Pakistan Expelled Several Asylum Seekers Waiting For US Visas: Activists

A group in Pakistan that defends the rights of Afghan immigrants told TOLOnews that about 140 immigrants who were awaiting visas from the US and other nations have been deported from Pakistan.

According to the group, these immigrants wanted to go to the US after getting visas, among them were some journalists.

“Around 140 Afghan immigrants who were supposed to be transferred to US or some other countries were detained by the Pakistani police, and more of them have been deported, and some of them are still held by the police,” Mohammad Zahir Bahawand, a member of the group, said.

“Immigrants are facing numerous problems, including economic challenges. After the political change, they have used whatever they had, and now they are living in a bad situation,” Abdul Sami Azizi, another member of the group, said.

Senior Islamic Emirate officials, in a meeting to mark the 44th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, criticized the expulsion of Afghan immigrants from the countries, saying that the countries want to threaten the Islamic Emirate by expelling the immigrants.

“Immigrants have been forcibly expelled from our neighboring countries, against all international and accepted norms among neighbors and Islamic brotherhood,” stated Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy PM for Administrative Affairs.

“Pakistan’s government expelled us in one month, while we gave fourteen months to the emperors (US, NATO),” Sirajuddin Haqqani, the acting interior minister said.

Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR), there are currently nearly five and a half million Afghan immigrants in Iran and nearly three and a half million immigrants in Pakistan.

Pakistan Expelled Several Asylum Seekers Waiting For US Visas: Activists