appealing

Massoud, Taliban Agree to Not Fight Until Next Round of Talks

TOLOnews TV Network 26 August 2021 The negotiations followed both sides’ threatening to use military force.   Supporters of Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the resistance front against the Taliban, and Taliban representatives held their first meeting on Wednesday afternoon in the center of Parwan province to seek an alternative to fighting.   The resistance front

Afghanistan’s economy in crisis after Taliban take-over

By Ashitha Nagesh BBC News 25 August 2021 Long queues have been forming outside banks, which are closed The Taliban are in control of Afghanistan for the first time in 20 years. But while they no longer have any military opposition, they now face an economy on the brink of collapse, which threatens to worsen

Banks in Kabul reopen, drawing crowds of cash-starved Afghans

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 25 Aug 2021 People stand in long queues to withdraw money after some banks reopened in the Afghan capital. Kabul, Afghanistan – After more than a week of closures, banks in Afghanistan are starting to reopen, drawing crowds of hundreds of people eager to finally have physical cash in their hands

China blasts US over Afghanistan pullout, describes ‘effective’ talks with Taliban

By Associated Press  Aug 25, 06:23 AM A US soldier shoots in the air with his pistol while standing guard behind barbed wire as Afghans sit on a roadside near the military part of the airport in Kabul on August 20, 2021, hoping to flee from the country after the Taliban’s military takeover of Afghanistan. (Photo by Wakil

The Taliban wants to forget the past, a leader tells The Times, but there will be some restrictions.

By Matthieu Aikins and Jim Huylebroek The New York Times Aug. 25, 2021Updated 6:15 p.m. ET Zabihullah Mujahid, a senior Taliban official, after a briefing in the Ministry of Information and Culture in Kabul on Tuesday.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KABUL, Afghanistan — In his first sit-down interview with a Western media outlet since the Taliban

Biden pushes to complete Afghan evacuation by Aug. 31 — but orders backup plan

Biden keeps Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan Sean Sullivan, Anne Gearan, Dan Lamothe and John Hudson   The Washington Post 21 August 2021 President Biden on Tuesday reaffirmed his intent to complete the U.S. evacuation mission in Afghanistan by Aug. 31, but he also ordered contingency plans if that cannot be

WFP Urges World Nations to Donate $200M in Food Aid for Afghans

TOLOnews, TV Network 24 August 2021 “Once the snow sets in it is simply too late,” said WFP deputy regional director for Asia and Pacific. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday called for the international community to donate $200 million in food aid for Afghanistan so essential supplies can be delivered to remote

Biden Says U.S. Is On Track to Finish Evacuation By Deadline

The New York Times Aug. 24, 2021 Afghanistan– Here’s what you need to know: Biden says the U.S. is poised to meet the Afghan withdrawal deadline, at least for now. G.O.P. and Democratic lawmakers urge Biden to extend the troop withdrawal deadline. A Taliban spokesman urged women to stay home because fighters have not been

They’re really sitting ducks’: Refugee advocates inundated with pleas for help from vulnerable Afghans

Deirdre Shesgreen USA TODAY 18 August 2021 WASHINGTON – They are hiding in their homes, destroying evidence of any association with the U.S. government and secretly pleading with advocates in America for help. Over the last 24 hours, Afghan women, journalists, human rights advocates and former translators for the U.S. military have flooded U.S.-based refugee groups with desperate

Afghan envoy says hold-out Panjshir province can resist Taliban rule

Reuters AUGUST 18, 2021 DUSHANBE (Reuters) -The Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan on Wednesday rejected Taliban rule of his country and said Panjshir province, north of Kabul, would serve as a stronghold for resistance led by self-proclaimed acting president Amrullah Saleh) Afghan First Vice-President Saleh said on Tuesday he was the “legitimate caretaker president” of Afghanistan

The Taliban’s Leaders: Worldly and ‘Inclusive’ or Ruthless Ideologues?

By Adam Nossiter, Carlotta Gall and Julian E. Barnes The New York Times Aug. 17, 2021, 8:19 p.m. ET The Taliban claim to be more tolerant now, even willing to work with women. But have they really cast off their extremist ideology or is it all a ruse? Taliban fighters in Kabul on Monday. They have mostly been on

Transcript of Taliban’s first news conference in Kabul

Al Jazeera 17 August 2021 Taliban spokesperson addresses the public in first conference following the armed group’s takeover of Afghanistan. Following the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has held its first official news conference in Kabul, declaring that it wishes peaceful relations with other countries. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid promised Tuesday that the Taliban would

Taliban spokesman, in first news conference in Kabul, pledges no reprisals.

By Mujib Mashal The New York Times Aug. 17, 2021Updated 4:24 p.m. ET For nearly two decades, Zabihullah Mujahid was the voice of the Taliban, but only on Tuesday did the world get its first look at his face, when he appeared before reporters in a jam-packed Kabul briefing room to discuss what the insurgents plan to

Some Govt Offices Reopen in Herat

Nasir Ahmad Salehi TOLOnews Reporter 17 August 2021 Breshna Company in Herat resumed its work a day after the Taliban took control of Herat city, and now is operating as before. Sources in Herat said on Tuesday that a number of government offices in the province had resumed their activities without the presence of women employees.

Taliban Pledges Safety for Diplomats, Tells Media to Continue

By Siyar Sirat Tolo News 17 August 2021 Mujahid said that Kabul security is improving day by day as their forces have been stationed in various places. At a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they do not have enmity toward anyone and based on their leader’s orders they have

Afghan president flees country after Taliban enters Kabul, a sign the government has collapsed

By Susannah George, Bryan Pietsch, Claire Parker, John Hudson, Karen DeYoung and Dan Lamothe The Washington Post   August 15, 2021, at 10:37 a.m. EDT An Interior Ministry official said Taliban insurgents entered Kabul on Aug. 15, 2021, as the United States evacuated diplomats by helicopter.  KABUL — Taliban fighters took control of Kabul on Sunday

Taliban Says It Will Not Enter Kabul by Force

TOLOnews TV Network 15 August 2021 The Taliban ordered its members to wait near the Kabul gates and not try to enter the city.  Amid uncertainty in Kabul and fears that the city will collapse, the Taliban in a statement on Sunday said it will not enter the city of Kabul by force.  The group

Blinken says the Taliban moved faster than expected, but defends removal of U.S. troops.

By Lara Jakes The New York Times Aug. 15, 2021, 11:07 a.m. ET Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken this month at the State Department.Credit…Pool photo by Brendan Smialowski Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said on Sunday that the defeat of Afghan security forces that has led to the Taliban’s takeover “happened more quickly than

A Week Into Taliban Rule, One City’s Glimpse of What the Future May Hold

By Christina Goldbaum and Najim Rahim The New York Times Aug. 15, 2021, Updated 12:27 p.m. ET In Kunduz, the new insurgent leaders said they had no quarrel with the people. But residents say they soon began instilling fear. Taliban fighters in Kunduz, Afghanistan, early last week. The city was the first in a series to rapidly fall

A frenzied U.S. flight from Kabul as chaos descends.

Fahim Abed, Fatima Faizi, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Christina Goldbaum, Sharif Hassan, Jim Huylebroek and Najim Rahim. The New York Times Aug. 15, 2021, Updated 9:33 a.m. ET An American military helicopter over the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday.Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images KABUL, Afghanistan — As the Taliban stood at the gates of Kabul

More isolated than ever, Afghanistan’s president clings to power.

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times Aug. 13, 2021 Updated 5:53 p.m. ET President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan at the White House in June. Credit…Pete Marovich for The New York Times Several of his close political associates have surrendered to the Taliban without a fight, or fled into exile. His army has all but collapsed and

Fearing Kabul’s Fall, U.S. Officials Implore Afghans to ‘Fight’

By Michael Crowley The New York Times Aug. 13, 2021, 7:45 p.m. ET The calls to action underscore the stark reality that the United States has no intention of rescuing government forces. An Afghan police special forces soldier on the front lines with the Taliban in Kandahar this month. U.S. officials have said that the Afghan

Afghanistan is proving treacherous terrain for Biden

Anne Gearan and Karen DeYoung The Washington Post Today at 8:26 a.m. EDT President Biden leaves the East Room after delivering remarks on the Afghanistan drawdown on July 8. (Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post) Last month, President Biden vowed that his decision to pull American forces out of Afghanistan would never end in a repeat of the

In desperation, U.S. scours for countries willing to house Afghan refugees

By Idrees Ali and Humeyra Pamuk, Jonathan Landay Reuters August 13, 2021 4:42 PM EDT The U.S. flag is reflected on the windows of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan July 30, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer WASHINGTON, Aug 13 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden’s administration has been holding secret talks with more countries than previously known in a desperate attempt

‘They sold us out’: Afghans in disbelief over Taliban gains

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 13 Aug 2021 Residents of Herat and Kandahar express shock and anger at the swift fall of their cities to the Taliban. Kabul, Afghanistan – Residents in Herat and Kandahar say they cannot believe how quickly both cities fell after the Taliban’s weeks-long effort to take two of Afghanistan’s largest cities.

UNSC Discussing Condemnation of Taliban Attacks on Cities

TOLOnews TV Network 13 August 2021 Abdullah Abdullah said that Doha participants agreed on the need to accelerate the Afghan peace process. Quoting diplomats, Reuters reported on Friday that the UN Security Council is discussing a draft statement that would condemn Taliban attacks on cities and towns causing high civilian casualties and threaten sanctions for

As the Taliban Advance in Afghanistan, Pressure on Pakistan Grows

By Emily Schmall The New York Times Aug. 13, 2021, 10:00 a.m. ET The United States and others want Pakistan to push harder for peace. But many Pakistanis see a Taliban victory as inevitable, and some are cheering for one. At a closed border crossing in Chaman, Pakistan, on Wednesday. The Taliban took control of Spin

An Afghan warlord who steadfastly resisted the Taliban surrendered. Others may follow his lead.

By Sharif Hassan The New York Times Aug. 13, 2021 Updated 11:47 a.m. ET Mohammad Ismail Khan, center, last week in Herat. He rose to prominence in the mujahedeen resistance to the Soviets, and then fought against the Taliban in the 1990s.Credit…Jalil Rezayee/EPA, via Shutterstock KABUL, Afghanistan — A prominent Afghan warlord and former governor, who

Three more major cities are under Taliban control, as the government’s forces near collapse.

