Doha meeting won’t grant Legitimacy to Taliban Govt

Former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker asserts that the upcoming international meeting on Afghanistan in Doha won’t grant legitimacy to the Taliban’s government.

Crocker told Voice of America that the United Nations, as the meeting’s host, should clarify that the Taliban regime doesn’t deserve recognition and shouldn’t be considered a legitimate government.

Criticizing the Biden administration, Crocker accuses it of neglecting Afghanistan and disregarding the bans on women’s education and work.

He alleges that the Taliban hasn’t undergone intellectual or political changes, maintaining ties with Al-Qaeda and posing a threat to Afghanistan, the region, and the world.

Stressing the need for continued diplomatic efforts, Crocker suggests that the US should thwart potential threats in the region.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council affirmed that the Taliban government must fulfil its commitments before receiving recognition.

John Kirby clarified that the United States hasn’t made any efforts to normalize relations with the Taliban, reiterating the unchanged US policy towards the group.

Despite the upcoming Doha meeting, where the Taliban’s status might be discussed, Washington asserts no moves have been made to normalize or recognize the Taliban, highlighting concerns over their governance and policies.

The meeting in Doha, set to commence next Sunday, aims to gather special representatives from various countries to discuss Afghanistan’s future.

Crocker’s remarks underscore ongoing international skepticism regarding the legitimacy and intentions of the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Doha meeting won’t grant Legitimacy to Taliban Govt