Afghan Migrants in Pakistan Say Situation Getting Worse

26 Oct 2023

It is now four days before the deportation of illegal Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

Afghan refugees in Pakistan have criticized the lack of attention by international institutions for the situation of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

The Afghan Refugee Council in Pakistan has said that Pakistan’s mistreatment of migrants is increasing with each passing day. The council added that Afghan refugees are being detained and deported from their homes and shops.

It is now four days before the deportation of illegal Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

“The migrants were returned from their homes and shops where they had businesses and closed their shops. There is no one to give sanctuary for them. “The government of Pakistan is doing this very seriously,” said Siyal Mohammad Wesal, a member of Afghan Refugees Council in Pakistan.

“The Pakistani police have mistreated Afghan refugees, and the government has ordered shops to be evacuated and even ordered that homes should not be provided to Afghan migrants,” said Hadisa, an Afghan migrant in Pakistan.

The head of the council of the Islamic Emirate in Pakistan criticized the detaining of those Afghans who have legal documents. Abdul Jabar Takhari asked the government of Pakistan to give more time for Afghan migrants.

“We want the Pakistani government to show leniency. The amount of time Pakistan has given to Afghans is short. Afghans cannot leave Pakistan in such a short time,” said Abdul Jabar Takhari.

“There have been meetings with Pakistani officials and these problems have been shared, but so far we have not reached a positive conclusion. We hope that the Pakistani authorities will reconsider this,” said Abdul Mutalib Haqqani, the spokesman for the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.
Meanwhile, Pakistani Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti said Afghan migrants could not withdraw dollars from the country and could only bring less than 50,000 Afs out of the country.

“It’s impossible for anyone to take the dollar out of here. No smuggling will be allowed. As I told you, they can only make less than 50,000 Afghanis out of the country,” said Sarfraz Bugti.

The chargé d’affaires of Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the United Nations said in his speech to the UN General Assembly that Afghan migrants are faced with various challenges.

Afghan Migrants in Pakistan Say Situation Getting Worse