Chinese President vows continued role in resolving Afghanistan issues

Khaama Press

Xi Jinping, the President of China, announced that China will continue its role in connecting to resolve Afghanistan’s issues.

He said on Friday, June 28th, in a ceremony in Beijing, that China will not change its determination for peace development.

According to Chinese media reports, he said Beijing will continue its constructive role in crises such as Ukraine, resolving the Palestine-Israel conflict, and addressing issues related to the Korean Peninsula, Iran, Myanmar, and Afghanistan.

Xi participated in Friday’s 70th anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in Beijing.

China, although not recognizing the Taliban like other countries, maintains economic and diplomatic relations with the group and has transferred the Afghan embassy in Beijing to the Taliban.

This comes amid a dire humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover in 2021. Millions of Afghans face food insecurity, with humanitarian aid struggling to reach those in need due to ongoing conflict and bureaucratic hurdles.

The United Nations has warned of a looming famine, exacerbated by severe drought conditions and economic collapse.

Restrictions on human rights, particularly for women and girls, have intensified under Taliban rule. Women’s access to education and employment has been severely curtailed, with many forced to stay home and unable to pursue opportunities they had gained in the past two decades.

The Taliban’s interpretation of Islamic law has imposed strict dress codes and limited movement for women, effectively rolling back years of progress in gender equality.

International condemnation and concern have mounted over the Taliban’s systematic repression of dissent and freedom of expression. The international community continues to call for unhindered humanitarian access and increased support for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

Chinese President vows continued role in resolving Afghanistan issues