According to local officials, four of the injured foreign tourists are women.
The Ministry of Interior reports that the death toll from yesterday's (Friday) armed attack in Bamyan has risen to six. Abdul Mateen Qani, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, also stated that seven people have been arrested in connection with this incident. Qani said: "Unknown armed individuals opened fire on civilians in the center of Bamyan city. Unfortunately, in this incident, three Afghan citizens and three foreign tourists lost their lives, and three Afghan citizens and four foreign tourists were injured. The Ministry of Interior, while condemning this criminal act, assures that the incident will be thoroughly investigated, and the perpetrators will be identified and brought to justice." The armed attack on civilians and foreign citizens occurred around 6 PM on Friday in the Bamyan city market. So far, no individual or group has claimed responbility for the attack. According to local officials, four of the injured foreign tourists are women. Abdul Razaq, who lost a relative and whose brother was injured in the attack, called on the interim government: "My brother has a shoe shop here. He was standing here when the incident occurred, and unfortunately, he was injured in the leg, and one of our family members was killed in this incident." Abdul Ali Shafaq, a resident of Bamyan, told TOLOnews: "Our expectation from the Islamic Emirate is that such incidents should not be repeated, and they should work on ensuring the security of both foreign and domestic citizens." Meanwhile, the relatives of the victims have called on local authorities to arrest and prosecute those responsible for this incident.

Six People Killed in Bamiyan Shooting