UNAMA’s Effectiveness ‘Limited’ So Far: Islamic Emirate

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, said that UNAMA’s activities in the country are important; however, it must present its reports on Afghanistan impartially.

Mujahid added that UNAMA has not made a significant effort to reflect the realities since the return of the Islamic Emirate into power.

The spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate said: “Unfortunately, the effectiveness of UNAMA has been very limited so far, the realities and developments that have taken place in Afghanistan have not been accurately shown in the United Nations, the focus has only been on two or three negative issues that have been found, and they have been used in a propagandistic manner.”
UNAMA’s mission is supposed to end on March 17.

Some political analysts believe that extending UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan will have a positive effect on the situation in Afghanistan.

“UNAMA’s programs in Afghanistan are very impactful, and I hope that UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan will be extended,” said Sayed Qaribullah Sadat, a political analyst.

“The mission and continued presence of UNAMA in Afghanistan are considered important both politically and non-politically; however, this mission should be more transparent and defined within the framework of national interests and the collective well-being of the Afghan people,” said Farhad Abrar, an international relations analyst.

UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan is set to end on the 17th of this month, and the UN Security Council is scheduled to hold a meeting today (Thursday) to vote on extending UNAMA’s mission.

UNAMA’s Effectiveness ‘Limited’ So Far: Islamic Emirate