UN warns of budget shortfall for humanitarian activities in Afghanistan

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) states that the agency faces a shortage of funds to carry out humanitarian activities.

In its latest report released on Wednesday, July 10th, OCHA notes that sectors at high risk of disruption due to severe budget shortages include health care, shelter, food, education, and protection.

It adds that without timely assistance, humanitarian crises in Afghanistan will worsen.

According to OCHA’s report, poverty in Afghanistan has increased since August 15, 2021.

These warnings come amidst reduced and discontinued aid efforts, while Pakistan and Iran have been deporting over two thousand Afghan migrants daily, exacerbating the country’s humanitarian needs.

In response to these challenges, OCHA urges the international community to mobilize resources urgently to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

The organization emphasizes the critical need for sustained support to provide essential services and protection to vulnerable populations, ensuring their basic needs are met amid ongoing crises.

Furthermore, OCHA calls for renewed efforts to address the root causes of displacement and instability in Afghanistan, advocating for long-term solutions that prioritize human rights, stability, and sustainable development in the region.

The agency underscores the importance of international solidarity and cooperation to mitigate the impact of crises and build resilience among affected communities, fostering a path towards lasting peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and the broader region.

UN warns of budget shortfall for humanitarian activities in Afghanistan