Over 40,000 Afghan citizens obtain Turkish Residence Permits

Khaama Press

According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s Migration Authority, 41,978 Afghan citizens have obtained residence permits in Turkey.

The authority announced on Tuesday that over 30,000 more Afghan asylum seekers in Turkey have received short-term residence documents.

According to the latest data from the Turkish Migration Authority, the number of foreign nationals officially living in the country in 2024 has reached 1,107,032 individuals.

The authority stated that Afghan citizens, with 41,978 residence permits, rank ninth among the highest applicants for residency in this country.

The authority also reported that citizens of Turkmenistan, Russia, and Iraq are the top recipients of Turkish residence permits, respectively.

The authority has also released statistics on undocumented migrants who were detained in 2023 and during the current year.

According to the provided statistics, the highest number of detained undocumented migrants in 2024, with 2,480 cases, were Afghan citizens.

The authority states that in 2023, Afghan citizens also had the highest detention rate among undocumented migrants, with 68,677 Afghan migrants detained in various regions, and some of them were deported.

The authority mentioned on Tuesday that in less than a month, nearly 3,000 Afghan nationals without residence permits have been detained.

Turkey serves as one of the primary migration routes for thousands of Afghan refugees who transit through the country in hopes of reaching Europe.

Over 40,000 Afghan citizens obtain Turkish Residence Permits