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Aug. 13, 2021, Updated 8:31 a.m. ET Taliban Forces Sweep Across Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan — Three major cities in western and southern Afghanistan were confirmed on Friday to have fallen to the Taliban, as the insurgents’ race to take control of the country accelerated. The Taliban seized Lashkar Gah,

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan blames Taliban surge on Trump ‘delegitimizing’ Afghan government

STEPHEN PROCTOR Yahoo News August 13, 2021, 3:59 AM Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, where he blamed former President Trump for the Taliban’s recent surge in the country. Trump had planned to meet with Taliban leaders and the Afghan president at Camp David in 2019. After the meeting was canceled, a U.S. representative for Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s neighbours are preparing for life with the Taliban

The Economist August 14, 2021 issue Making the best of a bad situation Regional powers are not looking forward to it. But they cannot agree on what to do about it DELHI AND ISLAMABAD Two decades after Western forces helped sweep the Taliban from power, and four months after President Joe Biden announced his intention to

U.S. sending thousands of combat troops to Afghanistan to bolster security as some embassy staff are withdrawn

By Missy Ryan, and Dan Lamothe The Washington Post 12 August 2021 4:41 p.m. EDT A helicopter is reflected in the windows of the U.S. embassy building in Kabul on July 30. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images) The Biden administration will temporarily send thousands of additional military personnel to Afghanistan, U.S. officials said Thursday, as the United

Doha talks on Afghanistan end with call for accelerated peace process, halt to attacks

Reuters August 12, 2021, 5:09 PM EDT Abdul Salam Hanafi, member of the Taliban negotiating team and the Taliban delegation, arrive for Afghan peace talks in Doha, Qatar, August 12, 2021. REUTERS/Hussein Sayed DUBAI, Aug 12 (Reuters) – Envoys from the United States, China and other states on Thursday called for an accelerated peace process

Khan: Taliban Will Not Talk to Govt ‘As Long As Ghani Is There’

Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 12 August 2021 Pakistan Prime Minister said that he tried to persuade Taliban leaders when they were visiting Pakistan to reach a settlement.  Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Taliban leaders have told him that until President Ghani is no longer in power, the group will not engage in talks with the

Marines to Begin Evacuating Americans in Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper, Lara Jakes and Eric Schmitt The New York Times Aug. 12, 2021 Updated 4:39 p.m. ET With the Taliban sweeping across the country, U.S. officials say Kabul could fall in 30 days. The military side of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul in June. The American Embassy urged Americans on Thursday to “leave Afghanistan immediately

Afghanistan Collapse Accelerates as 2 Vital Cities Near Fall to Taliban

By Sharif Hassan and Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Aug. 12, 2021 Updated 4:23 p.m. ET The loss of two of the country’s cultural capitals — Kandahar in the south, and Herat in the West — would be a devastating blow to the government. A member of the Afghan police special forces on the front lines against

U.S. Asks Taliban to Spare Its Embassy in Coming Fight for Kabul

By Lara Jakes The New York Times Aug. 12, 2021 Updated 4:31 p.m. ET The demand seeks to stave off an evacuation of the embassy by dangling aid to future Afghan governments — even one that includes the Taliban. Starting in April, the United States Embassy in Afghanistan began sending home nonessential employees as security became

US says will isolate Taliban if they take power by force

Afghanistan Times AT News August 11, 2021 KABUL: The United States says it will not recognize any government formed by force in Afghanistan, a reference to the Taliban who are trying to overthrow Ghani administration by force and have already gained major parts of the country including nine provincial capitals. The US department of state

Could the Taliban Take Over Afghanistan? Here’s What We Know.

By Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Aug. 11, 2021Updated 2:49 p.m. ET The Taliban seized nine cities over six days in a major escalation of their military offensive. Here’s what you need to know. A police outpost was destroyed by the Taliban after the group had briefly overrun it this month in Kandahar, Afghanistan.Credit…Jim Huylebroek

Afghanistan’s interior minister reveals plan to push back Taliban

By Al Jazeera Staff 11 Aug 2021 Afghanistan’s Interior minister tells Al Jazeera that the gov’t is arming local groups as part of a three-phase plan to push back the Taliban offensive. Afghanistan’s government is arming local groups as part of a three-phase plan to push back the Taliban offensive, the Afghan interior minister tells Al Jazeera

Taliban Resumes Attacks on Kandahar City

Abdullah Achakzai Tolo News 11 August 2021 “The Taliban launched an attack on Lashkargah city of Helmand province,” said Khaled Wardak, Helmand’s police chief. Taliban fighters have resumed operations against the southern city of Kandahar, eyewitnesses said on Wednesday as violence continues to surge in various regions of the country, particularly in the northeast. Residents

U.S. officials warn collapse of Afghan capital could come sooner than expected

Dan Lamothe, John Hudson, Shane Harris and Anne Gearan The Washington Post  10 August 2021 The Biden administration is preparing for Afghanistan’s capital to fall far sooner than feared only weeks ago, as a rapid disintegration of security has prompted the revision of an already stark intelligence assessment predicting Kabul could be overrun within six to 12 months

What the U.S. can do to save the lives of Afghan journalists

Opinion by Joel Simon The Washington Post Today at 1:31 p.m. EDT Joel Simon is the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Candles placed in homage to Reuters journalist Danish Siddiqui in front of his portrait in Kathmandu, Nepal, on July 20. (Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images) In early August, the husband and wife reporting team

Biden says Afghan leaders must ‘fight for their nation’ as Taliban gains

Reuters August 10, 2021 U.S. says it’s up to Afghans to defend country KABUL/WASHINGTON, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Taliban insurgents tightened their grip on captured Afghan territory on Tuesday, now controlling 65% of the country, as U.S. President Joe Biden urged the nation’s leaders to fight for their homeland. Pul-e-Khumri, capital of the northern province

UN Seeks Action to Prevent ‘Calamitous Consequences’ for Afghans

TOLOnews TV Network 10 August 2021 A UN official called on parties to the conflict to stop fighting to prevent more bloodshed. A senior UN official on Tuesday warned that the failure to stem the rising violence and human rights violations and abuses is having disastrous consequences for the people of Afghanistan. The remarks come

‘We are ready to fight’: Seniors at a girls-only high school in Afghanistan face an uncertain future

Alex Horton and Ezzatullah Mehrdad The Washington Post August 10, 2021 Students walk out after classes at the Zarghoona High School on July 25. The girls-only school is the largest in Kabul with 8,500 female students attending classes. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images) KABUL — Deep in the concrete wall maze of central Kabul, the seniors of

Taliban Overrun 3 More Provincial Capitals, Increasing Pressure on Kabul

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim and Taimoor Shah The New York Times Aug. 10, 2021 Updated 5:04 p.m. ET Local officials said insurgents had flooded Pul-i-Khumri and Faizabad in the north, and Farah in western Afghanistan, making it 9 fallen cities in five days. The main bazaar in Farah city in Afghanistan’s west, in 2017.Credit…Bryan Denton for The New

As U.S. Leaves Afghanistan, History Suggests It May Struggle to Stay Out

By Ben Hubbard The New York Times Aug. 10, 2021Updated 11:45 a.m. ET A decade ago, a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq opened the door for the Islamic State. Will the withdrawal from Afghanistan do the same for the Taliban? Islamic State fighters advancing through the desert in Iraq near Tikrit in 2014.Credit…via Agence France-Presse — Getty

Fear Sets in as Taliban Seize Former Bastions of Resistance

By Christina Goldbaum, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Sharif Hassan and Najim Rahim The New York Times Published Aug. 9, 2021Updated Aug. 10, 2021, 12:42 p.m. ET The Taliban’s breakthrough victories across northern Afghanistan have sent despair rippling through the country, as many worry that no corner of the country will be spared. Children who fled fighting in northern Afghanistan at a park in Kabul

On Afghanistan’s Front Line, There Are No Good Choices

Gibbons-Neff and Fahim Abed Photographs by Jim Huylebroek Aug. 9, 2021 For the past month, Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, has been under siege by Taliban fighters. Families stuck between them and government forces have almost nowhere to go. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — As the first chatter of gunfire began, a police unit tested its heavy machine gun. The gunner

The Taliban take a sixth provincial capital as government forces reel.

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim and Sharif Hassan The New York Times Aug. 9, 2021 A still from a video obtained from Taliban social media showing Taliban militants at the entrance gate of Aybak, Samangan province, in Afghanistan today.Credit…Taliban social media, via Reuters The Taliban seized near total control over another provincial capital in northern Afghanistan on Monday,

As Taliban Capture Cities, U.S. Says Afghan Forces Must Fend for Themselves

By Helene Cooper, Katie Rogers and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Published Aug. 8, 2021Updated Aug. 10, 2021, 9:55 a.m. ET The muted American response to the Taliban siege shows in no uncertain terms that the U.S. war in Afghanistan is over. Afghans inspected damaged shops after fighting between Taliban and Afghan security forces in Kunduz city, northern Afghanistan, on

As Afghan Cities Fall to Taliban, Brutal New Chapter Unfolds

By Christina Goldbaum, Najim Rahim, Sharif Hassan and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Aug. 8, 2021 “This is now a different kind of war, reminiscent of Syria.” The seizure of five capitals has amplified fears about Afghanistan’s future after the U.S. withdrawal. The Taliban flag flying in the main square in Kunduz on Sunday.Credit…Abdullah Sahil/Associated Press KABUL, Afghanistan — The

As fighting rages in Afghanistan, health workers are struggling

Sarah Leahy Project coordinator at the MSF Helmand project in Lashkar Gah city Al Jazeera 8 Aug 2021 Fighting in urban areas has increased the number of civilians injured and made providing healthcare extremely difficult. Since May, when foreign troops started withdrawing from Afghanistan, we have witnessed heavy fighting. In recent weeks the clashes between

Biden Orders B-52 Bombers to Target Advancing Taliban: Report

By TOLOnews TV Network 7 August 2021 Jawzjan lawmakers blamed the government for inattention to the security situation in Jawzjan and said it has remained indifferent to this matter. US President Joe Biden has ordered B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships to target Taliban positions in Afghanistan who are advancing towards key cities, MailOnline reported on

The Taliban seize Kunduz, a key city in northern Afghanistan.

