Mujahid: Lack of Intl Recognition a Cause of Delay in Formalizing Cabinet

Mujahid added that despite this, work in government institutions is proceeding normally.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, told TOLOnews that the lack of recognition of the Islamic Emirate and the absence of a constitution have prevented the announcement of an official cabinet.

“We will reach the stage where the current government, which is an acting one, becomes permanent. Some shortcomings remain in the legal area,” the spokesman said.

Three weeks after the Islamic Emirate took control of the country, it announced a caretaker cabinet at a press conference. Nearly three years have passed since that day, but there has still been no official cabinet announcement. Currently 21 ministries are managed by acting ministers.

Some experts say a constitution is crucial for stability in the country and said that drafting a constitution is an important task for the caretaker cabinet.

“Without the existence of law, [the government] is neither accountable to the people nor can it prosecute the people. This means that without a law, on what basis do you prosecute a criminal?” said Abdul Shukor Dadras, a legal affairs expert.

“In my opinion, the government should consult the nation and discuss the constitution, which is an important matter, and on this basis announce the official cabinet,” said Moeen Gol Smakani, a political affairs expert.

Abdul Latif Mansur, Acting Minister of Energy and Water, emphasized the need for a constitution in the country a few days ago at a meeting in Paktia province, saying it was a serious necessity.

Mujahid: Lack of Intl Recognition a Cause of Delay in Formalizing Cabinet