Germany rejects Afghan refugees, plans to deport them back to Afghanistan within 7 days: Amnesty International

By Fidel Rahmati

Khaama Press

July 5, 2024

Amnesty International Germany reports that a large number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan who were awaiting transfer to Germany will be deported to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan within seven days. Recently, Germany has retracted its positive responses to some Afghan refugees waiting in Pakistan.

The news network “ARD” reported that the German government has reneged on its previous commitments to accept Afghan refugees, primarily those in Pakistan. Some of these Afghan refugees have been residing in Pakistan for months, awaiting transfer to Germany, only to receive rejection emails from the German Foreign Ministry after a prolonged wait.

According to information from the German Interior Ministry, currently, 3,022 vulnerable Afghans in Pakistan are awaiting transfer to Germany, highlighting the uncertain fate of these asylum seekers amidst shifting government policies.

Following an attack by an Afghan-origin citizen named Salim Attai on a demonstration of Islamic critics in Germany, resulting in the death of a police officer, the German government announced a policy shift regarding refugees.

They declared intentions to repatriate criminal and dangerous refugees to their countries of origin.

This policy shift has been criticised and pressured by right-wing parties and other factions within Germany. They advocate for stricter immigration controls and a reduction in refugee acceptance, citing increased incidents involving migrant assailants as a primary concern.

The situation underscores a growing debate within Germany about the balance between humanitarian obligations and national security concerns, particularly amidst rising tensions over immigration policies and their impact on domestic stability and security.

This situation unfolds amid a dire humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s assumption of power. The country faces widespread challenges, including economic collapse, food shortages, and restrictions on freedoms, exacerbating the plight of its citizens.

The forced deportation of Afghan refugees from countries like Pakistan to Afghanistan poses severe security threats and risks of persecution. Many of these individuals fled Afghanistan to escape Taliban rule and now confront the prospect of returning to a volatile environment where they could face retaliation or retribution.

Germany rejects Afghan refugees, plans to deport them back to Afghanistan within 7 days: Amnesty International