UN Security Council to review UNAMA’s performance in Afghanistan

Khaama Press

The United Nations Security Council has announced that it will hold a session regarding the performance of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

On Monday, June 3, this council stated in a declaration that the session is expected to occur this month, but it did not specify the exact date.

According to the council’s statement, Roza Otonbayeva, the head of UNAMA, and a civil society representative are scheduled to speak at this session.

On the other hand, Martin Griffiths, the Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations, will provide information about the delivery of humanitarian aid under the Taliban administration’s control.

Meanwhile, the Doha talks have seen continued negotiations between the Taliban and representatives of various Afghan factions. There’s a growing concern over the inclusivity of these talks and whether they adequately represent the diverse interests of the Afghan population.

Moreover, neighbouring countries and international stakeholders closely monitor the third Doha talks, recognizing their potential to shape Afghanistan’s future trajectory and regional stability. Efforts to garner broader international support and involvement in the peace process remain ongoing.

UN Security Council to review UNAMA’s performance in Afghanistan