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Joe Biden Will Have to Address the War in Afghanistan—Again

By Steve Coll The New Yorker January 20, 2021 This time around, for President Biden, the war in Afghanistan is not as consequential for the U.S., yet American troops remain in the country as the fight grinds on.  When Joe Biden became Vice-President, in 2009, tens of thousands of American troops were fighting a spreading Taliban insurgency in

As Taliban attacks spike in Afghanistan, a test for withdrawal, and peace

Written by Adam Weinstein Responsible Statecraft The Quincy Institute January 12, 2021 Intra-Afghan talks have resumed after a 20-day recess amid increased attacks and assassinations in Kabul along with trepidation over what comes next. On one hand, the Afghan government must accept that calling the U.S.-Afghan relationship an “alliance” does not change the reality that

How Biden can bring U.S troops home from Afghanistan

Written by Barnett R. Rubin Responsible Statecraft The Quincy Institute January 11, 2021 When President-Elect Biden enters the Oval Office, only 100 days will remain before May 1, which last year’s Doha Agreement with the Taliban sets as the deadline for the United States to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan. That withdrawal, with its accompanying

What Future for Afghan Peace Talks under a Biden Administration?

International Crisis Group 13 January 2021 Peace talks in Afghanistan have only inched forward even as the pace of conflict has picked up. As the Afghan government and Taliban await clearer policy signals from the incoming U.S. administration, their primary goal should be to keep the vital negotiations going. What’s new? Afghan peace talks have stalled

The way forward in Afghanistan: How Biden can achieve sustainable peace and US security

The Atlantic Council James B. Cunningham, Hugo Llorens, Ronald E. Neumann, Richard Olson, and Earl Anthony Wayne January 13, 2021 Men holding Afghan flags stand at a hilltop in Kabul, Afghanistan. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani Among the most pressing issues on the US president-elect’s to-do list on foreign policy is the war in Afghanistan, which offers only

Intra-Afghan Talks (1): Rules of procedure agreed, but still no agenda as talks resume

Ali Yawar Adili Afghanistan Analysts Network 3 Jan 2021   Intra-Afghan Talks: Rules of procedure agreed, but still no agenda as talks resume The second round of intra-Afghan negotiations – as they are officially called – is scheduled to begin in two days time, on 5 January 2021, in Doha. The first round ended on 14

The Afghan War Is Over. Did Anyone Notice?

By Elliot Ackerman Mr. Ackerman is a former Marine and intelligence officer who served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The New York Times Dec. 18, 2020 The troops are staying, but we can declare an end to our forever war.I fi Credit…John Moore/Getty Images I first read “The Iliad” in high school. The translation my teacher

There Is Only One Way Out of Afghanistan

And It Requires Cooperating With Regional Powers By Barnett R. Rubin Foreign Affairs December 9, 2020 For more than a decade, every debate about U.S. policy in Afghanistan has focused narrowly on the number of troops to send or withdraw. U.S. policymakers freely admit there can be no military solution to Afghanistan’s problems. Yet they continue

Gridlocked Afghan Peace Talks Overcome Another Hurdle

Scott Worden United States Institute of Peace December 10, 2020 With procedural rules finally settled, both sides are waiting to see how a change in the U.S. administration could affect talks. Afghan peace negotiations began in mid-September, bringing together the Afghan government and Taliban for the first time to negotiate an end to four decades of

Corruption in Afghanistan

Integrity Watch report: The Afghan anti-corruption strategy was poorly designed and led to very few tangible results Press release 9 December 2020   December 9, 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan—On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, Integrity Watch launched its Progress Review of the National Strategy for Combatting Corruption (2017–2019). Integrity Watch’s research has found that the Afghan anti-corruption strategy was poorly designed and faced weak political

Analytical articles