Badakhan protesters reject Taliban’s ‘Islamic Emirates’ presence: Darayim

In videos circulated on social media, protesters in Badakhshan are heard expressing their opposition to the Taliban in the province, rejecting the “Islamic Emirates” presence.

The residents of Darayim district, Badakhshan province, staged widespread protests against The Taliban on Friday, May 3rd.

Residents of Badakhshan stated that protests continued following the killing of at least one person due to Taliban gunfire.

According to the video content, the demonstrations began when Taliban members entered homes under the pretext of destroying poppy fields but engaged in “harassment of women’s modesty” inside houses.

The protesters in Darayim district, Badakhshan, claim that Taliban members are harassing and abusing residents lane by lane and house by house.

One protester stated that even women’s modesty is violated, and the Taliban trespass on the “honor, religion, and privacy” of the people.

According to residents of Badakhshan, after initial protests, Taliban individuals opened fire on the crowd to suppress them, resulting in at least one casualty.

Protesters stated that after the death of this individual, residents of Darayim continued their march.

So far, the officials have not responded to the protests in Badakhshan province.

Badakhan protesters reject Taliban’s ‘Islamic Emirates’ presence: Darayim