Australia Issues Warning Advising Against Travel to Afghanistan

The Australian government once again warned its citizens about traveling to Afghanistan.

The statement by the Australian government said that there is a threat of terrorism and kidnapping in Afghanistan, including in Kabul, and Australians are advised not to travel to this country.

“We’ve reviewed our advice for Afghanistan and continue to advise do not travel due to the extremely dangerous security situation and the very high threat of terrorism and kidnapping, including in Kabul. Terrorists continue to target foreigners, NGOs and humanitarian operations. Foreign nationals, including Australians, also face a serious threat of kidnapping or detention. There are no Australian officials in Afghanistan, and our ability to provide consular and passport assistance to Australians in Afghanistan is severely limited,” the statement reads.

A former member of the Afghan parliament, Shapoor Hassanzoy, commented, saying: “Australia is telling its citizens not to travel to Afghanistan because there is a possibility of danger there, meaning that Westerners have already planned to start a war in Afghanistan and they have complete information about this plan.”

Previously, four other countries, including the United States of America, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom, had described travel to Afghanistan as dangerous, a claim that the Islamic Emirate has always rejected.

However, political experts have varying views regarding the travel warnings to Afghanistan.

“If such issues are raised again in Afghanistan, the vulnerable segments of Afghan society will suffer more,” said Samim Shamsi, a political analyst.

“The world should be satisfied at the global level; if satisfaction is not achieved, other countries may create such divisions among nations that they should not travel to Afghanistan,” said Omid Safi  another political analyst

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly called the concerns of countries about the security of foreign citizens in the country unwarranted and said that the security of foreign citizens in the country is ensured, and other countries should not be concerned about this.

Australia Issues Warning Advising Against Travel to Afghanistan