Nearly 100,000 Tourists Visit Bamyan in One Week

Raed said: “This year, during the week of Eid, about 92,000 people visited Band-e Amir, including the historical sites of Bamyan such as the city of Zahhak, Gholghola, and the Buddha area.”

Bamyan is one of the central provinces of the country, which, with its numerous natural and recreational attractions, draws thousands of tourists from all corners of Afghanistan and the world every year.

Several tourists who have come to Bamyan from various provinces express satisfaction with the security on Bamyan’s routes but say that more tourism facilities are needed.

Izzatullah, a tourist from Helmand, said: “It is a very green and beautiful province, and we are very happy with this trip. Additionally, the security atmosphere was very well-organized.”

Navid, a tourist from Kabul, said: “It is a very good place for recreation. Our compatriots should make an effort to visit Band-e Amir.”

Lifting the ban on women visiting Band-e Amir National Park and the reconstruction of roads to recreational and historical sites are other demands of tourists and residents of Bamyan.

Sayed Zamen, a resident of Bamyan, said: “A regulation should be made so that women are not deprived of tourism and outings.”

Ajmal, a tourist, said: “Efforts should be made to facilitate tourism for families.”

Band-e Amir National Park, Qazan Foladi, the Buddha statues, the city of Gholghola, and the city of Zahhak are among the most important recreational and historical sites in Bamyan, which also play a key role in attracting tourists.

Nearly 100,000 Tourists Visit Bamyan in One Week