Russia Expects ‘Taliban’ to Form Inclusive Govt: Lavrov

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that they expect “Taliban leaders” to fulfill their promises on forming an inclusive government, “not only in terms of ethnic groups but also by ensuring the presence of the entire spectrum of Afghanistan’s political forces.”

These promises, Lavrov said have “yet to be done.”

“We are monitoring the implementation of their assurances that they will respect human rights, ensure security in the territory of Afghanistan, and eradicate the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking. All of our SCO colleagues have taken a united position on this,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, Lavrov claimed that there is convincing evidence to the “effect that the United States supports the terrorist groups entrenched in the territory of Afghanistan.”

These terrorist groups, according to Lavrov, “are opposed to the Taliban, including the Islamic State, the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan, and Al-Qaeda.”

“The Americans have not abandoned their attempts to reintroduce US military infrastructure in the region surrounding Afghanistan, in Central Asia. Everyone is well aware of the serious threat inherent in these attempts. We will resolutely oppose them,” he said.

The political analysts gave various opinions in this regard:

“Everyone knows that the main condition for getting out of the crisis is to consider the realities in Afghanistan, form an inclusive government and recognize the fundamental rights of the people of Afghanistan,” said Sayed Jawad Sijadi, political analyst.

The Islamic Emirate has not commented on Lavrov’s claim regarding the US’s support to terrorists in Afghanistan.

However, the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, in response to Moscow’s call to form an inclusive government, said that the interim government is “inclusive.”

“The formation of the government is inclusive … No has been dismissed, and also, on the political level there are figures from all ethnic groups and provinces,” he said.

Earlier, the foreign ministers of India, Russia and Pakistan on Friday called for a representative government in Afghanistan and the protection of women’s rights.

Russia Expects ‘Taliban’ to Form Inclusive Govt: Lavrov