Haqqani, Iodice Discuss Next Month’s Meeting on Afghanistan

The acting Interior Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, in a meeting with Rafaella Iodice, the EU Chargée d’Affaires for Afghanistan, talked about a range of topics including next month’s meeting in Doha on Afghanistan.

The Interior Ministry in a statement quoted Haqqani as saying, “the presence of the Islamic Emirate representatives in the international organizations and meetings is key to resolving issues.”

“Afghanistan needs to be a member of major international organisations in order to interact with the world more, and the demand should be resolved through close understanding,” the ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Mateen Qani said.

The spokesman quoted Haqqani as saying that “after several decades of instability and chaos, Afghanistan is rapidly moving towards economic and political stability.”

Qani added that during the meeting, Rafaella Iodice talked about the provision of humanitarian assistance to Afghan people including assistance to Herat’s earthquake affected people and the Afghan returnees.

Political analysts said that the presence of the representative of the Islamic Emirate in international meetings is important.

“In order for these meetings to be effective, a representative of the Islamic Emirate must be present. The representative of the Islamic Emirate will respond to any decisions made and criticisms raised,” Gul Mohammad Mohammadi, a political analyst told TOLOnews.

“It is not enough to have a representative from Kabul in a meeting concerning foreign aid. In Afghanistan major reforms are necessary from the government in order to be recognized,” Tariq Farhadi, another political analyst told TOLOnews.

The discussion between Haqqani and Iodice about the Doha meeting comes as last month a meeting was held in Qatar on women’s education in Afghanistan. The attendees of that meeting placed a strong emphasis on allowing females to receive an education.

Haqqani, Iodice Discuss Next Month’s Meeting on Afghanistan