Girls Express Hopes and Dreams for New Academic Year

They emphasize their unwillingness to endure the hardships they faced over the past two years, marked by a lack of access to education.

With the start of the new academic year just six days away, several girls who have missed out on education are voicing their concerns over the ongoing school closures, expressing a strong desire to return to their studies..

Yalda, who was close to completing the tenth grade, has found solace in painting during her time away from school.

In a conversation with a TOLOnews reporter, she shared her readiness for the new academic year, along with her hopes to rejoin her classmates soon.

“I hope this year marks my return to school; we’re prepared, having purchased school uniforms, notebooks, pens, and books. I’ve also been keeping in touch with my friends,” Yalda added.

For many girl students, the thought of schools reopening and returning to their studies has become a dream.

Nourin, another student, shared her hopes: “This year, we aim not to revisit the bitter experiences of the past but to concentrate on realizing our future dreams and aspirations.”

Addressing the ongoing closure of schools, Bahar, another student, appealed to the Islamic Emirate: “I urge the authorities to reopen the schools for us. I don’t want to face disappointment as I did last year, being turned away at the school gates.”

University professors have highlighted the broader societal implications of continued school closures.

Professor Parviz Khalili said: “With each day that girls are barred from education, Afghanistan confronts increasing challenges and problems.”

Although the Islamic Emirate has not recently commented on the reopening of schools for girls in the new academic year, it has previously stated that the closure of schools and universities for girls is temporary, with efforts underway to reopen them.

Girls Express Hopes and Dreams for New Academic Year