Calls in Oslo for Islamic Emirate to Fulfill Commitments

The meeting was also attended by envoys from the US, UK, Qatar, Italy, India and Pakistan.

Participants at the meeting in Oslo, Norway on the Afghan situation stressed the need for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan and discussed the Islamic Emirate’s commitments to the international community as well as the education of girls, a source told TOLOnews.

The second day of the meeting was held on Wednesday, and members of the Islamic Emirate were in attendance.

The UN Secretary General special envoy for Afghanistan, Roza Otunbayeva, attended the meeting, the source said.

According to the source, participants at the meeting also emphasized the need to start an intra-Afghan dialogue, as called for in the Doha agreement.

“There should be good efforts for the political situation and political engagement between the Islamic Emirate and international community. When political engagement is not taking place between the Islamic Emirate and the international community, we can never attract the humanitarian aid of the international community to our country,” said Ahmad Andar, political analyst.

The deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zia Ahmad Takal, told TOLOnews that Abdul Qahar Balkhi from the Foreign Ministry, Shamsuddin Mansour from the Interior Ministry and Rohullah Omar from the Defense Ministry participated in the meeting.

Also, Jafar Mahdawi from Hezb-e-Sar Jangal, Amin Karim from Hezb-e-Islami, and Kawun Kakar and Qahramana Kakar represented the civil society in this meeting.

“The international conference on Afghanistan will have legitimacy when the role of women is significant and women are supported politically,” said Nazillah Hassanzada, women’s rights activist.

The meeting was also attended by envoys from the US, UK, Qatar, Italy, India and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the head of the Islamic Emirate’s Political Office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said that the achievements of the Islamic Emirate and stance of the interim government on various issues will be specified in this meeting.

“The participation of the delegation of the Islamic Emirate’s government in the meetings on Afghanistan is needed so that the realities in Afghanistan and also the stance of the Islamic Emirate is conveyed to the international community,” he said.

The meeting is running from June 13 to 15.

Calls in Oslo for Islamic Emirate to Fulfill Commitments