Kabul to host regional conference next week: Iranian official

The Director-General of South Asian Affairs at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Kabul will host a regional conference called “Worthy of Attention” next week.

Rasoul Mousavi stated that representatives from Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and China will participate in this conference, followed by a Doha meeting on the 17th of February 2024.

This Iranian diplomat wrote in a post on the social media platform X, that this conference “reflects the special attention of Afghanistan’s neighbours to peace, stability, and the welfare of the Afghan people, as well as security in the region.”

Previously, Kabulov, Russia’s representative for Afghanistan, had also mentioned that a meeting involving China, Iran, and Pakistan about Afghanistan would be held at the end of January.

Russian news agency TASS reported on Tuesday, citing Kabulov as saying, “Engaging with the current authorities in Afghanistan to establish an inclusive government, combat terrorism, and narcotics” will be on the agenda of this conference.

Earlier, Kabulov had announced the organization of a UN-sponsored conference on Afghanistan and had also mentioned that the Moscow format for Afghanistan would continue in 2024.

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, no countries or international organizations have officially recognized their government. This lack of recognition stems from concerns regarding the Taliban’s disregard for human rights and their violations of women’s rights.

Kabulov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, on Wednesday stated that Russia would not recognize the Taliban regime. This decision is based on the Taliban’s track record of human rights violations and their failure to adhere to their international obligations.

Kabul to host regional conference next week: Iranian official