By Christina Goldbaum, Najim Rahim, Sharif Hassan and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times Aug. 8, 2021, 3:47 a.m. ET Kunduz is the first major Afghan city to be overrun by the Taliban since they began their military offensive in May.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban seized the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan

Taliban Take Second Afghan City in Two Days

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Fahim Abed and Sharif Hassan The New York Times Aug. 7, 2021Updated 3:52 p.m. ET Sheberghan, in Jowzjan Province, collapsed less than 24 hours after a provincial capital in southwestern Afghanistan had fallen to the Taliban. The Marshal Dostum School in Sheberghan, Afghanistan. The city fell to the Taliban on Saturday.Credit…Kiana Hayeri for The New York

Taliban Seize Afghan Provincial Capital Just Weeks Before Final U.S. Withdrawal

By Adam Nossiter, Taimoor Shah and Fahim Abed The New York Times Published Aug. 6, 2021Updated Aug. 7, 2021, 11:33 a.m. ET Zaranj, on the Afghanistan-Iran border, was the first provincial capital to be captured by the insurgents since the Biden administration said it would completely withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. A police truck in the empty desert outside Zaranj, Afghanistan,

US Reiterates Call for Afghan Political Settlement

TOLOnews TV Network 5 August 2021 According to reports, at least seven attacks by the Taliban on the city of Herat were pushed back by the security forces on Wednesday night. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday spoke on the telephone with High Council for National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah and he reiterated

Russia says Afghan Taliban offensive running out of steam

Reuters August 5, 2021 A member of the Afghan Special Forces directs traffic during the rescue mission of a policeman besieged at a check post surrounded by Taliban, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, July 13, 2021. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui MOSCOW, Aug 5 (Reuters) – The Taliban offensive in Afghanistan is “gradually running out of steam” as the

Atmar calls on UNSC to convene emergency meeting on Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times August 4, 2021 AT News KABUL: Afghan Foreign Minister, Hanif Atmar called for a special meeting of the UN’s Security Council to seek ways for peace in his country. Atmar made the call in a phone conversation with his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, in which they discussed increasing violence, violating of human rights

Airstrikes pummel Taliban positions in southern Afghanistan

By Tameem Akhgar | AP The Washington Post 4 August 2021 Afghan Special forces patrol a deserted street during fighting with Taliban fighters, in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021. The Taliban pressed ahead with their advances in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, capturing nine out of 10 districts of the Helmand provincial capital,

Taliban Killed ‘Possibly 800-900 People’ in Kandahar: Tadin Khan

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 4 August 2021 According to Tadin Khan, the Taliban forcefully took these 900 people from their homes and killed them. The former police chief of Kandahar and a member of the High Council of the National Reconciliation (HCNR), Tadin Khan, on Wednesday stated that the Taliban “does not believe in human rights,” saying

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad: Kabul, Taliban should negotiate formation of new govt

Afghanistan Times AT News August 4, 2021 KABUL: Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, says the Afghan government and the Taliban should discuss the architecture of a new government. According to reports, Khalilzad said on Tuesday that both the Afghan government and the Taliban should not repeat the mistakes made after

War Displaced 900,000 in Three Months

By Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 4 August 2021 Lailuma, a resident of Kunduz city, was displaced due to fighting two months ago and lost her husband in the war. Findings of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) released on Wednesday indicated that the ongoing war in the country has displaced 900,000 people in the

How do Afghanistan forces and Taliban compare?

Al Jazeera 4 August 2021 Analysts and officials say a Taliban victory is far from guaranteed, pointing to the resources of Afghan defence forces, who remain in control. The Taliban now controls about half of Afghanistan’s districts, after lightning pace offensives in the months since foreign troops began their final withdrawal from the country. But

U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Could Be a Sign of What Comes Next

By Helene Cooper, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Eric Schmitt The New York Times Aug. 3, 2021 American forces have stepped up a bombing campaign, but the White House and the Pentagon insist these are the final days of combat support. Afghan soldiers guarding a road in Herat Province on Sunday. Taliban fighters have entered several important provincial capitals such

Taliban Claim Responsibility for Major Attack in Afghan Capital

By Christina Goldbaum The New York Times Aug. 4, 2021Updated 9:06 a.m. ET The hourslong raid, which killed eight people, targeted a top military official’s home near Kabul’s fortified green zone. Afghan security personnel assessing the damage in Kabul on Wednesday after a Taliban attack on the home of the acting defense minister.Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse —

UN Security Council Calls For Immediate Reduction of Violence

TOLOnews TV Network 4 August 2021 The UN Security Council raises concerns about the number of “reported serious human rights abuses.” The members of the UN Security Council in a statement on Tuesday have expressed their “deep concern” about the high levels of violence in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s offensive attacks and called for an

Taliban on brink of taking key Afghan city as residents told to flee

Akhtar Mohammad Makoii in Herat and Peter Beaumont The Guardian Tue 3 Aug 2021 12.27 EDT Officials confirm all but one district of Lashkar Gah is under hardline Islamists’ control after fierce fighting Afghan special forces patrol a deserted street during fighting with Taliban fighters in Lashkar Gah. Photograph: Abdul Khaliq/AP Taliban fighters appeared to be on

Afghan president blames US ‘speedy’ withdrawal for Taliban rapid advance

Tameem Akhgar The Associated Press 2 August 2021 Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaks at the extraordinary meeting of the Parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul) KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Afghan president on Monday blamed the American troops’ speedy pullout for the worsening violence in his country and said that his

Taliban seek ‘lion’s share of power’ in deadlocked peace talks – U.S. envoy

By Jonathan Landay Reuters August 3, 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Taliban and the Kabul government are far apart in U.S.-backed talks on bringing peace to Afghanistan, with the insurgents demanding “the lion’s share of power” in any new government, the special U.S. envoy said on Tuesday. Afghan-born veteran U.S. diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad’s bleak assessment

Powerful blasts and gunfire rock Afghan capital Kabul

Al Jazeera 3 Aug 2021 Afghanistan’s Defence Minister says he is safe after explosion near his home, but continuing gunfire reported in Kabul. Powerful blasts followed by sporadic gunfire hit Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Tuesday near the city’s heavily fortified “Green Zone”, an area home to government buildings and foreign embassies, officials said. A senior

State Dept. Offers Potential Refugee Status to More Afghans Who Worked With U.S.

By Michael Crowley The New York Times Aug. 2, 2021 As the Taliban make territorial gains, more Afghans, including those who helped U.S. news outlets, will become eligible for visas. Afghan interpreters at a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, before the beginning of the U.S. troop withdrawal in April.Credit…Wakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The State

EU Special Envoy Sees ‘No Change’ in Taliban

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 2 August 2021 The EU special envoy says that the choice for the Taliban now is either to negotiate or decide if they want an isolated Afghanistan. The EU special envoy for Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson said he sees no clear indication of a fundamental change in the Taliban based on considering

Afghan Visa Applicants Arrive in U.S. After Years of Waiting

By Eric Schmitt and Jennifer Steinhauer The New York Times July 30, 2021 The first group of Afghan interpreters and others who helped Americans during the war will stay on an Army base in Virginia until they are resettled. Afghan interpreters who worked with the U.S. military protesting visa delays in front of the American Embassy in

UN compound attacked as battle for Afghanistan’s Herat rages

Al Jazeera 30 July 2021 Afghan guard killed in attack amid intense fighting between gov’t forces and Taliban on western city’s outskirts. An Afghan security guard was killed on Friday when a United Nations compound came under attack in Herat, officials said, as fighting raged between government forces and the Taliban on the outskirts of

Taliban assassinations of Afghan pilots ‘worrisome,’ U.S. govt watchdog says

By Phil Stewart Reuters JULY 29, 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Taliban assassinations of Afghan pilots detailed by Reuters here this month mark another “worrisome development” for the Afghan Air Force as it reels from a surge in fighting, a U.S. government watchdog said in a report released on Thursday. At least seven Afghan pilots have been assassinated off

24,000 Taliban Killed, Wounded in 4 Months: Ministry

Zahra Rahimi TOLOnews Reporter 29 July 2021 Based on the numbers by the State Ministry for Peace Affairs, during this period 5,777 civilians were also killed including women and children. Numbers issued by a violence-monitoring department in the State Ministry for Peace Affairs indicate that over 24,000 Taliban fighters were killed and wounded in battles with the Afghan

These Herders Lived in Peaceful Isolation. Now, War Has Found Them.

By Andrew E. Kramer The New York Times July 29, 2021, 12:06 p.m. ET Accompanied by their livestock, hundreds tried to flee the Wakhan Corridor, a mountainous region of Afghanistan now threatened by the Taliban. But they were turned back by northern neighbors. Kyrgyz nomad families traveling with yaks in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan in

The predictable collapse of the Afghan Air Force is happening in real time

BY JEFF SCHOGOL Task and Purpose JUL 28, 2021  An Afghan pilot conducts training in an A-29 Super Tucano over Kabul. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Maygan Straight) President Joe Biden has vowed that the United States will make sure the Afghans “have the capacity to maintain their air force,” but signs have emerged that the Afghan Air Force

China Offers the Taliban a Warm Welcome While Urging Peace Talks

By Steven Lee Myers The New York Times July 28, 2021 Worried about the war in Afghanistan, China has stepped up diplomatic efforts with the government and the group to encourage a political settlement after the U.S. withdrawal. China offered a high-profile public stage to the Taliban on Wednesday, declaring that the group rapidly retaking

China says Taliban expected to play ‘important’ Afghan peace role

Reuters Staff JULY 28, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) -China told a visiting Taliban delegation on Wednesday it expected the insurgent group to play an important role in ending Afghanistan’s war and rebuilding the country, the Chinese foreign ministry said. Nine Taliban representatives met Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin on a

Kandahar residents fear Taliban advance on Afghan city

By Ali M Latifi and Abdul Matin Amiri Al Jazeera 28 Jul 2021 Thousands of Afghans displaced and many forced to flee to safer places as the Taliban surrounds Kandahar city. Kandahar, Afghanistan – Last week, Kawsar Sama and her family packed up their belongings and got on a flight to the capital city of Kabul. For the 21-year-old

Taliban Takeover Would Make Afghanistan ‘Pariah State’: Blinken

 TOLOnews TV Network 28 July 2021 The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday told reporters in India that Afghanistan would become a “pariah state” if the government commits atrocities against its own population. “An Afghanistan that does not respect the rights of its people, an Afghanistan that commits atrocities against its own people

Americans evenly divided on whether Afghanistan War was a mistake: Gallup

BY MYCHAEL SCHNELL The Hill  07/26/21  © Getty Images Americans are evenly divided on whether the war in Afghanistan was a mistake, as the U.S.’s troop withdrawal from the region nears completion. Gallup reported on Monday that 47 percent of Americans believe U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan was a mistake, while 46 percent support the mission. President

Taliban claims to favour ‘settlement’. Can it be trusted?

