EU provides $21 million aid amid dire humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

The World Food Program recently announced a €21 million contribution from the European Union to the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund.

This office declared on Friday, March 1, through a press release, that around 300,000 people in Afghanistan are expected to benefit from this amount of money.

However, the primary aim of this assistance, as stated by the European Union, is to improve food security and nutrition in the country.

Rafaela Iodice, the EU official in Afghanistan, mentioned that the European Union will continue its assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

These contributions come at a time when Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, previously stated that the organization has only been able to secure three per cent of the required budget to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. ‘

This is happening simultaneously with recent earthquakes in Afghanistan and the expulsion of migrants from neighboring countries, leading to an increased level of need within the country.

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan remains dire, with millions of people facing extreme poverty, displacement, and food insecurity. Years of conflict, political instability, and now the Taliban’s return to power have exacerbated these challenges.

Many families lack access to necessities such as clean water, sanitation facilities, and healthcare. The ongoing violence and insecurity have also hindered humanitarian aid delivery, further worsening the plight of vulnerable populations.

Additionally, there is a severe shortage of shelters for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees returning to Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the Taliban’s imposition of strict restrictions on women’s rights has had a devastating impact on their access to education and employment opportunities. Women and girls face significant barriers to attending school or pursuing careers, denying them essential pathways to empowerment and economic independence.

The rollback of women’s rights threatens to undermine years of progress in gender equality and jeopardizes the prospects of Afghan women and girls. The international community must prioritize the protection and support of Afghan women’s rights as part of broader humanitarian efforts in the country.

EU provides $21 million aid amid dire humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan