Haqqani Emphasizes Implementation of Islamic Law

Haqqani said that some groups are demanding freedom against Islamic values and Afghan culture.

The acting interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, speaking at a Qur’an reading ceremony in Khost province emphasized the implementation of

The acting interior minister said: “The sacrifices that we and the people of Afghanistan made for the Qur’an — now God has given us the authority to implement Islamic principles and the Holy Qur’an.”

Haqqani said that Afghans have made countless sacrifices to keep the Qur’an safe.

This official of the Islamic Emirate said: “God has given us freedom and no one has the right to violate the rights of another person, but some people want freedom that violates Islamic limits and want a rebellious freedom that forgets their own rights and culture and accepts the culture of others.”

Haqqani’s comments on Islamic laws follow the recent executions in Jawzjan and Ghazni that sparked international condemnation.

Haqqani Emphasizes Implementation of Islamic Law