By Ali M Latifi Al Jazeera 27 Jul 2021 The armed group says it wants a ‘political settlement’, but its fighters continue to press ahead with military campaigns on the ground. Kabul, Afghanistan – The Taliban leadership has reiterated that they want a “political settlement” to the Afghan conflict, but the swift military gains made by the

Afghanistan faces worsening food crisis amid conflict, droughts

Afghanistan Times AT News July 27, 2021 KABUL: Officials are warning that the country will slip into food crisis because of the conflict and droughts with millions of people in vulnerable areas at risks of food shortage. Afghans are in dire straits facing food insecurity due to the conflict and droughts, and this situation calls

NATO Chief Reiterates Support for Afghanistan

Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 27 July 2021 This comes as the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) continue to fight the Taliban in at least 20 provinces. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday said there is a need for a political settlement to end the conflict in Afghanistan. “The security situation in Afghanistan

Afghan Civilian Casualties Soar as U.S. Exits, Monitors Say

By Adam Nossiter and Taimoor Shah The New York Times July 26, 2021, 7:07 a.m. ET Detentions and summary executions of those accused of colluding with the Kabul government were also reported, with the Taliban found to be largely responsible. Bouquets of flowers sat on empty desks as a tribute to those killed in the bombing outside the

Afghan soldiers seek refuge in Pakistan after losing border military posts

By Asif Shahzad Reuters July 26, 2021 ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Forty-six Afghan soldiers sought refuge in Pakistan after losing control of military positions across the border following advances by Taliban insurgents, Pakistan’s army said on Monday. Hundreds of Afghan army soldiers and civil officials have fled to neighbouring Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan in recent weeks

The Taliban explained

Al Jazeera 25 July 2021 The armed group has emerged as a strong player as US-led foreign forces pull out of Afghanistan after 20 years. The Taliban have won a string of battlefield victories in recent weeks as the United States-led foreign forces are about to complete pull-out from Afghanistan after 20 years. The armed

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Hit Record Levels: UN

Sonil Haidari ToloNews 26 July 2021 Civilian casualties have increased 47 percent in the last six months, the UN said in a report.   Resulting from a spike in violence in May that corresponded with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the civilian casualties reported in the country for the first half of 2021 have

First task for Afghan forces is to slow Taliban’s momentum -Pentagon chief

Idrees Ali Reuters July 24, 2021 U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin answers reporters questions at the Pentagon as the U.S. military nears the formal end of its mission in Afghanistan in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. July 21, 2021. REUTERS/Ken Cedeno EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska July 24 (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on

U.S. General Won’t Commit to Ending Airstrikes on Taliban

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times July 25, 2021, 4:58 p.m. ET With the militants making advances across Afghanistan, the top American general there suggested that airstrikes may continue, even with the U.S. troop pullout largely completed. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie at a news conference in Kabul on Sunday.Credit…Sajjad Hussain/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images KABUL, Afghanistan

China, Pakistan Call for Afghan Ceasefire, Political Settlement

TOLOnews TV Network 25 July 2021 The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to support and facilitate the Afghan peace process. Pakistan and China foreign ministers on Saturday called on all warring parties in Afghanistan to agree on a comprehensive ceasefire and work together to achieve a broad-based, inclusive and negotiated political settlement. Foreign Minister Shah

Next High-Level Meeting on Peace Expected in August

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 25 July 2021 The first meeting was held on July 16 and lasted for two days, during which delegates agreed to continue their meetings. The next meeting of high-level delegations from both the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban will take place at the beginning of next month, sources close

Afghanistan imposes night curfew to curb Taliban advance

Al Jazeera 24 July 2021 Thirty-one of the country’s 34 provinces to be under 10pm to 4am curfew, the interior ministry announces. Afghanistan’s government has imposed a night-time curfew across almost all of the country’s 34 provinces to stem surging violence unleashed by a sweeping Taliban offensive that has seen the armed group make rapid

UN Warns of Expanding Threat from Daesh, al Qaeda in Afghanistan

TOLOnews  TV Network 24 July 2021 UN report says al Qaeda operates under Taliban protection from Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroz provinces, the report says. The United Nations in a new report is warning that the threat from terror groups such as Daesh and al Qaeda is expanding in many places in Afghanistan where the security

Biden Authorizes $100M in Emergency Funds for Afghan Refugees

TOLOnews TV Network 24 July 2021 Such assistance may be provided on a bilateral or multilateral basis as appropriate, the White House says. US President Joe Biden on Friday authorized $100 million from an emergency fund to meet “unexpected urgent” refugee needs as a result of the situation in Afghanistan, including for Afghan special immigration

US Airstrikes Target Taliban, Military Equipment in Afghanistan 

By Jeff Seldin VOA/Voice of America July 22, 2021 06:22 PM FILE – Afghan forces inspect the site of a U.S. airstrike in Kunduz city, Afghanistan, Oct. 2, 2015. The U.S. has launched several airstrikes across Afghanistan in the past 30 days, a defense official told VOA on July 22, 2021. The United States has

In a city besieged by the Taliban, Afghan military advances disappear with forces stretched thin

Story by Susannah George, Photos by Lorenzo Tugnoli The Washington Post July 22, 2021 Elite Afghan forces conduct a clearing operation in an area under Taliban control on the northern edge of Kunduz city, Afghanistan, on July 15. KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — The argument between Afghan security forces erupted two miles inside Taliban-controlled territory, piercing the near-complete

U.S. Strikes Taliban Targets in a Show of Force in Afghanistan

By Adam Nossiter and Eric Schmitt The New York Times July 23, 2021 Updated 9:01 p.m. ET The airstrikes showed American willingness to back up beleaguered Afghan government forces as the Taliban advance, but the extent of that willingness remains unclear. The view from a police and army outpost in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province in March. The U.S. military

Taliban: ‘No one wants a civil war’ in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera 23 Jul 2021 The Taliban says it does not want to monopolise power but insists there will not be peace in Afghanistan until there is a new negotiated government in Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani is removed. In an interview with The Associated Press news agency, Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, who is also

Tajikistan Ready to Receive up to 100,000 Afghan Refugees

TOLOnews TV Network 23 July 2021 A senior Tajik official says Tajikistan is already building two large warehouses to store supplies for refugees. Tajikistan is preparing to receive up to 100,000 refugees from Afghanistan where violence has increased as international troops are leaving, a senior Tajik official said on Friday as quoted by Reuters. This

Taliban Seeks Agreement on New Govt Before Any Ceasefire

TOLOnews TV Network 23 July 2021 Shaheen says before any ceasefire, there must be an agreement on a new government “acceptable to us and to other Afghans.” A Taliban spokesman has said they don’t want to monopolize power but insisted that there won’t be peace in Afghanistan until there is a new negotiated government in

Journalism is sacred work’: Afghanistan’s front line reporters

By Robyn Huang and Matt Reichel Al Jazeera 21 Jul 2021 Afghanistan ranks as one of the world’s worst countries for journalism. Yet despite targeted killings and an uncertain future, reporters are not turning away from the profession. Kabul, Afghanistan – It was about 8am on a Monday morning in April 2018 when Bushra Seddique felt the multi-storey apartment building

Russian Envoy: Taliban Ready for Political Settlement

Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 21 July 2021 “Until now there are no indications that they are willing to seek a political settlement or to stop violence and destruction,” said MP Sadiq Qaderi. Russian envoy Zamir Kabulov said that the Talban’s violence has increased but the group is ready to seek a political settlement for the

U.S. diplomats in Afghanistan face daunting, dangerous mission with little military backup

Missy Ryan, Karen DeYoung and Dan Lamothe The Washington Post July 18, 2021 The U.S. Embassy dominates the skyline in Kabul. (Rahmat Gul/AP) The conclusion of the Pentagon’s two-decade effort in Afghanistan lays bare the challenges facing U.S. diplomats and aid workers who remain behind, as a modest civilian force attempts to propel warring Afghans toward

George W Bush warns of ‘bad’ outcome of US Afghanistan pullout

Al Jazeera 20 July 2021 Women and girls are at risk of ‘unspeakable harm’ Bush says as the Taliban claims it controls most of Afghanistan. Former United States President George W Bush, who initiated the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, has warned the US and NATO military withdrawal now speeding to a conclusion will

The Biden administration is sending Afghan visa applicants to an Army base in Virginia.

By Eric Schmitt The New York Times July 19, 2021 WASHINGTON — The Biden administration plans to evacuate an initial group of Afghans who helped the United States during the 20-year war and who now face reprisals from the Taliban to an Army base in Virginia in the coming days, the State and Defense Departments said

Foreign missions in Kabul issue joint call for Taliban ceasefire

Al Jazeera 19 Jul 2021 Fifteen diplomatic missions call for ‘urgent end’ to offensives, hours after Doha meeting failed to agree on a ceasefire. Fifteen diplomatic missions and the NATO representative in Kabul have joined hands to urge the Taliban to halt military offensives across Afghanistan, just hours after a peace meeting in Doha failed to agree

Taliban Sought Prisoner Release, Blacklisted Names Removed

Massoud Ansar, TOLOnews Reporter 20 July 2021 Noor said the Afghan government will not repeat its previous act–of releasing 5,000 inmates–which did not help in reducing violence. Atta Mohammad Noor, an Afghan politician who attended the two-day negotiations with the Taliban delegation in Doha, said the group sought the release of more prisoners and the

Back to Militias, the Chaotic Afghan Way of War

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Najim Rahim The New York Times Photographs by Jim Huylebroek July 18, 2021 Concerned by the Taliban’s offensive, regional power brokers are again recruiting and arming volunteer militias. But some fear the quick fix will lead to a wider breakdown MAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan—Omid Wahidi was born after the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001. His

Republic, Taliban Delegations Agree to Expedite Peace Efforts; Taliban Leader Says Group Wants ‘Political Solution’

TOLOnews TV Network 18 July 2021 The two sides issued a short joint statement in which they agreed to continue high level talks on peace. High-ranking delegations from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban concluded two days of negotiations and agreed to expedite the peace efforts and continue high-level talks, but fallen short

Women’s groups call for UN peacekeeping force in Afghanistan

By Edith M. Lederer | AP July 16, 2021 The Washington Post Women wait inside a factory to get their oxygen cylinders refilled from a privately owned oxygen factory, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, June 19, 2021. Health officials say Afghanistan is fast running out of oxygen as a deadly third surge of COVID worsen. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Taliban offer 3-month ceasefire in return for prisoner release; Taliban’s political office says it did not suggest a truce in Doha talks

Reuters Staff JULY 18, 2021 (Reuters) – A spokesman for the Taliban’s political office told Al Jazeera TV on Sunday that the group did not suggest an Afghan truce during the Doha talks. “We did not present in the Doha talks a proposal for a three-month truce,” the spokesman told the Qatar-based channel. He added

China Criticized the Afghan War. Now It Worries About the Withdrawal.

