US dismisses reports of reopening American consulate in Kabul

The US Embassy for Afghanistan in Doha has denied reports about the reopening of its consulate in Afghanistan. The US mission to Afghanistan in Doha, also known as the Afghanistan affairs unit, told Khaama Press that the United States’ position towards Afghanistan remains unchanged, and there are no immediate plans to resume diplomatic mission in Kabul.

“To be clear, the State Department’s position has not changed and we have no near-term plans to return any diplomatic functions to Kabul,” said a State Department spokesperson.

Previously, the voice of America reported that the United States is “cautiously” exploring the possibility of reopening its consulate in Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban, without officially recognizing the group. This development has been mentioned in a new strategic document of the U.S. Department of State.

The report suggests that this move signifies a potential shift in America’s policy towards engaging with the Taliban to achieve various security, political, and economic objectives.

However, the U.S. Embassy in Doha emphasized that there has been no change in the United States policy towards Afghanistan under Taliban control.

Additionally, the document emphasizes strong support for the U.S. Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs in their efforts to secure the release of American hostages detained in Afghanistan.

The report also underscores the United States’ dedication to discussing the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, particularly those of women and girls. Since the fall of the previous government and the Taliban’s takeover, the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan has been closed, operating with its staff in Doha.

US dismisses reports of reopening American consulate in Kabul