Execution of Two People in Ghazni Sparks Intl Reactions

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on X said that the United Nations is against executions.

The execution of two people in Ghazni on Thursday sparked reactions from international institutions.

UNAMA said on X: “Two people were publicly executed today by Afghanistan’s de facto authorities in Ghazni province. The UN is strongly opposed to the death penalty. It is inconsistent with the fundamental right to life.”

The UN Secretary General’s spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, said: “We firmly continue to stand against the use of the death penalty and I think the public nature of these executions is particularly heinous.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, Amnesty International asked the caretaker government to stop all kinds of executions in the country, stating that the executions by the Islamic Emirate are an insult to human dignity and contradict all international laws.

The Islamic Emirate said that execution is a Sharia ruling and the Islamic system is obliged to implement it.

Hamdullah Fetrat, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said: “Qisas (execution) is an Islamic and Sharia principle, and with the completion of Sharia, it is necessary for the Islamic system to implement, and after the implementation of Qisas and other principles, the amount of crimes will decrease and people will feel more secure.”

“Afghanistan is an Islamic country and execution is part of Islamic justice, it means that it is a right, and forgiveness is mentioned in the Qur’an along with Qisas,” said Tariq Farhadi, a political analyst.

The two people accused of murder were executed in Ghazni province on Thursday after the approval of the leader of the Islamic Emirate and the ruling of three courts.

Execution of Two People in Ghazni Sparks Intl Reactions