By Steven Lee Myers The New York Times July 15, 2021 An explosion that killed Chinese workers in Pakistan has stirred fears in Beijing of regional instability. Kabul, Afghanistan, this month. Statements by senior Chinese officials made it clear that they would blame the United States for any insecurity that spreads in the region.Credit…Jim Huylebroek

ANDSF Retakes Three Districts in Last 24 Hours: MoD

Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 16 July 2021 Afghan forces retook the control of Kahmard and Saighan districts in Bamiyan, the Defense Ministry says. As clashes continue in various provinces, the Defense Ministry said on Friday that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces retook the control of Saighan and Kahmard districts in Bamiyan and Chakhansur district

Afghan Politicians Leave Kabul for Talks with Taliban in Doha

TOLOnews TV Network 16 July 2021 Abdullah said the delegation that will meet the Taliban delegation is inclusive and represents all of Afghanistan.  A 10-member team of key Afghan politicians left Kabul on Friday afternoon for a trip to Doha to hold talks with the Taliban amidst escalating violence in Afghanistan.  Abdullah Abdullah, head of

Afghanistan stunned by scale and speed of security forces’ collapse

Emma Graham-Harrison in Kabul The Guardian Tue 13 Jul 2021  More than 1,000 have fled across the border, and hundreds more have handed over weapons to the Taliban Afghan soldiers patrol the area near a checkpoint recaptured from the Taliban in the Alishing district of Laghman province. Photograph: Reuters Last autumn, with the departure of American

Moscow tightens screws on Kabul, accuses it ‘hypocrisy’ in Taliban talks

Afghanistan Times  July 14, 2021 AT News the Afghan government of hypocrisy as it has resumed long-stalled talked with the Taliban, calling on Kabul to start proper negotiations before it was too late. Zamir Kabulov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special representative on Afghanistan, said that Afghan government only pretended to pursue peace talks with the

Afghan Taliban seize border crossing with Pakistan in major advance

Abdul Sediqi, Orooj Hakimi Reuters July 14, 20213:34 PM EDT People stand in front of a vehicle as an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and a Pakistan’s flag flutter in front of the friendship gate of Afghanistan and Pakistan at the Wesh-Chaman border crossing, Spin Boldak, Afghanistan July 14, 2021, in this screen grab obtained from

Fear and Misery in an Afghan City Where Taliban Stalk the Streets

By Adam Nossiter and Najim Rahim The New York Times July 14, 2021Updated 11:28 a.m. ET For weeks, the northern city of Kunduz has suffered daily street battles. Times journalists were there to document a cat-and-mouse war for control. The main square in Kunduz, Afghanistan.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — The Afghan way of

The U.S. will help evacuate endangered Afghan nationals starting in late July.

By Glenn Thrush, Adam Nossiter and Eric Schmitt New York Times July 14, 2021 Former Afghan interpreters, who worked with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, demonstrated in Kabul last month.Credit…Reuters The Biden administration will begin “Operation Allies Refuge” in the last week in July to support the airlift of Afghan nationals who aided the United States and are endangered

UN Agency Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

TOLOnews TV Network 14 July 2021 An estimated 270,000 Afghans have been newly displaced inside the country since January 2021, UNHCR said.  The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has warned over a looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan due to ongoing violence in the country.  An estimated 270,000 Afghans have been newly displaced inside the country since

Taliban surround central Afghan city of Ghazni – officials

Reuters Staff JULY 12, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) -Taliban fighters have surrounded the city of Ghazni in central Afghanistan, taking over civilians’ homes to fight security forces, officials said on Monday, the latest urban centre under threat from the insurgents. The offensive was the latest on a provincial capital as the Taliban make a fresh push

Top U.S. General Steps Down in Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times July 13, 2021 Gen. Austin S. Miller is leaving as the United States prepares to end its two-decade war in Afghanistan, and as Taliban fighters sweep across much of the country. Gen. Austin S. Miller greets Gen. Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, the Afghanistan defense minister, during the change of

New, Civilized Afghan Taliban May Prefer Peace Talks: Rashid

TOLOnews TV Network 12 July 2021 Islamabad will accept any govt in Afghanistan that has the backing of the Afghan people, Pakistan Interior Minister said.  Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that “new, civilized Afghan Taliban” will prefer the peace talks and that Islamabad will accept any government in Afghanistan that has the support

Iran cheers U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan — but fears what could follow

Miriam Berger The Washington Post July 10, 2021 As Western forces exit Afghanistan, Iran is watching with alarm. The resolution of one long-standing aim, the withdrawal of U.S. troops, is unleashing a separate challenge: what to do about the Taliban, another longtime problem for Iran, swiftly regaining power and territory next door. The Afghan government

Taliban say they control 85% of Afghanistan, humanitarian concerns mount

July 10, 2021 12:57 PM EDT Reuters KABUL/ MOSCOW, July 9 (Reuters) – Taliban officials said on Friday the Sunni Muslim insurgent group had taken control of 85% of territory in Afghanistan, and international concern mounted over problems getting medicines and supplies into the country. Afghan government officials dismissed the assertion that the Taliban controlled

Taliban Opposed to Turkey’s Running of Airport Security

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 11 July 2021 Civil Aviation Authority says a new defense system has been activated at Hamid Karzai International Airport. The Taliban on Sunday announced its opposition to an agreement between the US and Turkey for the latter to take over security of Hamid Karzai International Airport, with a spokesman of

AP Interview: Afghan warlord slams govt, quick US goodbye

By KATHY GANNON Associated Press July 9, 2021 Ata Mohammad Noor, chief of Jamiat-e-Islami and a powerful northern warlord, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press at his house in Mazar-e-Sharif north of Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, July 8, 2021. One of the most powerful warlords of northern Afghanistan and a key US ally in

Taliban Enter Kandahar City and Seize Border Posts

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times July 9, 2021 The insurgent assaulted a vital city in Afghanistan’s south on Friday, less than 24 hours after President Biden reaffirmed his decision to withdraw from the country. Afghan security forces guarding a road during fighting with the Taliban in Kandahar on Friday.Credit…Javed Tanveer/Agence France-Presse — Getty

Negotiators in Doha Held Talks on Five Key Issues

Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 10 July 2021 Ceasefire and a future constitution have been part of key issues discussed in the meetings, sources said.   Peace delegations from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban held a series of talks over the past few days with the talks reportedly focused on at least five

After troops exit, safety of US Embassy in Kabul top concern

Kathy Gannon The Associated Press 6 July 2021 KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — As the end to America’s “forever war” rapidly approaches, the U.S. Embassy and other diplomatic missions in Kabul are watching a worsening security situation and looking at how to respond. In the countryside, districts are falling to the Taliban in rapid succession. America’s warlord allies

Taliban Says It Will Not Attack Provincial Centers

TOLOnews TV Network 9 July 2021 Sources on Friday said that the Taliban attacked District 7 of the city of Kandahar and captured two outposts. A Taliban delegation in Moscow said on Friday that it will not attack provincial centers – despite fighting by the group on the outskirts of many cities, including Qala-e-Naw in

US speeds Afghanistan withdrawal as Biden sets August deadline

Al Jazeera July 2021 President Biden says peace in Afghanistan can only come through renewed talks with Taliban even as fighting escalates. United States President Joe Biden said on Thursday the US military would complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31, ahead of schedule, and dismissed mounting concerns about a civil war developing in

Taliban fighters capture key Afghan border crossing with Iran

Reuters Staff JULY 8, 2021  KABUL (Reuters) -Taliban fighters seized control on Thursday of a key district in western Afghanistan that includes a major border crossing with Iran, Afghan security officials said, as the Islamist insurgents continued their rapid military advances around the country. In the last week, the Taliban have overrun areas bordering five

Biden makes his case on U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban gain ground.

By David E. Sanger and Aishvarya Kavi The New York Times July 8, 2021, 8:16 a.m. ET President Joe Biden delivered remarks on continued drawdown efforts in Afghanistan at the White House on Thursday.Credit…Sarahbeth Maney/The New York Times President Biden made an impassioned case on Thursday that the United States could no longer afford the human cost or

Taliban, Afghan Delegates in Iran Agree ‘War Is Not Solution’

 TOLOnews TV Network 8 July 2021 The delegates also agreed to hold talks in a “cordial atmosphere” and to hold the next meeting soon. The Taliban delegation and a group of Afghan politicians in Tehran agreed during their meetings on Wednesday and Thursday that war was not the solution to the Afghan problem and that

Chaos in Afghanistan raises stakes for Russia

Afghanistan Times July 7, 2021 AT News KABUL: As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, Russia is becoming exponentially troubled by worsening security situation in the country and is trying to step in to shore up sagging defences of its allies bordering Afghanistan. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday expressed Kremlin’s extreme worries about

Taliban Attack a Provincial Capital in Afghanistan’s North, Freeing Prisoners

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Asad Timory The New York Times July 7, 2021  Continuing their offensive, the Taliban forces seemed poised to overrun the city, though Afghan airstrikes slowed the assault. Afghan soldiers at the front line of fighting between Taliban and security forces on Wednesday, in Badghis Province in northwest Afghanistan.Credit…Mirwis Omari/Associated Press KABUL, Afghanistan —

Taliban looted, torched Afghan homes after evicting residents: Human Rights Watch

By Reuters Staff JULY 7, 2021 3:01 PM WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Taliban fighters in northern Afghanistan last month evicted families and looted and torched their homes in apparent retaliation for cooperating with the Kabul government, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday. The “retaliatory attacks” were committed by insurgents participating in a Taliban offensive that has

Taliban, Afghan Leaders in Tehran to Discuss Peace Process

Haseeba Atakpal, Tolo News 7 July 2021 The Taliban’s spokesman in Doha, Mohammad Naeem, on Twitter said that the Taliban delegation will hold talks with the Iranian officials on bilateral issues. A Taliban delegation led by the group’s negotiator Shir Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai is in Tehran where the delegation met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad

Afghanistan: ‘End this failed mission’ says former Afghan president Hamid Karzai as he blames US and its allies for rise in terrorism

By Alex Crawford, special correspondent, and Kevin Sheppard, cameraman, from Kabul Afghanistan Times  July 6, 2021 Former president Hamid Karzai doesn’t hold back any punches on who is to blame for the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai said he felt disrespected by the US A stream of politicians, ambassadors, world leaders and business people

Taliban Try to Polish Their Image as They Push for Victory

By Najim Rahim and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times July 6, 2021 Updated 5:08 p.m. ET The insurgents are trying to rebrand themselves as effective governors as they capture new territory. But there is more evidence that they are unreformed. Members of the Taliban in Laghman Province in eastern Afghanistan last March.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York

Taliban aim to present written peace plan at talks as soon as next month

Reuters 6 July 2021 KABUL, July 5 (Reuters) – The Taliban plan to present a written peace proposal to the Afghan government side as soon as next month, a spokesman for the Islamist insurgents said even as they make major territorial gains in the breach left by departing foreign forces. Hundreds of Afghan security force

Qatar Envoy in Kabul to Help Restart Doha Talks

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 6 July 2021 Qatar intends to speed up the Afghan peace process with their appointment of a special envoy to Afghanistan. Qatar’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan arrived in Kabul on Tuesday where he met a number of senior Afghan political leaders including former president Hamid Karzai to discuss how to expedite

Afghan War Causes Record Bloodshed Amid US Troop Exit 

By Ayaz Gul Voice of America July 01, 2021 09:46 PM An Afghan commando forces armored convoy leaves toward the front line, at Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan, June 29, 2021. ISLAMABAD – The simmering war in Afghanistan, if official accounts are to be accepted, has killed more people last month than in any other

