Campaign Director Bill Goodfellow is a veteran peace activist and non-profit organization executive. He was one of the founders of the Center for International Policy (CIP) in 1975 and was the executive director from 1985 to 2017. He oversaw all of CIP’s programs and fundraising and was the organization’s CEO. Goodfellow was the coordinator of the Afghanistan Study Group, which backs a negotiated political settlement in Afghanistan. He has testified before congressional committees and published op-ed articles in most major U.S. newspapers. In the 1980s, Goodfellow promoted negotiations to end the civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. He worked closely with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias and championed the Central American peace process in the United States. He attended all the Central American summit meetings and was in Guatemala City for the signing of the Esquipulas Peace Accord in August 1987. From 1973 to 1975, Goodfellow was an associate at the Indochina Resource Center, a NGO in Washington staffed by academics and activists who produced scholarly research for the anti-Vietnam War movement. He spent the last six months of the war in Indochina and was evacuated from both Cambodia and Vietnam in the spring of 1975.


Bill Goodfellow