US Congressman Concerned of Afghan ‘Collapse’ if West Disengages

US Representative Peter Meijer in a conversation with TOLOnews said that Washington and the international community have not engaged with the caretaker government because of “terrorism” and “human rights” issues.

Meijer made the remarks in an interview with TOLOnews.

“You have two main factors. You have, one, the issue and the concerns on the international community’s behalf on issues of terrorism, on issues of women in schools and frankly on getting adjusted to the new reality. I think there has to be a give-and-take on both sides. There has to be an accommodation and an understanding on the West’s behalf on that what is important is that the Afghan people decide their future, that is not something that can be imposed from outside, and so we need to work with the parties that are in power to determine that new future,” he said.

Meijer said that if the US doesn’t work to build relations with the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan would be at risk of collapse.

“My fear is that if the West disengages, if America does not work to build relations, if we do not have good cooperation between the IEA and the USA—if we do not get that, then we risk Afghanistan once more collapsing and once more potentially being a place where not only the Afghan people suffer but becomes a threat and a place where terrorist organizations can once again conduct attacks against other parts of the world,” Meijer said.

Political analysts also called for the international community’s engagement with Afghanistan.

“The Islamic Emirate makes efforts to earn recognition but the world has its own demands. One of the demands is the formation of an inclusive government, second is human rights, third is women, and fourth is the reopening of girls’ schools,” said Shir Agha Rohani, a political analyst.

“It is essential that the Afghan government stands against the illegal wishes of the US, and determines its foreign policy within the format of a constitution,” said Fazal Rahman Oria, a political analyst.

The head of the Islamic Emirate’s political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said that there will be no threat from Afghan soil to the world countries.

“We will not allow anyone to pose threats from Afghan soil toward others. Also, by ensuring good security tightening the control of the government across the country, the violation of human rights which use to happen on a daily basis has been eliminated,” he said.

Despite having diplomatic relations with some international countries, the Islamic Emirate has not yet been recognized by any country.

US Congressman Concerned of Afghan ‘Collapse’ if West Disengages