Islamic Emirate Attends 27th St. Petersburg Intl Economic Forum

A delegation from the Islamic Emirate today (Wednesday) participated in the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Samiullah Ebrahimi, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, said that the acting minister of this ministry, who is leading the delegation, will attend the forum and meet with representatives of some countries and regional and international organizations to discuss expanding economic relations.

The 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is being held June 5-8.

The spokesperson for the Ministry added: “The acting minister of Labor and Social Affairs will discuss economic and trade opportunities at this forum. In addition, he will meet with representatives from a large number of countries and regional and global organizations.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also commented on the participation of the Islamic Emirate’s delegation in the St. Petersburg forum, saying that developments and participation in economic relations with Russia have a positive and significant impact on political interactions.

“Russia is one of the largest economies in the region and the world, and we are interested in having economic relations with the whole world, especially with Russia,” said Mohammad Yunus Momand, the first deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

“This forum, inaugurated by Putin, is an economic forum and also has political impact. It has positive results, and the relations between Afghanistan and Russia will improve,” said Abdul Shukor Hadawal, an economic analyst.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which has been held in Russia for the past 27 years, agreements in economic and trade fields are signed between various parties.

Islamic Emirate Attends 27th St. Petersburg Intl Economic Forum