Supreme Leader Attempting to Find Way for Girls’ Education: Mujahid

Spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate said that the entire leadership is concerned about the issue and that the supreme leader, Hebatullah Akhundzada himself is striving to find a solution for this.

Speaking at X space on TOLOnews, Zabiullah Mujahid said that the issue of girls’ education will be resolved in way the Islamic Sharia law, Afghan tradition and different thoughts of the Afghan society are considered.

Mujahid added that the issue is consistently raised in our leaders’ meetings with the country’s elders and influentials figures and the government has taken it into account.

Responding a question of TOLOnews about the ban on female education in Afghanistan, Mujahid said:

“This is our internal issue, and our people are always sharing this with us. This issue is raised when there are meetings between our leaders and elders of the country. The supreme leader himself is trying to find a rational way for this issue. So again, this is our internal issue which should not be politicized,”

While considering the girls’ education as negative aspect of the caretaker government in Afghanistan, Mujahid added, that should not overshadow the achievements made in the country.

“If the world is judging Afghanistan on this [ban on girls’ education], that is right, but this is just the empty part of the glass, what about the filled part of the glass, what about the achievements we have made?” asked the spokesperson.

The spokesperson termed that issue of girls’ education a »pretext« by the world reasoning that the international community will have another pretext not to recognize the Afghan government even after the girls are allowed to go higher schools and universities.

He endorsed the ban on girls’ education has prevented their [Islamic Emirate] legitimization.

Supreme Leader Attempting to Find Way for Girls’ Education: Mujahid