On eve of military exit, U.S. names Afghanistan among world’s worst on human trafficking

Missy Ryan The Washington Post July 2, 2021 Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks on the July 1 release of the 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report at the State Department. (Ken Cedeno/Reuters) The State Department named Afghanistan among the countries with the world’s poorest records on human trafficking for the second year in a

‘What was the point?’ Afghans rue decades of war as U.S. quits Bagram

Reuters 3 July 2021 Afghans worry about security as U.S. exits KABUL, July 3 (Reuters) – As American troops left their main military base in Afghanistan on Friday, marking a symbolic end to the longest war in U.S. history, locals living in the shadow of the base and in nearby Kabul were left ruing the

Gen. McKenzie to Lead US’s Mission in Afghanistan

TOLOnews TV Network 3 July 2021 Gen. Miller to transfer his combat authorities to Gen. Frank McKenzie.   US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a new command structure in Afghanistan that includes the transition of US military mission from warfighting to two new objectives: protecting a continuing US diplomatic presence in Kabul and maintaining

13 Districts Fall to Taliban in 24 Hours

Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 3 July 2021 The Defense Ministry says that 224 Taliban were killed in Afghan forces operations in the last 24 hours.  Sources said Saturday that the control of 13 districts – 11 districts in northeastern Afghanistan, one in the east and one in the south – have fallen to the Taliban

As Western forces pack bags in Afghanistan, aid agencies brace for new round of displacement

Miriam Berger The Washington Post July 2, 2021 Afghan refugees receive assistance in Quetta, Pakistan, on June 28. (Jamal Taraqai/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) Four decades after the first wave of Afghan refugees fled in the face of a Soviet invasion, and nearly 20 years after a U.S.-led invasion transformed life in the country, humanitarian agencies say they are

As the Taliban gain ground, how long can the U.S. Embassy in Kabul stand?

By NAHAL TOOSI and LARA SELIGMAN Politico 07/02/2021 12:27 PM EDT An embassy “Emergency Action Plan” warns of scenarios likely to arise as Afghanistan’s security deteriorates. Afghan National Army cadets dressed as Taliban walk back to base following a Taliban capture military exercise in Kabul, Afghanistan. | Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images The situation in Afghanistan is grim. An occupying

Daesh Building Up Forces in Northern Afghanistan: Lavrov

 TOLOnews  TV Network 2 July 2021 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says it is important to pay attention to Afghanistan. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday said that Daesh militants are building up their forces in northern Afghanistan as US and NATO troops are leaving the country, calling it a worry for Moscow. Quoted

U.S. Leaves Its Last Afghan Base, Effectively Ending Operations

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times July 2, 2021 Updated 11:56 a.m. ET With little fanfare, Bagram Air Base — once the military’s nerve center — was handed over to the Afghans, after nearly 20 years of waging war from the hub. An American soldier in 2019 at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.Credit…Erin Schaff/The New

As Afghan Forces Crumble, an Air of Unreality Grips the Capital

By Adam Nossiter The New York Times July 2, 2021Updated 12:05 p.m. ET With the Taliban advancing and U.S. troops leaving, President Ashraf Ghani and his aides have become increasingly insular, and Kabul is slipping into shock. A park in Kabul on Friday afternoon.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times KABUL, Afghanistan — With his military

What’s next for the Afghan air force? Learning to fix aircraft via Zoom.

J.P. LAWRENCE STARS AND STRIPES JUNE 29, 2021 An Afghan air force technician maintains a helicopter for an early morning takeoff from Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan in 2013. Afghan maintainers said theyve been practicing remote assistance video calls for two months, in anticipation of most U.S-funded maintenance contractors departing the country soon. (Benjamin Bloker/U.S. Air

Scarred by May school bombing, Afghanistan’s Hazaras fear what awaits them as Taliban gains ground

Pamela Constable The Washington Post July 1, 2021 A mural in Kabul memorializes the scores of girls killed in a school bombing. Some could be identified only by their shoes. (Pamela Constable/The Washington Post) KABUL — The pair of bloodstained girls’ sneakers, painted on a wall in downtown Kabul, serves as a grim reminder of

U.S. Questioned Whether Afghan Government Could Survive Taliban Onslaught

By Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy’s Pentagon and national security reporter, and Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy. JUNE 30, 2021, 10:52 AM Biden to boost aid to Kabul as the militants capture more territory. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani meets with U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington on June 25. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES The

Western forces pack up to end their war, Afghans “manage the consequences”

Reuters staff JULY 1, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan scrap dealers are picking over the detritus of the two-decade U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan, collecting whatever they can of value from heaps of broken military hardware, scrapped machines and old furniture. While the scrap men search through junk outside the main U.S. base in Afghanistan,

June Deadliest Month in Afghanistan in Two Decades

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 1 July 2021 The majority of casualties were reported in Baghlan, Faryab, Badakhshan, Ghazni, Takhar, Balkh, Ghor, Herat, Farah, Kunduz, Badghis and Sar-e-Pul provinces. Afghan authorities claim that the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) have killed over 6,000 Taliban fighters in approximately one month, and the Taliban has said

Poppy Cultivation Up 45 Percent in Afghanistan: Ministry

Fariba Sadat Tolo News 1 July 2021 “They are not treating it in the right way, they just keep us there for a specific period of time,” said Ali, referring to treatment programs for addicts. The deputy minister of counter-narcotics on Thursday said that poppy cultivation and drug smuggling has increased by 45 percent in

Afghan civilians take up arms as U.S.-led forces leave

Reuters staff JUNE 30, 2021 PARWAN, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Gun in hand, 55-year-old Dost Mohammad Salangi recites poetry as he leads a small group of men to a look-out post high in the rugged hills of Parwan province, north of the Afghan capital Kabul. Heavily bearded and wearing a traditional circular pakol hat to keep

U.S. military days away from completing Afghan withdrawal

By Phil Stewart, Idrees Ali Reuters 29 June 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military appears just days away from completing its withdrawal from Afghanistan, well ahead of the Sept. 11 deadline set by President Joe Biden to end America’s longest war, U.S. officials told Reuters on Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity. The withdrawal of

Afghanistan’s Survival in Jeopardy: Abdullah

Sonil Haidari Tolo News 30 June 2021 “The truth is today that the survival, security and unity of Afghanistan is in danger.” Abdullah said.   Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), at the council’s leadership committee meeting at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday said that “the survival of Afghanistan is in

As the U.S. Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Airport Is a Final Stand

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper The New York Times 30 June 2021 With the main allied military air base about to close, negotiations are underway with Turkey about continuing to secure the civilian airport as the Taliban advance across the country. Hamid Karzai International Airport is crucial to the United States and allied countries maintaining a

U.S. military commander in Afghanistan warns of chaotic civil war

Pamela Constable The Washington Post June 30, 2021 Army Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller, the United States’ top commander in Afghanistan, speaks to journalists at the Resolute Support headquarters in Kabul on June 29. (Ahmad Seir/Associated Press) KABUL — The top American military commander in Afghanistan expressed deep concern Tuesday that the country could slide into

Top US general says security in Afghanistan deteriorating

By Kathy Gannon | AP June 29, 2021 at 11:21 a.m. EDT U.S. Army Gen. Austin S. Miller, the U.S.’s top general in Afghanistan, speaks to journalists at the Resolute Support headquarters, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Miller on Tuesday gave a sobering assessment of the country’s deteriorating security situation as America winds down its

Taliban fighters launch attack on Ghazni, clash with Afghan troops; Violence intensifies across Afghanistan’s central and northern provinces

By Reuters Staff June 29, 2021  9:45 AM GHAZNI, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Taliban fighters have launched an attack on Ghazni, clashing with Afghan forces and using explosives in an attempt to seize the central Afghan city, local officials said on Tuesday. The assault on Ghazni, on the highway linking the capital Kabul with the southern

The House plans a vote to speed visas for Afghans who helped the U.S. government.

By Luke Broadwater New York Times June 29, 2021, 8:34 a.m. ET Afghans who had worked as translators for the U.S. government protested outside the American embassy in Kabul on Friday.Credit…Mariam Zuhaib/Associated Press Rushing to help Afghans who face retribution for working alongside American troops in their home country, the House is scheduled to vote on Tuesday

Even the Taliban are surprised at how fast they’re advancing in Afghanistan

By Dan De Luce, Mushtaq Yusufzai and Saphora Smith NBC News June 25, 2021, 4:30 AM EDT Even the Taliban are taken aback at how fast their forces are moving, one commander said, and have slowed down in some cases to avoid offending the U.S. WASHINGTON — The Taliban are advancing at lightning speed across Afghanistan as U.S. troops withdraw.

Taliban says has right to react if US troops stay in Afghanistan

By Al Jazeera Staff 25 Jun 2021 A spokesman tells Al Jazeera if Washington keeps 650 soldiers past the September 11 deadline, it will be a ‘clear violation’ of the agreement. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has told Al Jazeera in an exclusive interview that the armed group has the “right to react” if the United States

On the Front Line: A Night With Afghan Commandos

Photographs and Text by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times 25 June 2021 On a recent night raid, a Times photographer captured Afghanistan’s elite forces as they disrupted Taliban operations in one of the country’s most volatile provinces. SOMEWHERE OVER HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — As the city lights faded and the Soviet-era military helicopter banked over

As the last American forces prepare to leave Afghanistan, Biden says the country’s fate is in its own hands

Anne Gearan and Missy Ryan The Washington Post   June 25, 2021 at 6:38 p.m. EDT President Biden meets with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in the Oval Office on June 25. (Susan Walsh/APP President Biden pledged Friday that the United States will remain committed to Afghanistan after American forces leave the country, but said that

US to keep about 650 troops in Afghanistan after withdrawal

By Lolita C. Baldor and Robert Burns | AP The Washington Post June 24, 2021 at 5:26 p.m. EDT FILE – In this April 29, 1975, file photo the helicopter zone at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, showing last minute evacuation of authorized personnel and civilians. With U.S. and NATO forces under a Sept. 11, 2021, deadline

Afghan Government Could Collapse Six Months After U.S. Withdrawal, New Intelligence Assessment Says

By Gordon Lubold and Yaroslav Trofimov Wall Street Journal Updated June 23, 2021 4:10 pm ET Taliban advances prompt agencies to revise outlook for how long Kabul can hold out KABUL—The U.S. intelligence community concluded last week that the government of Afghanistan could collapse as soon as six months after the American military withdrawal from

UN urges world to push Afghanistan from battlefield to talks

By EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press June 22, 2021 Afghan men prays near the grave of their relatives killed in bombings near Syed Al-Shahada School last month at cemetery on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, June 2, 2021. After the collapse of the Taliban 20 years ago, Afghanistan’s ethnic Hazaras began to flourish and

U.S. to Move Afghans Who Aided Troops to Third Countries

By Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt The New York Times June 24, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET The move is meant to place interpreters and others who worked with departing American forces somewhere safe until visas for them to enter the United States are processed. U.S. soldiers spoke with villagers through an interpreter in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province in 2009.

