Afghan journalists Laadli award winners highlight ongoing women’s struggle

Fataneh Bayat, an Afghan journalist and the recipient of the Laadli Award, asserts that winning this award highlights that Afghan women still breathe under severe constraints.

The Laadli Award, presented annually by an Indian organization known as “Population First” to promote gender equality, was awarded to Fataneh Bayat and Mina Habib, two Afghan female journalists.

Ms. Bayat, speaking to Khaama Press, stated, “Ms. Mina Habib and I were candidates for the Asian award from Afghanistan, and fortunately, we received it. I dedicate this award to all female journalists who are actively working alongside men in these challenging circumstances.”

Ms. Bayat reveals that she has worked in media for over a decade and gained recognition for creating a documentary about the victims of the explosion at the “Abdul Rahim Shaheed” school.

Regarding this, Bayat explains, “I was teaching at the time of the explosion and documented images of the victims, which were reflected in reports. Later, I made a documentary using these images, which received acclaim at a university in Finland.”

Ms. Bayat also mentions that alongside her media activities, she is involved with a business company and simultaneously teaches at a government school.

Reporters Without Borders states that after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, over 80% of female journalists have lost their jobs.

According to Ms. Bayat, women in Afghanistan face difficulties in various sectors, and she calls upon the global community and the Taliban administration to expand opportunities for women in the workforce.

Afghan journalists Laadli award winners highlight ongoing women’s struggle