Biden’s hasty exit from Afghanistan deemed biggest mistake

An American media outlet known as The National Interest has termed America’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan as President Biden’s biggest failure, stating that it underscores the futility of “the entire two-decade endeavour in Afghanistan.”

According to this report, authored by Peter Suciu, America’s tumultuous exit from Afghanistan, along with other factors such as the transfer of advanced military equipment to the Taliban, abandoning Afghan allies, the killing of 13 American soldiers at Kabul airport, and the return of America’s old enemy (the Taliban) to power, constitutes Biden’s biggest mistakes during his presidency.

American and other foreign troops completely left Afghanistan by August 30, 2021. The Taliban which entered Kabul on August 15, seized power in the absence of international coalition forces. This event, attributed to the withdrawal of foreign troops, widespread corruption in the republican system, and the signing of the Doha Agreement, is also referred to as a turning point in contemporary history.

Since this date, Afghanistan has faced a collapse in all its dimensions: widespread human rights violations, Afghanistan’s fall from the international order, the emergence of groups not bound by international commitments, and poverty, unemployment, and the collapse of the economic system are among the prominent dimensions of this tragedy. According to The National Interest, the current situation in Afghanistan is unlike an internal war.

The author argues that if the Biden administration had attempted to negotiate power-sharing between the ruling regime and democratic forces, the current situation in Afghanistan wouldn’t have reached its current crisis point. According to his reasoning, “The fact is that the country was on a path to modernization. Women could work, and girls could go to school. Time was changing.”

Biden’s hasty exit from Afghanistan deemed biggest mistake