Karzai stresses girls’ education in meeting with women activists

Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan, emphasized the vital importance of reopening schools and universities for girls during a meeting with a group of women activists and supporters of girls’ education.

Mr. Karzai considered girls’ education crucial for the progress and development of Afghanistan during this meeting.

He also wrote in his social media platform X on Tuesday that “National dialogue and understanding are essential for ensuring lasting peace and stability in the country.”

During this meeting, female activists stressed the necessity of higher education for girls for the growth and development of society.

These women activists called for effective measures in various areas, including ensuring girls’ education rights, and emphasized national unity in this regard.

Mr. Karzai had previously mentioned during a meeting with representatives of international organizations that national dialogue should be initiated for the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul, they have implemented over 50 decrees that severely curtailed women’s rights, including access to education, employment, and free movement. These restrictions have effectively erased women from public life.

Despite facing widespread criticism from both national and international organizations and prominent figures, the Taliban has continued to tighten its grip and impose more restrictions. As a result, no countries have officially recognized their regime due to these oppressive policies.

Karzai stresses girls’ education in meeting with women activists