Islamic Emirate Praises Sinirlioğlu’s Work as UN Coordinator

The Islamic Emirate has praised the mission of Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Afghanistan, Feridun Hadi Sinirlioğlu, saying that he has somewhat presented the realities of Afghanistan on the international stage.

The spokesperson of the caretaker government of Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the Islamic Emirate has had good relations with the UN envoy so far.

“He has played a positive role so far because he has been optimistic, which we praise. The UN should send a replacement who is optimistic like him so that he/she can present the realities of Afghanistan to lead to resolving ambiguities about Afghanistan,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of Islamic Emirate.

The United Nations announced that Sinirlioğlu’s mission as the organization’s special coordinator for Afghanistan has been extended until February 2024 to convene the grand meeting about the country.

In addition, political analysts said that Sinirlioglu’s appointment was efficient for Afghanistan.

“Sinirlioglu’s mission is a good one but not a complete mission. The mission should get more serious and open a path for intra-Afghan talks,” said Sangar Amirzada, an international relations’ expert. “His role was to find problems and find solutions for them. He has made a roadmap for full integration of Afghanistan in the international system,” said Bilal Fatemi, another international relations expert.

Feridun Hadi Sinirlioğlu was appointed as the UN’s special coordinator for Afghanistan in April 2023 who met with various officials and ministers of the Islamic Emirate during his tenure.

The UN coordinator presented to the UNSC his independent assessment on Afghanistan in November last year in which he highlighted ways for full integration of Afghanistan into the international system.

Islamic Emirate Praises Sinirlioğlu’s Work as UN Coordinator