Japan Begins Limited Diplomatic Activities in Kabul

The Japanese embassy in Kabul has begun limited activity, the Japanese foreign minister said on Saturday.

Japan’s foreign minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, said on Friday during a press conference in Tokyo that his country had resumed limited diplomatic relations with Afghanistan after a hiatus of more than a year.

According to Hayashi, the Japanese embassy in Kabul will limit their activities.

“At the moment, the Japanese Embassy in Kabul has begun its limited activity and is doing the minimum necessary work. For security reasons, I refrain from mentioning the details,” he continued.

Hayashi noted that other aspects will be taken into consideration before deciding to launch a complete diplomatic presence in Kabul.

Japan’s embassy in Kabul was closed after the fall of the previous administration, and its diplomats then temporarily continued activities form Qatar.

Meanwhile, experts consider the foreign diplomatic missions’ activity in Kabul as a positive development.

“Relations with the world are crucial for Afghanistan, and vice versa. Afghanistan cannot survive in isolation and given its current situation, the world should continue to have contacts with Afghanistan,” said political analyst Mohammad Hassan Haqyar.

“If we look at the United Nations Charter, it says that any time a country opens an embassy in another country and sends a diplomat, it must accept the embassy of the other country in its own country and accept its diplomats,” said Ahmad Khan Andar, a political expert.

Despite having been in power in Afghanistan for more than a year, the Islamic Emirate is still not recognized by any nation. even though a few nations, including China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, and Turkey, have opened embassies in Kabul.

Japan Begins Limited Diplomatic Activities in Kabul