GIZ restructures Afghanistan operations, shifts projects to NGOs by 2025

Khaama Press

The German development organization (GIZ) has announced a restructuring of its operations in Afghanistan. Moving forward, GIZ will conduct projects exclusively through non-governmental organizations (NGOs). While current projects will continue as planned, GIZ has indicated that from 2025 onward, it will no longer employ its own national staff in Afghanistan.

Since August 2021, the situation in Afghanistan has undergone significant changes, leading to widespread hunger and poverty among the population. Recognizing this urgent need, GIZ emphasized the importance of providing support to help people meet their most basic necessities.

In response to these challenges, GIZ outlined its renewed focus on assisting the Afghan population by enhancing self-sufficiency in impoverished urban and rural communities.

This will include initiatives aimed at training midwives and female healthcare professionals, as well as supporting women entrepreneurs and organizations led by women.

GIZ’s presence in Afghanistan since 2002 has been marked by contributions to critical sectors such as healthcare, education, and essential services. Despite the evolving security and political landscape, GIZ remains committed to supporting Afghan communities in achieving sustainable development and resilience.

As GIZ transitions its operational strategy in Afghanistan, the organization aims to strengthen partnerships with local NGOs and continue delivering vital assistance to those most in need. By focusing on empowerment and community resilience, GIZ seeks to foster positive impacts and sustainable outcomes for Afghanistan’s future.

GIZ restructures Afghanistan operations, shifts projects to NGOs by 2025