Afghan CSO launches education TV channel to support schoolgirls in Afghanistan

Khaama Press

On March 8, 2024, the Begum Organization for Women (BOW) announced the official launch of Begum TV, an educational television channel aimed at providing learning opportunities to Afghan schoolgirls and students who have been deprived of education under the Taliban regime. The launch coincides with Women’s International Day and underscores BOW’s commitment to empowering women through education.

Begum TV will broadcast 24/7 in Afghanistan via satellite, offering video courses covering the entire Afghan school curriculum from 7th to 12th Grade in both Dari and Pashto languages. The programming includes fixed-time daily sessions tailored for different grade levels, allowing students to attend classes from home and engage with their favourite teachers for thirty minutes of intensive courses.

To accommodate students who may miss the morning sessions, all video courses are rebroadcast in the afternoon and late evening. This ensures widespread accessibility to educational content, particularly for those facing logistical challenges or time constraints.

The initiative builds upon the foundation laid by Begum Academy, a free digital platform launched in November 2023, which hosts over 8500 video courses covering the same curriculum. By combining television and internet broadcasts, Begum aims to provide almost all Afghan schoolgirls and students with access to free education, significantly impacting educational equity in the region.

In addition to academic content, Begum TV features a three-hour daily prime-time slot targeting a family audience. This segment aims to raise awareness of crucial issues such as health problems, psychological traumas, gender issues, domestic violence, and women’s rights. Through a blend of education and entertainment, the channel seeks to engage both children and parents, fostering a supportive environment for girls’ education.

Two daily educational talk shows, “Tabassoom” (Healing) and “Matab” (The Clinic), serve as flagship programs during prime time. “Tabassoom” focuses on mental health and well-being, offering insights from psychotherapists based in Paris and Kabul who address viewers’ questions and concerns. Meanwhile, “Matab” aims to popularize medical information and provide health counselling and tele-consultations, addressing gaps in the Afghan health system.

Meanwhile, the launch of Begum TV represents a significant step towards promoting education and empowerment for Afghan women and girls. Through innovative programming and deliberate partnerships, BOW continues to champion gender equality and access to education in Afghanistan.

Afghan CSO launches education TV channel to support schoolgirls in Afghanistan