Moscow Discussed Recognition with Islamic Emirate: Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that during the visit of its envoy to Afghanistan, the two sides discussed recognition of the Islamic Emirate.

The statement said that Russian envoy Zamir Kabulov has also discussed strengthening of economic, cultural education relations between the two countries as well as issues of terrorism and prevention of narcotics.

“In the meeting, there was a considerable attention by the Russian envoy for Afghanistan for recognition and the diplomacy of the Islamic Emirate by the international community,” the statement reads.

The Islamic Emirate called recognition important for economic and political improvement in the region.

“Countries should understand that imposition of pressure and other political pressures will not bring results. It is better to engage with the Afghans,” Islamic Emirate spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said.

“They have discussed some of the issues. Russia is trying to make the Taliban busy in improvement of relations with Russia and show the Taliban that it is recognizing them,” said Rahmatullah Bizhanpor, a political analyst.

“Russia will not recognize Afghanistan in the near future and if Russia is the only country to recognize Afghanistan, the problems of Afghanistan will not be solved” said Torek Farhadi, a political analyst.

It has been more than 16 months since the Islamic Emirate swept into power but is yet to be recognized by any country in the world.

Moscow Discussed Recognition with Islamic Emirate: Russian Foreign Ministry