Putin: Building ties with Taliban is necessary

By  Fidel Rahmati

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that it is necessary to build relations with the Taliban due to their control over Afghanistan.

Vladimir Putin stated, “We need to proceed from reality and build relations accordingly,” he added.”

On Tuesday, May, 28th, in Tashkent, the President of Russia told reporters, “These people control the country and its territory and are the current rulers of Afghanistan.”

Without elaborating on the existing problems in Afghanistan, Putin mentioned that “everyone is aware of them.”


Although Russia labeled the Taliban a terrorist organization in 2003, Moscow has maintained informal diplomatic relations with the group.


However, the President of Russia added, “How to establish relations with the Taliban is another question, but we must somehow [maintain] relations with them.”

He referred to consultations with regional partners, including those in Central Asia, regarding relations with the Taliban, and said, “We take into account the opinions of each of our partners and friends and will coordinate on this issue.”

Putin’s remarks come a day after the proposal to remove the Taliban from the list of banned organizations in Russia was discussed with the President of Iran.

Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, said that the possibility of recognizing the Taliban government in Russia is more likely than ever.

Putin: Building ties with Taliban is necessary