Haqqani Asks Mohaqiq, Khalili to Return to Afghanistan

Speaking at a gathering in Bamiyan province, acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani called on influential political leader Mohammad Mohaqiq and former vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili to return to Afghanistan.

Haqqani said that the door of interaction is open to everyone, and every person can return to the country freely.

“Those influential leaders who are living abroad, such as Instructor (Mohammad Mohaqiq) and Mr. Karim Khalili — I would say that it is bad. They have their tribes and nations and should come back and live as leaders in their own country. Through your address (for your sake), I call on them, that if they consider their tribe and people, as the elders who are sitting here consider them as their own people, and they have respect and honor here– they will give a peaceful message to the people and strengthen the unity of Afghanistan (by returning),” Haqqani said.

Sirajuddin Haqqani, acting interior minister, reiterated that there are no racial and linguistic prejudices in the nation and that the Islamic Emirate will not permit anyone to do this.

He also discussed the unity between the ethnic groups in Afghanistan following the establishment of the Islamic Emirate.

“We do not have a religious war in Afghanistan in our history. If there was a religious war or discrimination, then it is a good example that today we are gathering … and have mutual respect for one another,” Haqqani said.

“With the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, any kind of grudge and disagreements has ended across Afghanistan, especially in Bamiyan,” said Abdullah Sarhadi, the governor of Bamiyan.

The deputy of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Madar Ali Karimi Bamiani, shared his opinion regarding supporting the current system as one of the speakers at this gathering.

“Our people have friendly and pure cooperation with the Islamic system under the name of the Islamic Emirate,” Bamiani said.

This comes as Sirajuddin Haqqani said that the Afghan people are a united nation and that no force can separate them into different ethnic or racial divisions.

Haqqani Asks Mohaqiq, Khalili to Return to Afghanistan