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Although President Trump abruptly ended talks with the Taliban, within a few months, the United States will again have to sit down with Taliban leaders to negotiate an agreement that protects U.S. security interests and provides for the eventual withdrawal of U.S. combat troops. The fighting will intensify and Afghans will continue to die, but the final agreement is likely to mirror the agreement Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad negotiated with the Taliban this summer. 

The Trump administration deserves credit for trying to extricate the United States from an unwinnable 18-year war. However, the U.S. and the international community should make a nationwide ceasefire and intra-Afghan dialogue a priority and insist that all Afghan stake-holders, including women, be included in each phase of reconciliation. As well, they must support Afghan peace efforts by facilitating impartial mediation and a UN-backed peace-keeping force to prevent a security vacuum once U.S. troops are withdrawn.

Successful implementation of a peace agreement in Afghanistan could serve as a template for resolving the other seemingly-intractable conflicts in the Middle East and northern Africa.

What we do

• Work with U.S. and European peace and humanitarian aid organizations
• Provide information to executive branch officials and congressional staff
• Organize meetings in the U.S. and lead fact-finding trips to Afghanistan
• Write op-ed articles, meet with reporters and do television interviews

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To learn more, here are some organizations working to promote peace, respect for human rights and economic development in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Analysts Network

Kabul-based resource on Afghan politics

United States Institute of Peace

Analysis of peace efforts in Afghanistan

International Crisis Group

Analysis of the Afghan war and U.S. policy

Win Without War

America’s largest anti-war coalition

Center for International Policy

Independent research and analysis

Institute for Policy Studies

Center of anti-war advocacy and activism

Mercy Corps International

Aid and peace building programs in Afghanistan


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