Taliban Take 7 District Centers in Past 24 Hours

Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 24 June 2021 “Security forces in Gurizwan evacuated the area due to a lack of communication,” said Abdul Ahad Elbek, a member of Faryab’s provincial council. The Taliban have seized the centers of at least seven districts in Faryab, Baghlan, Uruzgan, Logar and Ghazni provinces in the past 24 hours, according

Afghan president set to visit White House as security situation in his country worsens

Leo Shane III Military 22 June 2021 An Afghan army Humvee patrols Kunduz city, north of Kabul, in Afghanistan on June 21, 2021. (Abdullah Sahil/AP) As Afghan President Ashraf Ghani prepares to visit the White House this week, Pentagon leaders are emphasizing that plans to withdraw U.S. military forces from the country remain unchanged, despite

‘Taliban now control over 100 districts in Afghanistan’

Afghanistan Times June 23, 2021  AT News KABUL: The Taliban now control more than 100 districts across Afghanistan with more territories falling to the insurgents every day, a report by the Long War Journal said Tuesday. Since early May of this year, Afghanistan has been subject to a substantial increase in Taliban attacks with security

Taliban Attacks Prove Group Has Not Changed: Ghani Aide

Anisa Shaheed TOLOnews Reporter 22 June 2021   “Talib is the one who kills journalists, religious scholars. Talib is the one who goes everywhere and destroys bridges, schools and clinics,” Omer said.  Following repeated attacks by the Taliban in various parts of the country, particularly in the north, President Ghani’s senior adviser Waheed Omer said

Afghanistan’s air force is a rare U.S.-backed success story. It may soon fail

Nabih Bulos Los Angeles Times (TNS) Jun 20, 2021 SHAH WALI KOT, Afghanistan — The UH-60 Blackhawk plummeted like a roller coaster from 10,000 feet — safe from whatever the Taliban was firing at it — all the way down to 50 feet, its nose almost licking the sun-scorched terrain of the Shah Wali Kot.

Attacked and Vulnerable, Some Afghans Are Forming Their Own Armies

By David Zucchino and Fatima Faizi The New York Times June 23, 2021 With U.S. troops leaving, the Taliban advancing, and a steady collapse of security force bases and outposts, the Hazara and other ethnic groups in Afghanistan are raising militias. Members of the Resistance for Justice Movement, an armed militia  of Hazara fighters, preparing to patrol

US Can Provide Over-the-Horizon Support to Afghanistan: Pentagon

TOLOnews TV Network 21 June 2021 Pentagon spokesman says the withdrawal schedule “could fluctuate as conditions change.    The US military “can already provide the over-the-horizon support that the Afghan government will need,” Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said Monday, adding that the United States leaders continually assess the progress of the retrograde from Afghanistan

Death of famed Afghan commander in Taliban massacre highlights the country’s struggles and fears

Pamela Constable The Washington Post June 20, 2021 A color guard leads the cortege in Kabul on June 19 for Afghan Col. Sohrab Azimi, whose coffin is mounted on a tank. Azimi and 22 other special forces members were killed by the Taliban on June 16 while defending a base in northern Afghanistan. (Pam Constable/for

Militias in Afghanistan’s north are taking up the fight against the Taliban

Pamela Constable and Ezzatullah Mehrdad The Washington Post June 22, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EDT Afghan special forces, seen after they clashed with Taliban fighters in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, on June 22. (Reuters) KABUL — A sweeping Taliban offensive across northern Afghanistan, unchecked by overstretched government forces, has triggered a sudden resurgence of anti-Taliban militias

“A Future of One’s Own”: One young woman’s struggle to thrive in modern Herat

S Reza Kazemi Afghanistan Analysts Network  21 Jun 2021  At a time when the future of Afghanistan as a state and society is deeply uncertain, we bring to you an in-depth case study of the life choices of one university graduate who has grown up on the outskirts of the country’s northwestern city of Herat.

Biden to meet with Afghan President Ghani as violence surges

Humeyra Pamukuters Reuters June 20, 2021 Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani gestures during celebrations to mark Afghan New Year (Newroz), in Kabul, Afghanistan March 21, 2021. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani/File Photo WASHINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden will meet at the White House with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and the chairman of Afghanistan’s High Council

Taliban Enter Key Cities in Afghanistan’s North After Swift Offensive

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Najim Rahim The New York Times June 20, 2021 The setbacks come at a harrowing moment for Afghanistan, just as American and international troops are set to leave the country in coming weeks. A military base on a hilltop near Kunduz in 2015 littered with old Russian tanks.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

Departure of U.S. Contractors Poses Myriad Problems for Afghan Military

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt The New York Times Published June 19, 2021Updated June 20, 2021, 3:51 p.m. ET It is not just U.S. troops who are withdrawing from Afghanistan. Thousands of private contractors — who help keep the Afghan Air Force flying, among other tasks — are leaving as well. American contractors repairing an Afghan Air Force

Key Afghan Delegation to Meet Taliban in Doha: Sources

Haseeba Atakpal Tolo News 18 June 2021 Abdullah Abdullah and former president Hamid Karzai will also be part of the team, sources said. A six-member team from the Afghan Republic comprising key political leaders, including the reconciliation council’s chief Abdullah Abdullah and former president Hamid Karzai, is expected to travel to Doha within the next

Elite Afghan Forces Suffer Horrific Casualties as Taliban Advance

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Najim Rahim The New York Times June 17, 2021 At least 24 commandos were killed in one battle in the Afghan north, and that kind of stark loss is playing out across the country: “We mourn. The Taliban celebrate. And it hurts too much.” Members of the Afghan Special Forces in Helmand Province

Austin: Al-Qaida could regroup in Afghanistan in 2 years

By Robert Burns and Lolita C. Baldor | AP The Washington Post June 17, 2021 at 3:51 p.m. EDT Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin testifies before a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Thursday, June 17, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via AP) WASHINGTON — An extremist group like al-Qaida may be able to regenerate in

US locks down embassy in Afghanistan amid COVID-19 surge

By Matthew Lee | AP The Washington Post June 17, 2021 at 11:21 a.m. EDT A man receives the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination center, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, June 16, 2021. In Afghanistan, where a surge threatens to overwhelm a war-battered health system, 700,000 doses donated by China arrived over the weekend, and within hours,

COVID-19 out of control in Afghanistan as cases up 2,400% in a month

Reuters JUNE 17, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) -The COVID-19 pandemic is spiralling out of control in Afghanistan, with cases rising 2,400% in the past month, hospitals filling up and medical resources quickly running out, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said on Thursday. More than a third of tests last week came

Biden, Putin Discuss Post-Withdrawal Afghanistan

TOLOnews TV Network 17 June 2021 Putin said he hopes the US and NATO are able to maintain some peace and security in Afghanistan, according to Biden. US President Joe Biden on Wednesday at a press conference in Switzerland after meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin said that he discussed Afghanistan with the Russian

Frustration growing as time runs short to evacuate Afghan allies ahead of US withdrawal

Leo Shane III Military Times 15 June 2021 Air Force Lt. Col. Christopher Luedtke, left, listens to an Afghan interpreter relaying the requests of a local elder in Roydara on August 7, 2007. (Master Sgt. James Varhegyi/Air Force) Time is running out to find a solution for Afghan nationals looking to emigrate to the United States

Norway says it will operate Kabul medical facility after troop withdrawal if security of personnel is assured

Karen DeYoung The Washington Post June 16, 2021 Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg are pictured at the NATO summit in Brussels on June 14. (Patrick Semansky/AP) Norway has said it will continue to operate the medical facility used by diplomats and aid personnel in Kabul for the rest of

Time running out for Afghan peace process, more efforts needed – EU envoy

Charlotte GreenfieldGibran Peshimam Reuters June 16, 2021 Taliban delegates speak during talks between the Afghan government and Taliban insurgents in Doha, Qatar September 12, 2020. REUTERS/Ibraheem al Omari/File Photo ISLAMABAD, June 16 (Reuters) – The European Union’s envoy for Afghanistan said on Wednesday time was running out for Afghan peace negotiations and more needed to

CENTCOM Head Says US Will Not Support Afghan Forces with Airstrikes After Troop Withdrawal

By Carla Babb Voice of America June 14, 2021 05:21 AM FILE – Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie (center) makes an unannounced visit in Kabul, Afghanistan, Jan. 31, 2020. ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT – The United States is not planning to support Afghan forces with air strikes after the U.S. troops withdrawal is complete, and counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan will

NATO allies seek clarity on maintaining secure facilities in Afghanistan following troop withdrawal

Karen DeYoung The Washington Post June 13, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. EDT Afghan security personnel on May 25 at a checkpoint around the Green Zone, which houses embassies in Kabul. (Rahmat Gul/AP) With fewer than 100 days before the Sept. 11 deadline President Biden has set for the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Afghanistan,

Turkey’s Erdogan offers to guard Kabul Airport post U.S. exit

Afghanistan Times 15 June 2021 KABUL: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks U.S. trust to hand him over guarding and running of Kabul- Hamid Karzai- Airport after the withdrawal of U.S. led NATO forces from Afghanistan. Turkey would be the “only reliable” country left to stabilize Afghanistan after the US pulls out its troops, he

Citing Makkah Statement, Protestors Urge Taliban to Stop Fighting

Nabila Ashrafi, Tolo News 15 June 202 Civil activists, citing the fatwa, called on the Taliban to stop the killing of Afghans and to put an end to the war that takes lives every day on both sides. In a press conference held in Kabul on Tuesday, Afghan civil society activists announced their support for

U.N. readies for more displaced Afghans after troop withdrawal

By Michelle Nichols Reuters 14 June 2021 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -The United Nations is preparing for a likely further displacement of civilians in Afghanistan after U.S. and international troops leave the country in September, U.N. refugee chief Filippo Grandi told Reuters on Monday. Violence has been rising as foreign forces begin withdrawing and efforts to

NATO Leaders Agreed to Continue Support to Afghans

TOLOnews TV Network 15 June 2021 “Our support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces will endure,” President Biden said.   US President Joe Biden at a press conference after the NATO leaders’ summit in Brussels on Monday “there was a strong consensus in the room, among the leaders, in that meeting, on Afghanistan,”

U.S. Weighs Possibility of Airstrikes if Afghan Forces Face Crisis

By Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and Thomas Gibbons-Neff June 10, 2021 Published June 9, 2021 The Pentagon is considering whether to intervene with warplanes or drones in the event that Kabul is in danger of falling to the Taliban, though no decisions have been made. A United States Air Force pilot training Afghan service members in 2018. Afghan security

Muslim World League to Host Afghan Peace Conference in Makkah

TOLOnews TV Network 10 June 2021 The event will conclude with a final statement and a declaration of peace in Afghanistan. The Muslim World League (MWL) will host in Makkah on Thursday the Islamic Conference on the Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan, Arab News reported.  The event, hosted by Saudi Arabia, will bring together senior

He spent years at war in Afghanistan. Now he commands the U.S. withdrawal.

