Professional Training Provided by Woman for Women

A businesswoman in the capital named Freshta Hashmi is providing work and professional training for more than fifty women. 

This businesswoman said that the purpose of creating this workshop is to support homeless women and students.

Freshta Hashmi, who has been involved in small businesses for 7 years, now supports women by having created a handicraft workshop.

“My goal is for women to work so they can find bread for their families. Since the government of the Islamic Emirate has come, our business has fallen, there are no sales; People do not have money to buy,” said Freshta Hashmi.

Some women that are students in the workshop asked the government to support domestic products.

“I was a 12th-grade student when I was banned from going to school. I had dreams of finishing school. I will go to university, study in the pilot department. I am a sixteen-year-old young girl who has many dreams and I hope that the Islamic Emirate will open the schools again so that I can study,” said Fatima Ahmadi, a student.

“We came here. I am very happy. All our teachers are female,” said Atina, a student.

The Ministry of Information and Culture said that it is trying to create more exhibitions for women in the handicraft sector.

“Whatever our sisters need for handicrafts, sometimes we provide markets and exhibitions in the National Gallery for them,” said Atiqullah Azizi, deputy of culture in the Ministry of Culture and Information.

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry has talked about efforts to create three markets for businesswomen in the capital.

“There are three permanent markets in Kabul, which will be established soon by UNHCR and some donors,” said Salma Yusufi, CEO of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that in the past year, more than a thousand businesswomen have received work permits from the chamber.

Professional Training Provided by Woman for Women