Demands for Security in Kabul Mount After Attack on Education Center

Families of victims and residents of Kabul called on the Islamic Emirate to ensure the safety of the public and punish those responsible for Friday’s attack on the Kaaj educational center.

“We ask them to ensure the security of these educational centers and institutions so that our children can go and learn in peace,” said Murad, a Kabul resident.

“We are the students, first of all, they should ensure our security because we are the builders of the future of the country, not others,” said Fatema, a resident of Kabul.

On Friday morning, another young woman named Fatema, 21, went to take a test to get ready for this year’s college entrance exam, but she was killed in the blast.

The father of Fatema said that he picked up his daughter’s body from Ali Jinnah Hospital.

“We looked everywhere, combed the area, but we couldn’t find the body. They told us to go to the second floor because there were some injured. We went and found her,” said Abdul, Fatema’s father.

“At first, we did not believe the news. My father, my uncle, and my uncle’s wife all went. Then the boys told us that Fatima had been transported to the hospital,” said Marzia, Fatema’s cousin.

However, the Ministry of Interior said that the forces of the Islamic Emirate are working day and night to provide better security for the citizens of the country.

“We strongly condemn the enemy’s strikes on civilian targets, which proves their brutality and terror, and we ask the officials of the educational institutions to inform the security officials when holding special programs,” said Abdul Nafi Takoor, the interior ministry spokesman.

This comes after an explosion last Friday in Kabul caused seven deaths and more than 40 injuries close to the Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Mosque.

Demands for Security in Kabul Mount After Attack on Education Center