Half of Afghan Population Below Poverty Line: World Bank Economist

Some economists added that half of Afghanistan’s population currently lives below the poverty line.

Several World Bank top economists voiced worries during a discussion at the US Institute of Peace over the deterioration of Afghanistan’s dire economic conditions.

“We see that in terms of monetary poverty, we still have half of the population that in 2023 is consuming below the poverty line,” said Silvia Redaelli, Senior Economist, the World Bank.

Naheed Sarabi, Director and Cofounder, Institute for Development and Economic Affairs, said at the discussion that the economic situation of women is getting worse.

“Feminization of poverty is a fact in Afghanistan, and it is getting worse and worse. It is not the restrictive policies of the Taliban that affect poverty and women’s activities, but there have been reports that in villages and rural areas people actually self-police because of fear, because of the environment that has been created,” Sarabi noted.

Meanwhile, some economists attribute the increase in economic challenges in the country to the imposition of restrictions by the international community, saying that to solve this problem, the Islamic Emirate should increase economic interactions with the countries of the region.

“One of the main reasons of the current situation of the country is because of the sanctions imposed by the went on the country,” Abdul Naseer Reshtia, an economist told TOLOnews.

The Ministry of Economy said that by launching large economic projects in the country, they are trying to provide job opportunities for the citizens.

“In order to overcome the economic challenges, the Islamic Emirate is working on development projects, strengthening of private sector and infrastructure, and the launching of large economic projects that provide employment,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy of the Ministry of Economy.

Previously, various UN agencies expressed their concerns about the economic crisis in Afghanistan, saying that nearly 30 million people in Afghanistan need humanitarian aid.

Half of Afghan Population Below Poverty Line: World Bank Economist