Turkish Envoy Confirms Resumed Turkish Airlines Flights to Kabul

Tolo News’

5 May 2024

The Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan announced the imminent resumption of Turkish Airlines flights to Kabul.

During a meeting with the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, Cenk Ünal emphasized the importance of maintaining relations between Kabul and Ankara and added that Turkish Airlines will soon resume its flights to Afghanistan.

Ferdows Behguzin, an economist, stated: “In the last four to five months, the revenue from Afghan air travel has been up to seven hundred and fifty million afghani, which has a very positive direct impact on the economic process and revenue collection.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement read that Amir Khan Muttaqi in the meeting expressed a desire to expand trade and economic relations between the two countries via the Lapis Lazuli route.

Mohammad Younus Momand, the deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said: “The Lapis Lazuli route is one of the important trade routes for Afghanistan that can connect Afghanistan to Europe.”

Shabir Bashiry, an economist, said: “With the revival of this matter, the importance of Afghanistan becomes more prominent, fortunately due to our geopolitical position in the region.”

According to the deputy spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting also emphasized strengthening bilateral cooperation and the travel of delegations to Afghanistan and Turkey.

In the meeting, Amir Khan Muttaqi also welcomed Turkey’s action to halt trade with Israel due to its attacks on Gaza.

Turkish Envoy Confirms Resumed Turkish Airlines Flights to Kabul