Dan Lamothe The Washington Post June 7, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EDT Gen. Austin ‘Scott’ Miller said U.S. troops can do what is needed to ‘go out with our heads held high’ Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller supported a possible political settlement with the Taliban, but privately questioned if the group would follow through. (Jeff Harris/Defense

Without U.S. contractors, the Afghan military will lose its main advantage over the Taliban — air power

Dan De Luce NBC News June 6, 2021 The loss of U.S. contractors could trigger a game-changing shift in the military balance between the Taliban and the Afghan government. An Afghan pilot stands next to a line of U.S.-made MD-530 helicopters in Kabul in September 2016.Shah Marai / AFP via Getty Images file WASHINGTON —

Official: US Pledges $3.3 Billion in Funding for Afghan Forces

By Ayaz Gul Voice of Amerca June 06, 2021 12:28 PM ISLAMABAD – The U.S. peace envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, along with a high-level delegation, met Sunday with leaders in Kabul to discuss bilateral cooperation after U.S. and coalition troops leave the country by a Sept. 11 deadline. The discussions come as Taliban insurgents

Afghan troops suffer ‘shockingly high’ casualties as violence mounts

Reuters JUNE 7, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – At least 150 Afghan troops have been killed or injured in the last 24 hours in a surge of attacks by Taliban militants as foreign forces withdraw, senior government officials said on Monday. Fighting is now raging in 26 of the country’s 34 provinces, the officials said, speaking

Taliban takeover two districts as severe clashes rocked Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times June 7, 2021, 2021 KABUL: The Taliban group overran a couple districts of the two provinces in south and west of Afghanistan as the militants have intensified their offensives across the country. Urozgan Governor Omar Shirzad said that the security forces retreated from the compound of Gizab district. A clash occurred between the

C.I.A. Scrambles for New Approach in Afghanistan

By Mark Mazzetti and Julian E. Barnes The New York Times June 6, 2021 The rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops has left the agency seeking ways to maintain its intelligence-gathering, war-fighting and counterterrorism operations in the country. An Afghan soldier flying over Helmand Province last month. Recent C.I.A. and military intelligence reports on Afghanistan have been increasingly

Taliban Assures Afghan Interpreters on Their Safety

TOLOnews TV Network 7 June 2021 The Taliban said that those Afghans who worked with international troops should not fear and should continue living a peaceful life in the country. Amidst foreign troops withdrawal, thousands of Afghan interpreters and staff members have expressed concerns about threats against them, but the Taliban in a statement said

Pakistan Seeks Afghan Settlement Before Troop Withdrawal: Report

TOLOnews TV Network 5 June 2021 Imran Khan said it is not going to be easy to get concessions from the Taliban after the US decision. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his country is pushing for a political settlement in Afghanistan before international troops leave later this year to reduce the risk

Find Him and Kill Him’: An Afghan Pilot’s Desperate Escape

By David Zucchino Photographs by Kiana Hayeri The New York Times June 3, 2021 Threatened by the Taliban and considered AWOL by the Afghan military, a decorated helicopter pilot fled for the United States with his wife and daughter. Maj. Naiem Asadi, an Afghan Air Force helicopter pilot, his wife, Rahima, and their daughter, Zainab, packing

Amid brutal case surge, Afghanistan hit by a vaccine delay

By Kathy Gannon  Associated Press June 5, 2021 at 2:09 a.m. EDT An Afghan doctor checks a COVID-19 patient at the Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, May 30, 2021. Afghanistan is battling a brutal third wave of COVID infections, while health officials plead for vaccines, expressing deep frustration at the inequities of the

A Siege, a Supply Run and a Descent Into a Decade-Old Battle

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff Photographs by Jim Huylebroek The New York Times May 31, 2021 ‘Do you have body armor?’ the Afghan pilot asked us as we prepared for a trip to outposts surrounded by the Taliban. Afghan soldiers unloading supplies, including live sheep, from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter after it landed at Camp Nowruz during

Khalid Says Intl Forces May Continue Air Support After Pullout

 Khaled Nikzad TOLOnews Reporter 31 May 2021   Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid assured the Afghan forces that the country will not fall to militants. Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid on Tuesday said air support by international troops aiding Afghan forces might continue even after the end of the foreign military presence in Afghanistan if necessary.  “The

Taliban Attach Conditions to Istanbul Conference Participation

 By Tahir Khan Voice of America May 25, 2021 01:39 PM FILE – Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, center, arrives with other members of the Taliban delegation for attending an international peace conference in Moscow, Russia, Apr. 21, 2021. ISLAMABAD – The Afghan Taliban have decided upon three conditions to attend an eagerly awaited

A Wave of Afghan Surrenders to the Taliban Picks Up Speed

By David Zucchino and Najim Rahim The New York Times May 27, 2021Updated 1:33 p.m. ET Dozens of besieged outposts or bases, and four district centers, have given up to the insurgents this month, in an accelerating rural collapse as American troops leave. Policemen standing guard on the roof of their outpost near Mehtarlam in Afghanistan’s Laghman Province.

Some Foreign Troops to Remain in Afghanistan

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 27 May 2021 “America wants a Turkish garrison to secure the city’s airport and 600 US marines could be deployed to protect the US embassy,” The Sun reported. A British newspaper reported that a US plan calls for hundreds of foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from

Pentagon Accelerates Withdrawal From Afghanistan

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper The New York Times Published May 26, 2021 American troops are set to be out by early to mid-July, well ahead of President Biden’s Sept. 11 deadline, even as big issues remain unresolved. An Afghan Air Force Black Hawk crew preparing to unload supplies in southern Afghanistan this month. The

Taliban Warns Neighbor Countries Against Hosting US Bases

Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 26 May 2021 The Taliban warned neighboring countries of future consequences if US bases are allowed on their soil.  Reacting to reports that the US was considering the establishment of military bases in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, the Taliban in a statement on Tuesday warned neighboring countries against such a move, saying

Alarm sounded over dreadful surge in Covid-19 cases, deaths in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Times May 25, 2021 AT News KABUL: With a fresh surge in the third wave of Corona virus, the Afghan health authorities on Tuesday reported a significant surge in new cases and deaths-related to the virus, despite a stepped-up vaccination campaign. The Afghan health ministry recorded 840 new infections and 19 deaths across the

Australia to close Afghanistan embassy over security fears

Al Jazeera 25 May 2021 Prime Minister Scott Morrison says embassy to shut this week because of the ‘increasingly uncertain security environment’ in Kabul. Australia has abruptly announced it will close its embassy in Afghanistan this week, expressing fears over the “increasingly uncertain security environment” in Kabul in the wake of the US decision to

Afghan women rights on verge of collapse as international forces exit

Afghanistan Times AT News May 24, 2021 KABUL: The rights of the Afghan women are on verge of collapse as the international troops preparing for exit, leaving the country’s peace negotiations in stalemate and uncertainty, said an international watchdog. The Amnesty International in a report published on Monday, expressed “grave” concerns on possible violation of

NATO to continue Afghan troop training after leaving country

FRANCOIS MORI ASSOCIATED PRESS Stars and Stripes Published: May 21, 2021 French President Emmanuel Macron, right, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attend a briefing at the Elysee palace in Paris on Friday, May 21, 2021. BRUSSELS— NATO will continue to train Afghan special forces outside the country after it winds up 18 years of

Doha: Negotiators Meet for Second Time in Renewed Talks

By Sharif Amiry TOLOnews Reporter 24 May 2021 The Republic negotiators said they discussed the resumption of the negotiations and the details of continuing the talks. Some negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban held a meeting in Doha on Sunday–their latest since May 13–amid the stalled peace efforts that have shown no

 Pakistan allows overflight to US military to support presence in Afghan

Afghanistan Times AT Monitoring Desk May 22, 2021 KABUL: Pakistan has allowed the US military to have overflight and access to be able to support its presence in Afghanistan, a top Pentagon official has told lawmakers. Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Affairs David F Helvey also told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee

Taliban may grab US military equipment as American troops leave Afghanistan

Leo Shane III Military Times 20 May 2021 Afghans stand inside Baba Mir’s scrapyard outside Bagram Air Base, northwest of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 3, 2021. (Rahmat Gul/AP) U.S. military equipment could end up in the hands of Taliban fighters and terrorist groups as American troops withdraw thousands of vehicles, weapons and other military

Inside Washington’s Fight to Save Afghans Who Saved Americans

By Robbie Gramer and Jack Detsch Foreign Policy MAY 19, 2021, 1:59 PM Afghan interpreters were promised U.S. visas. Now, red tape may cost them their lives. With the help of an interpreter (center), an Afghan National Army doctor (left) speaks with a U.S. Army advisor in Pul-e-Alam, Afghanistan, on April 5, 2014. SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES In

Tribal elders broker local Taliban, Afghan government ceasefire

Reuters By Reuters Staff MAY 20, 2021 KABUL (Reuters) – Tribal elders in eastern Afghanistan have achieved something that has long eluded world leaders – a ceasefire between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The month-long stoppage in hostilities in the Alingar district of Laghman province, one of the hardest hit by violence, was called

US General to Recommend Post-Pullout Plan for Afghanistan

Tolo News TV Network 20 May 2021 Gen. McKenzie says negotiations for US “troop basing” and “overflight rights” With Afghan neighbors are “moving forward.” Gen. Frank McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command said Wednesday he will make recommendations to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in early June on how to monitor and fight “terrorist

Pak makes shift against Taliban to balance US, China

Afghanistan News International/ANI 19 May 2021, 19:55 GMT+10 Islamabad [Pakistan], May 19 (ANI): In a strategic shift, Islamabad no longer favours a Taliban total victory in Afghanistan as it seeks to balance its US and China relations. Salman Rafi Sheikh, writing in Asia Times said that Pakistan’s security establishment appears to see more geopolitical upside

Freedom of speech facing increased threats

Afghanistan Times AT News May 19, 2021 KABUL: Supporting the Open Media in Afghanistan (NAI) has expressed concerns on the threats facing before the freedom of speech and freedom of press. In a statement, the watchdog joint the call of the amnesty international and urge the government to take tremendous steps to provide protection to

U.S. eyes international effort to help secure Kabul airport after withdrawal

By Phil Stewart Reuters 18 May 2021 WASHINGTON (Reuters) &