US contractors and former Afghan officials buy million-dollar properties in Dubai

After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the United States poured billions of dollars into Afghanistan for reconstruction efforts. However, many U.S. contractors and former Afghan officials were accused of misusing these funds. Today, some contractors and former officials own luxury properties in Dubai.

An investigative journalism organization has released a list revealing the assets of hundreds of current and former government officials and institutions from various countries in Dubai. This list, compiled from leaked information, includes names of ten individuals from Afghanistan, primarily consisting of former government officials or their relatives.

These findings were published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), based in the U.S. capital and funded by several American entities.

Among the ten Afghan individuals listed, except for one, all are either former officials or related to former officials. Notably, only one person (Sayed Ismail Amiri) has been identified as a criminal by the reporting institution.

Mir Rahman Rahmani and Ajmal Rahmani

Mir Rahman Rahmani, the former Speaker of the Afghan Parliament, and his son Ajmal Rahmani have spent over $15 million on property purchases in Dubai. The United States has accused the Rahmani family of corruption in fuel supply contracts, but they have denied these allegations via email.

Their assets include several apartments, villas, and two residential towers. This father-son duo earns millions of dollars annually from renting these properties.

Mir Rahman Rahmani was the former Speaker of the House of Representatives in Afghanistan; his son Ajmal is associated with the same political lineage.

Asadullah Khalid

Khalid, the former head of national security and defense minister of Afghanistan, invested $5.5 million in an apartment worth $5.492 million in Dubai.

Assadullah Khalid, the former defence minister.

Rashed Popal and Ahmad Ratib Popal invested $3.8 Million in a high-value apartment worth more than $3.824 million. Rashed Popal is the nephew of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and his brother Ahmad Ratib was involved in security management.

Hussain Fahim and Family invested $8.8 Million in a villa worth $8.513 million and an office space valued at $292,000 in Dubai. Hussain Fahim, a stakeholder in Kabul Bank and brother of former Afghan Vice President Marshal Fahim.

Adib Fahim invested $3.5 Million in a villa and three apartments collectively valued at $3.543 million.

Son of Marshal Fahim and former First Deputy of the National Directorate of Security in Afghanistan.

Adib Fahim.

Ahmad Wali Massoud, brother of Ahmad Shah Massoud and former Afghan ambassador to the UK, invested $1.8 million in an apartment worth $1.853 million.

Amirzai Sangin invested $780,000 in two apartments, each worth $390,000. He was the Former Minister of Telecommunications under President Hamid Karzai.

Atiqullah Baryalai, a former deputy minister of defense in Afghanistan, invested $731,000 in an apartment worth $731,000 in Dubai.

Kamaludin Nabizada invested $258,000 in an apartment valued at $258,000. The USA sanctioned him as an Afghan businessman for aiding money laundering activities.

Sayed Ismail Amiri invested $1.6 million in a villa worth $1.632 million. He is the only individual on the list not directly connected to the Afghan government apparatus and the only one labeled “criminal.” He served a prison sentence in the USA for involvement in a $100 million fraud scheme.

This report highlights the significant investments made by these individuals in Dubai, showcasing a trend among former Afghan officials and their relatives in acquiring valuable foreign assets.

US contractors and former Afghan officials buy million-dollar properties in Dubai