China, Pakistan Emphasize Inclusive Political Framework in Afghanistan

Pakistan and China, in a joint statement, called for coordinated international efforts to help Afghanistan address its economic development challenges and encouraged Afghanistan to establish an inclusive political framework.

Adopting moderate policies, pursuing good neighborly relations, and resolutely combating terrorism, as well as preventing terrorist activities from Afghan soil, are other points emphasized in this statement.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate has not yet commented on this joint statement.

“The agreement between Pakistan and China regarding strengthening relations and coordination concerning Afghanistan is a good move, provided that coordination also involves the people and the current government of Afghanistan,” said Aziz Maarej, a political analyst.

The two sides have agreed to play a positive and constructive role in helping Afghanistan achieve sustainable development and integrate into the international community.

“Demonstrating readiness to cooperate and continue relations with Afghanistan, both politically and economically, is a good initiative by Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. It is important not only for expanding relations but also for strengthening peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Najib Rahman Shamal, an international relations analyst.

Earlier, Pakistan’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Asif Ali Durrani, once again claimed that India, using its proxies in Afghanistan, financially supports the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan; claims that are always denied by Kabul.

China, Pakistan Emphasize Inclusive Political Framework in Afghanistan