WFP to assists only one million in Afghanistan due to financial crisis

The World Food Programme in Afghanistan has announced that due to budget constraints and financial crises, it may only be able to distribute food to one million people until October 2024.

The organization stressed that currently, 12 million people in Afghanistan require assistance to survive.

On Wednesday, June 26th, this UN-affiliated agency stated an urgent need for immediate assistance to aid the people.

The World Food Programme has highlighted that over 90% of Afghans lack enough food. They warned that hunger leads to families’ collapse, forcing some to sell their household belongings to survive.

The dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has been exacerbated by the forced deportation of Afghan refugees from neighboring countries.

Pakistan and Iran, two significant host countries for Afghan refugees, have increased efforts to repatriate them amid regional security concerns and strained resources. This has resulted in a humanitarian crisis as many Afghan refugees face uncertain futures and inadequate support upon returning to Afghanistan.

The forced returns have put immense pressure on Afghanistan’s already fragile infrastructure and limited capacity to provide essential services to returnees. With the ongoing conflict and economic instability, the situation is dire for both internally displaced persons and returning refugees who lack access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare.

The international community has been urged to step up humanitarian aid and support mechanisms to alleviate the suffering of Afghan civilians, ensuring that adequate resources are available to address the immediate needs and long-term challenges facing the country.

WFP to assists only one million in Afghanistan due to financial crisis