No Strikes in Afghanistan Since Troops Left: Pentagon

The Islamic Emirate said it will make sure that no threat is posed to the region and the world from Afghanistan.

The US troops have not carried out any over-the-horizon operation in Afghanistan since they left the country in August 2021, a senior Pentagon official said as reported by US media.

Addressing the US Senate Armed Services Committee, head of US Special Operations Command Gen. Richard Clarke acknowledged that the withdrawal of American troops limited access to intelligence resources in Afghanistan.

The US left Afghanistan on August 31st, 2021, after a 20-year military presence.

“We have put additional forces into Indo-Pacific theater and into the European theater over the last three years. We started the rebalancing of some of the soft requirements based on the 2018 national defense strategy that identified the threats,” he said.

Earlier, many US officials expressed their concerns over the remerge of terrorist groups including Daesh in Afghanistan, but the Islamic Emirate denied the presence of terrorist groups in the country.

“Security has been ensured all over the country. There is no terrorist group to pose threat to Afghanistan,” said Inamullah Samangani, an Islamic Emirate spokesman. “The Islamic Emirate has remained committed to not allow anyone to use Afghan soil to threat the security of the region and the world.”

No Strikes in Afghanistan Since Troops Left: Pentagon