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Our secret Taliban air force

Wesley Morgan The Washington Post 22 October 2020 Wesley Morgan has reported on the U.S. military and its wars since 2007. He is the author of the forthcoming book “The Hardest Place: The American Military Adrift in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley.” Inside the clandestine U.S. campaign to help our longtime enemy defeat ISIS Tyler Comrie photo illustration

McMaster says Trump’s Taliban deal is Munich-like appeasement

Opinion by Josh Rogin Columnist, The Washington Post Oct. 20, 2020 National security adviser H.R. McMaster at the White House in October 2017. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) President Trump’s Afghanistan policy is confusing and unclear, even for his own officials. His top general and his national security adviser are publicly battling over U.S. troop withdrawals

The Intra-Afghan Peace Talks: Warring parties negotiate, victims of war are excluded

Ehsan Qaane Afghanistan Analysts Network  16 Oct 2020 A clear divide has emerged in the Afghan government on the role of war victims in the peace process. In a surprising move, President Ashraf Ghani recently suggested that Afghanistan should follow the Spanish model – better known as the ‘pact of forgetting’. Meanwhile, the Ministry of

Afghanistan Donor Conference 2020: Pitfalls and Possibilities

William Byrd  USIP/United States Institute of Peace October 7, 2020 This year, planning international aid must navigate donor differences, a fractured government and fragile Taliban peace talks. When Afghan officials and international donors meet next month to consider future aid commitments to Afghanistan, they will face a changed situation from their last gathering four years

Whose Islam? The New Battle for Afghanistan

By Borhan Osman Mr. Osman is a senior consultant on Afghanistan for the International Crisis Group. The New York Times Oct. 3, 2020 Finding common ground on the role of Islam is the most decisive task in the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The Taliban need to spell out their ideas about

Clemency for the Taliban will not lead to peace in Afghanistan

Rustam Ali Seerat Research scholar at the Department of International Relations, South Asian University, New Delhi. 30 Sep 2020 OPINION Al Jazeera Impunity only encourages armed groups to continue with their violence against the civilian population. When given a choice between security and freedom, people always choose security. That is why so many dictators and

Afghan Talks: A Road Leading to Peace?

By Mohammad Reza Bahrami, 26 SEPTEMBER 2020 Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Iran’s former ambassador to Afghanistan, writes that the US’s vision for peace in Afghanistan oversimplifies the situation. The preliminary preparations for the intra-Afghan talks are taking shape in Qatar, aiming to set the stage for the official negotiations that were called for in the US-Taliban agreement

Imran Khan: Peace is within reach in Afghanistan. A hasty international withdrawal would be unwise.

Opinion by Imran Khan September 27, 2020 Imran Khan is prime minister of Pakistan. An Afghan Army soldier flashes the peace sign from an armored vehicle during a training excercise in Herat on Sept. 24. (Jalil Rezayee/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock) We have arrived at a rare moment of hope for Afghanistan and for our region. On Sept. 12, delegations

Editorial: Is Afghanistan being dragged to square one?

Afghanistan Times Editorial September 26, 2020 A game is being played on the fate of Afghanistan once again, primarily at the hands of key stakeholders and influencers in the country. The US is seemingly backtracking on everything that it purported to uphold and stand for. The history is going to repeat itself because Afghans are

Taliban assaults Helmand capital as U.S. officials plead for a ‘reduction in violence’

BY BILL ROGGIO Long War Journal October 15, 2020 The Taliban launched an all-out assault on Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, as U.S. officials continue to wrongly claim that those attacks are in violation of the U.S.-Taliban withdrawal deal. The Taliban launched its offensive on Lashkar Gah last weekend and shut down the road

Analytical articles