UNSC Discussing Proposed UN Envoy for Afghanistan

The Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo is expected to brief the council.

The United Nations Security Council private meeting on Afghanistan is expected to discuss the appointment of a UN special representative for the country.

In the meeting, the joint statement of eleven countries including US, UK, France, Japan and Switzerland on Afghanistan will also be read.

“The meeting is being held in accordance with resolution 2721 of 29 December 2023, which, among other matters, requested the Secretary-General to appoint a Special Envoy for Afghanistan in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, welcomed the Secretary-General’s intention to convene the second meeting of the group of Special Envoys and Special Representatives on Afghanistan, and requested the Secretary-General to brief the Council within 60 days on the outcome of these consultations and discussions,” reads the report of Security Council.

“The UN secretary-general is expected to present to the members of the council a detailed report of talks and discussion of the Doha meeting about Afghanistan,” said Wais Naseri, a political analyst.

The Islamic Emirate said the second Doha meeting on Afghanistan did not result in any conclusions, but added that the presence of Russia and China in the security council will help the meeting be beneficial.

“The decisions that are taken about Afghanistan, the interests of Afghan people should be protected in those. The decisions which are taken against the will of the Afghan people and imposed on them will not have any conclusion. We still wait and the meeting will be beneficial in the UNSC, there are some countries which have good relations with us,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate.

“The UN should not be a victim of compromise with some specific countries. In the Afghanistan issue, the UN … efforts have not been beneficial for Afghanistan. We hope that serious efforts will be made on Afghanistan following the UNSC meeting,” said Sayed Qaribullah Sadat, a political analyst.

Earlier, the UNSC in a resolution asked the UN chief to appoint a special envoy for Afghanistan to implement the recommendations of UN special coordinator’s independent assessment on the situation of Afghanistan.

The UN secretary-general convened a meeting of special representatives and envoys for Afghanistan on February 18-19 in which the special envoy for the country was not appointed.

UNSC Discussing Proposed UN Envoy for Afghanistan