White House Braces for Anniversary of Afghan Withdrawal: Report

The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing for the anniversary of Afghanistan withdrawal, NBC reported.  

The intelligence investigation about the withdrawal of US troops has been completed, the news report said.

A large part of the report may be secret.

“This was a difficult story for the Biden administration last summer- his- the president’s polls, his ratings, really dropped because of the way that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was carried out and there is now a recognition nearly a year later that the white house is going to get questioned about it,” said Courtney Kube, a NBC correspondent.

“The National security (council) has begun planning. They have held two conference calls, chaired by John Kirby, who was of course the press secretary at the Pentagon… he is starting to plan how the White House and the Biden Administration at large is going to speak about this anniversary. So, a couple of things they are considering, are very basic things like statements from officials like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, putting out some of the information and some of the statistics that the White House frankly sees was positive.”

The analysts said that the US is trying to justify its withdrawal of Afghanistan by marking the anniversary.

“On the anniversary of the troops withdrawal, with the forming of a report, they are trying to justify their withdrawal of Afghanistan,” said Sayed Javad Sejadi, a political analyst.

Earlier, the rapid withdrawal of the US troops that followed an agreement signed between the US and Islamic Emirate sparked strong criticism from the Biden administration.

White House Braces for Anniversary of Afghan Withdrawal: Report